Modern Design of the Apartment

Probably every modern person tries to be aware of everything that happens in the world, and especially in the world of apartment interior design. Well, laudable desire. And it is the task of this article to familiarize readers with modern design of the apartment and its latest trends. Let’s start with the living room.

Living room: get rid of the luxury and glamour

Living room is a kind of all the trends unifier of the current time. That`s why the living room design would a collective image of these trends.

Fundamental movement today is the use of natural ecological materials. The most popular one is the tree.

Dark wood in the interior of modern apartment. Living room Photo of wooden living room interior

Moreover, the range of its use is quite wide – from furniture to decorative items. The latest fashion today is the use of almost untreated wood. But the wood finishing is not forgotten too.

Modern living room with wooden decorations and peculiarities

In today’s color palette preference is given to shade called Radiant Orchid. According to experts of “Pantone” design company, it is best combined with olive and turquoise. Patterns or products golden color looks fine in its background.

Turquoise and golden colors are all the rage in living room interior

Color of the sun in the design of the living room will help you create a convivial atmosphere in it. This color is very in demand nowadays. Furniture in yellow tone (not pale or bright) is very useful in the interior of your lounge. It is nice to sit on the couch or in a chair, as if basking in the sun.

Inyerior of the living room crowned with yellow couch

Pastel colors remain popular in the decoration of surfaces either. Romance is still in the trend. And it should not surprise anyone, because the romantic natures will exist forever!

Romantic interior design of living room

Doubtless today’s trend is knitted or embroidered things, which are characterized by geometric shapes. They can be floor mats, blankets, bed linen etc. That means, the design has been some roll back to the days of our grandmothers, who loved to engage themselves with needlework, in contrast to our contemporaries. Perhaps this direction in the design will motivate the better half of humanity to the creative needlework. We think everyone agree that the presence of something made with your hands in the room is a sign of good taste yesterday and today.

Handmade things as a trend of modern design

Things, that can be found in any store, are losing their popularity today. The same happens with the well-known brands. Their use in some cases and in certain public circles of consumers even considered bad taste today. What came to replace it? Tendency of using exclusive items in the design. Custom-made furniture, fittings and accessories are in trend now. Of course, most of this items made in antique style, and clients are wealthy people.

Antique interior design of the living room

Modern living room determines the maximum of light and space. These two required attributes can be achieved by issuing a Scandinavian style, or in a minimalist style in the design. Both styles involve a minimum of furniture, decor, and maximum space and light. The interior design seems simpler and freer. Luxury and glamour are seriously out of position. But vertical gardening is welcome. Remains only what you need and functional. This is the hallmark of today’s apartment design.

Scandinavian style of interior decor


Bedroom as an oasis of freedom and lightness

Modern bedroom design follows the principles of minimalism. Various cabinets, chests, trellises and other items of the interior of bedroom are sinking into oblivion. Specialists-designers recommend a minimum amount of furniture. Leave only the most necessary. Bedroom space should cause a feeling of freedom, lightness and purity. This feeling is enhanced by colorful background consisting of white, beige and yellow accents.

Beige tones in bedroom interior

Leading role in the design of the bedroom still plays bed. It attracts the most attention. Modern bed follows the principles of minimalism. Consider low headboard and light tones.

If the abundance of bright colors is not for you, add some variety to the bedroom design. Use contrast patterns for this purpose. Do not forget about the main color of the year, Radiant Orchid. It will help to diversify the design of your bedroom, to animate its color.

Revived bedroom of radiant orchid color

Today’s bedroom characterized by complete absence of bright flashy colors. The main thing is peace of mind, cleanliness and comfort. This can be achieved by a simple spectrum of colors of the design.

Plain but effective and modern bedroom design

Plenty of light, lighting fixtures is a distinctive feature of the modern bedroom. To achieve this, many types of lighting are used. It spotlights in the ceiling, all kinds of lamps, floor stands, built-in furniture lighting. Such approach allows you to create the desired, comfortable leisure environment, which is the main purpose of the bedroom.

Special lighting can make your bedroom more relaxing

Kitchen today and tomorrow

In the modern design you can observe distinctive tendency to unite kitchen space with a living room. This trend is caused by the desire of most people to increase physical space, what is understandable. After all, the physical space is better than visual, as no matter how you were creative in the latter.

Kitchen studio is a trend in 2015

According to the laws of design, combined living room and kitchen space is divided into functional zones. Modern design imply allocation of zones in your own kitchen, dining and living room. This can be done through a variety of floor and wall coverings, tiered ceiling, furniture arrangement etc.

