London`s House Interior Design Tour

If until now you thought that the use of elements of such as a loft, classic and vintage styles within one interior is an urban legend, then look closer the following design project of London home ownership, and you will realize that it is possible to serve such a non-trivial mix under “modern sauce” of space arrangement. Amazing atmosphere of London apartment wins by its originality. So incredible combination of different concepts inspires for a photo tour of its premises again and again.

Exterior private home ownership in London

A two-storey brick house with an attic makes a good impression, slightly standing out among the other buildings on the London`s streets. Beige and ocher brick framed by the dark windows and doorways creates the image of a modern household built in the best English tradition. In the backyard, which entrance is carried out through the kitchen area, equipped with a small seating area in the fresh air. arrangement of wicker garden furniture: comfortable sofa, two chairs and a low table is located on the floor paved with stone tile. The neutral palette of street furniture does not stand out from the overall view, creating a favorable atmosphere for rest and relaxation in the open air.

Exterior design of the modern London`s house in British traditions

Panoramic windows and doors in the kitchen space are not only provide access to the back yard, but also provided room with lots of sunshine. the performance of the kitchen window become the original part of the facade. The protruding part of the glass not only increases the space of the sill, but also creates an unusual optical effect.

Wall glass panels instead of windows making house design look more spacious and fresh

If desired, a roomy space of the sill can be set as a storage system, the exhibition plane for collectibles and receptacle to a beautiful flower or a small tree.

Orange plant at the windowsill of English private house Nice glass chamber instead of conventional windows adding some space and zest to the house interior

Real London`s house interior design tour

We begin our little tour of the original design of house, going to the back door, which we have already seen. The bright and spacious kitchen-dining room has a modern style interior design – strict and concise forms of furniture and accessories, smooth facades of the kitchen furniture, modern appliances, bright palette with splashes of light natural colors.

Kitchen with concrete framed by wood island and parquet floor

The already large room seem even more, thanks to a bright finish on all surfaces. Only dark spots of the  appliances violate bright kitchen space` idyll. The central element of modern facilities for cooking is steel kitchen island with poured concrete countertops, which gives design massive look and monolithic character.

London`s House Interior Design Tour in the originally decorated spacious kitchen

In finishing most of the premises of this private house we see the reflection of the classical style mixed with the English style – a bright palette of the walls framed with white baseboards, moldings and cornices, along with dark wood flooring creates the visual effect of the expansion of space. Against such a neutral background and even the traditional finishing antique furniture looks particularly impressive. We can see chest of drawers with a lot of the original units as an example. There are many old pieces of furniture and decoration in the house, which seamlessly mixes the atmosphere of contemporary style.

Rocking chair in the modern house interior adds some antiquity and soothing view

Let`s go to the central and main room of the London`s house living room. Its design is combination of the English and the classic style in original and harmonious manner. The deep blue-gray wall panels that decorated spacious living room, attached to the interior of nobility and elegance. A snow-white framing with embossed details brings to the situation of modern room plaque of an ancient charm and refined elegance. It seems that the designers were able to combine incongruous in the furnishing of the room – a typically English style of the sofa and ottoman with antique coffee table, which has slight touch of country style.

Oriel window will never be outfashioned in the private house design ideas

Use of wall and any other decor in spacious rooms of English home is minimized. But those items that decorate the surface of the room are eye-catchers, becoming a highlight of the interior.

Unusual wall decor with framed walrus head encrusted in

No less noteworthy are details of finishing some spaces of the homeownership. Deliberately abandoned pieces of brick walls, which weren`t touched by finishes, brings to the interior the spirit of industrial space, industrial rebellion. Such nuances among classical decoration allow to form an impression about the owners of the house. They appear as people who are not strangers to originality, spontaneity and the ability to see humor in the serious things.

Armachair and brickwork wall stripe as an house interior design ideas

As for the utilitarian premises, here besides elements of contemporary style, antiques and antique decor, you can meet the industrial motives. Application of the loft style in a private home ownership is an infrequent design method. But no doubt it is certainly effective in terms of visual impression produced. Against the background of a brick wall both antique chest and a snow-white mirror frame with carved ornamentation look incredibly expressive.

Unusual bathroom design of the London`s private house mixing the styles

We climb to the second floor where are private apartments by monolithic concrete stairs with transparent glass screens for safety. The construction of the staircase built into one wall, without additional supports, creates a feeling of hovering in space of rather weighty structure. Bright palette of the staircase itself and snowy premises decoration reinforce created effect of lightness and freedom.

Concrete staircase and glass safe panels as a fashionable element of the modern house interior design

We see a modest setting in the snow-white bedroom with elements of classical and modern style. The combination of dark flooring and light wall and ceiling design is not only visually expands the space, but also gives a sense of lightness, clarity and spaciousness to it. Bright palette is favorable for rooms where you need to relax and unwind after a busy day, gather strength for new achievements. The presence of a fireplace in the bedroom – is original itself, but the decor and unusual focus of the artwork over it became the focal center of the room.

London`s House Interior Design Tour of the bedroom with white finishing

Next to the bedroom there is a dressing room where the blue-gray palette, so beloved by English style, has been applied in large storage systems. Swing low cabinets and chests of drawers with lots of cells, open shelves and special compartments for shoes – everything in this utilitarian space works to create an ergonomic, user-friendly and organized environment of the wardrobe.

Storage systems in the modern house interior design of the private house in London

Utilitarian shoe storage in the cabinet of the modern English house

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