London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas

We invite you to be inspired by interesting design decisions implemented in the design of bunk apartment located in London. The neutral color palette of finishing combined with colorful bright furniture appears in a nontrivial image of London bunk apartment modern interior design ideas. Perhaps the layout or furniture arrangement of the apartment, taken color or textural decisions will be relevant for your renovation too.


Living room

Living room space spreads on two adjacent rooms. One of them is a slightly elevated against the other. Finishing has become the unifying element of the interior decoration here. Neutral colors of the walls and ceiling are the snow-white contrast of the bright parquet floor. Herringbone parquet made of wood with a natural pattern became a focal design element. A small, but the original living room furniture helps save a large amount of free space.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Wooden herringbone flooring, decorative statuettes, built-in highlighted shelves and elevated areas

There is also a small amount of furniture in the second room. Plenty of free space here. Soft zone consists of a comfortable sofa in the module modifications and is located opposite the fireplace with the video area in the upper part of it. Furnishing of the living room area represents the use of neo-classic style, which tends to the modern materials in a traditional design.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Alloy of the modern traditional and classic styles have born successful mix in the white tones

London bunk apartment modern interior design ideas of the kitchen

Also on the ground floor of the maisonette is a spacious kitchen area with access to the backyard. Single row arrangement of kitchen furniture with a spacious island allowed to place a large amount of storage, work surfaces and appliances. There is enough space to accommodate a full dining group in this room. Light gray glossy facades of the kitchen units give the entire room a modern look.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas in the well lit kitchen with an island and white facades on the natural parquet

Kitchen space is literally bathed in sunlight thanks to the glass ceiling above the dining area, a wall and a large transparent sliding doors leading to the backyard. Using the raw brick wall as an accent allows to bring some brutality and motives of the industrial style to the interior of the kitchen space. The combination of wood, glass and brick surfaces using modern gloss furnishing made it possible to create a non-trivial, but nevertheless incredibly practical kitchen design.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Brickwork in the kitchen retranslate some loft touch in the design

Large kitchen island has undergone not only the integration of storage and work surfaces, but also two sinks and hob, freeing single row layout of the headset from these functional sectors at the same time. Not the last role in the formation of the interior practical but yet elegant kitchen plays a lighting system. The original chandelier above the work surface and built-in racks` lighting can not only provide room with decent illumination at night, but also to create a certain atmosphere of functional space.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Wide panoramic window is the best lighting fixture in the kitchen. It also combines with the artificial backlight of inner shelves


Wooden staircase with lighting for safe movement at night leading us to the second floor where bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms are located.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Laminate stairs with elaborated lighting fron the wall slots

The master bedroom has enough space to accommodate not only roomy bed for two but also a large closet, place for comfy rest in an easy chair and fireplace area with video-zone at its chimney. Using bright shades of blue color range on the background of light neutral finishes has created an interesting design of the room for sleep and rest.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas with the glossy colorful cabinet in the bedroom

Small storage systems located on the both sides of the fireplace appear in the same colors as the built-in wardrobe-closet. Brilliant gloss of facades looks spectacular against the backdrop of a neutral matte finish.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Traditional and even austere layout atmosphere of the master bedroom

Lighting fixtures throughout London`s bunk apartment have a very original design decisions. The master bedroom is no exception. In addition to hanging chandeliers and original floor lamp, head of the bed is equipped with wall sconces in the form of lamps with flexible rods.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Unusual design of sconces on the rods

Second bedroom is a boy`s room. Finish of this space may seem  traditional and neutral as in other areas only at first glance. The wall located near the bed is painted with bright colors on a neutral background. Built-in storage systems are almost invisible. Light gray facades blends with the walls` finishing. As a result, there is a lot of free space unoccupied by furniture in the room, which is used for games and creativity.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Children`s room for boy with improvised hearth at the same level with master bedroom

The home office is here too

Comfortable working place is located in a corner of the room. Roomy corner table despite occupying the small area is used as a storage for a variety of office supplies, papers, documents. Bright scarlet chair was not only the accentual spot the workplace, but also the focal center of the space.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas for the home office with accent red armchair on the steel frame

Open bookshelves and comfortable seating areas have become part of the library. Bright turquoise soft seats look particularly advantageous on a neutral background decoration.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Window without sill and small turquoise ottoman for rest in the small home office

Here, in the spacious home office is located recreation area office in the form of comfortable ottoman. Light, neutral colors walls and ceiling contrasting against the brightly decorated flooring. Pattern on the second floor`s parquet of the London dwelling is different from floor design on the lower level.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Pop-art and hi-tech mixes up into felicitous alloy of the English apartment


Bathroom near master bedroom, though framed in a neutral color palette, is very interesting from the standpoint of finishing the design project. Using porcelain tile as the main material and accent finishes of one of the walls with the help of a mosaic composition allowed to create a unique interior of the room for water procedures.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Hi-tech and minimlistic styles as well as the photo mosaic pattern make the bathroom inimitable

A pair of oval sinks with large mirror makes it possible not to create traffic jams in the morning, when all the family members are haste in their business and in the evening before preparing for bed. With the help of niches and built structures it became possible to hide all the engineering systems, elements of plumbing and electrical wiring.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas. Two oval white sinks and open shelves for towels and accessories in the gray tones look organically and attractive

Accent wall with a mosaic panel in the spirit of the ancient statues became a highlight of the interior. Withal the coating is completely safe in terms of humidity and constant temperatures.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas in the bedroom with portrait of mosaic tile

The second bathroom is located in the attic with a large bevel of ceiling. It is decorated in blue and white colors. The combination of white surfaces and motley tile prints create a bright, clear and festive image of a bathroom at the same time. Accentual brick wall gives a bit of brutality to the room with sea palette. This finish is the perfect backdrop for a great snow-white bath with the original form.

London Bunk Apartment Modern Interior Design Ideas oval form of the bathtub repeating the form if sinks under the sloped attic with skylight looks very trendy

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