Living room combined with kitchen 2015

Kitchen design is based on modular furniture today, which makes it easy to change the look of the room, creating different combinations of its location. At the same time, it should be noted, the functionality of the kitchen does not change, which is very convenient for creative people.

Some tips for modern kitchen design

The emphasis in the design of modern kitchen is made by furniture. By using of facilitated mounted cabinets and, in some cases, even rejection of them (in the working area). Minimum decor and well-known brands. It is ergonomic accessories in use here: different mechanisms of doors and drawers. All this makes the kitchen stylish, elegant and space saving. The inner content of furniture is maximally functional and convenient. And the most important feature of the modern kitchen is to be less like classic kitchen. All equipment should be hidden. Even the stove had changed its construction (for example, burners arranged in one row). Tracking the evolution of the kitchen, you can assume with great certainty its complete disappearance in the future, as a functional part of the apartment. This conclusion was drawn from the fact that more and more people are switching to food in public places. The need for cooking disappears by itself. Unfortunately, this trend negatively affects the evolution of the human itself. But everybody makes his own choice.

Different variants of kitchen zoning. All in one kitchen

To bring some originality to design of the dining room, experts of “Pontane” company recommend to use Radiant Orchid shade, today’s leader in the trend of colors and shades. It can be used as an accent.

Trendy radiant orchid color in the design of the modern kitchen

Bathroom in modern design of the apartment

Modern bathroom design no longer uses white as foreground color. Contrast shades of red, black or brown are using to replace it.

The most popular one is the bathroom in black today. Of course, this does not mean that it will have a black background. Just any of the elements of an bathroom interior (bath, flooring, light fixtures) can be black. If you do not want to bathe in the black bathroom, it is not prohibit the installation of traditionally white one. It is also possible to use any black shades.  It emphasizes the exclusivity and originality of the bathroom at the same time.

Spicy black&white contrast in the bathroom

Shower cubicle is an indispensable attribute of a bathroom. But now it is undergoing some changes. Today, the bathroom should look like the whole room. It has not a typical shower tray now. Water runoff organized with special ladder. This design solution looks, of course, originally, but absolutely impractical. Safety must be abided not only at the workplace. And then you also have to decide how to get out of this situation: to follow the design trends or to carry out safety directives.

Fireplace in a modern apartment – a source of heat or something more?

We will not hold an educational program about heating in modern apartments. But we will focus on the fireplace, because it is still very popular today. Yes, it is to some extent a source of heat in the room (usually this is the living room), but it is more about decoration. It is unlikely that sane person would dare to use it only for heating. And here we come to the question, why do you need a fireplace then? It’s very simple, dear reader. Fireplace – not only a source of heat, but also a beautiful design element of the apartment. At the same time it is given a central place in the interior of the room, because of the magical, enchanting property attracts the eye, calm down emotional storm. You will hardly find a person who has not experienced this magical property of fire. Today any room with fireplace looks stylish, nice and cozy.

Fireplace in antique design

Chimney effect can be enhanced by its design. But since the purpose of this article is to design a modern apartment, we will speak about the design of the fireplace. And now let’s talk about the fireplace, as an element of the room design.

There are many places to install a fireplace. There is only one exception – the space between the window and door, as, in this case, the thrust is greatly reduced and the probability of smoke the room increases.

The most popular and relevant to their historical mean is wall and corner built-in fireplaces. Built-in fireplace is installing in the wall. Therefore, it is necessary to schedule the installation at the stage of building a house. If you want to feel the warmth and comfort of artificial heat source in the already constructed apartment, you have to take advantage of near-wall fireplace. Incidentally, this is the most common variant. Corner fireplace is similar to the near-wall, but it has slightly lower heat dissipation, as its side walls do not radiate heat directly into the room. The reason for this is the furniture, set in the same plane with a fireplace. This configuration allows you to make the interior of the room is quite interesting. Creates a feeling of continuity of room space.

Chimney in a pastel toned interior design of the lounge room

In conclusion

This article has been considered the most relevant material on the design of modern apartment. Individual items were brought into it, because each of the sections of the article deserves special consideration. Yet it seems that the above information has given you a basic understanding of modern design, its trends at the moment. We hope you understand that the main thing nowadays is not to clutter your living space with all sorts of “beautiful” things, everything must have its functionality in this space. Works on the design of modern apartment should be held under the slogan “Smaller breeds bigger”. Good luck to you!

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