Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment

How many times did you fantasize about how great would have the apartment at the loft level of high building to unleash all your infant dreams there. You would be able to arrange a special observatory room to contemplate constellations and other celestial objects. Or to arrange the rooms in bold seemingly incompatible design styles and solutions within one space to achieve really unique atmosphere and to implement your old dreams. And today we`re going to show you modern industrial style design of Kiev apartment in Ukraine, which is able to combine a lot of bold effective trendy solutions.

The entryway of this unusual apartment does not augur anything special. You get to the brownish decorated narrow long hall with lot of pathways to the different zones. There is a stair to the semi uplift made as the improvised wardrobe to make it easier for guests to change their clothes and for creating the image for homeowners. The spreading antlers look a little bit unappropriate in such urbanistic environment. Nevertheless, they are symbolizing the closeness to nature and adventuorous character of the local inhabitants and guests soon getting used to their presence.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Broad hallway with stairs

The complex ceiling steel beams that are composing the real pattern became the base for unique swivel illuminators. The wardrobe zone at the stand is bordered with chain-link fencing, the floor is zoned with brown toned materials bringing the ultimate brutality to the whole entryway space.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Hallway with stairs to the upper level with small lobby and other roomsModern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Hallway and the entrance to the upper level

First of all, after the hall, we are getting to the no less originally decorated kitchen-and-dining zone with the very same strokes in design we’ve observed. The steal ceiling beams draw peculiar construction and accommodate the lighting system, the brown floor ceiling is practical and easy for perception. Brickwork walls separates the area from the bedroom and bathroom respectively. And just look at those charmingly looking spike-legged chairs – that’s maybe the most memorable zest of the place.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Dining group and a spacious kitchen island with bar under the sloped ceiling with skylights

Another highlight to pay attention at is the the minimalism and practicality in the location and form of the kitchen furniture set and appliances, nice harmonizing color gamma of every detail in the room and complex lighting from the skylights and small windows, as well as swivel fixtures.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Kitchen and island with apparent industrial minimalism of the atmosphere

And at last, we have proceeded to the most stunning and fascinating room. Hemispherical sjape and the roof belfry remodelled for the comsic observation can surprise anyone. Just imagine, how comfortably you can hold gatherings with friends, chatting and contemplating the fire in the hearth; business negotiations will achieve romantic and prolific at the same time directionality. And by adding the large TV-screen to the accent plate above the fireplace, you’ll transform the room into unusually cozy home cinema for many spectators not loosing in stylishness and design concept of the premise. That’s what we call a really elaborated utilization a loft located apartment.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Absolutely gorgeous idea of the living room with notes of loft, futurism, classicism and other styles

The bedroom is also striking with design glamor and exquisute color combination of the chosen finishing materials. Nice patterned texture plaster of the headboard wall with autonomous  background lighting is drawing increased attention, as well as we notice the white hanging turning fixtures once we enter the room.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Master bedroom with texture plaster of dark brown and gold gradient

There is a small romantic under-the-roof balcony is hiding behind the creamy curtain. Of course, hosts use it for refreshing breakfasts and drinking coffee while viewing the sights of the urban picture.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Sloped ceiling in the romantic bedroom combination of brown hues and arched entry to the small terrace

The modern bathroom interior is continuing the overall color and design scheme of this Kievan industrial apartment, widely using backlighting and glass surfaces. Modern constructions let to not to mount big unnecessary shower cabines. Steel and glass zone takes less space and provides you all the abilities. “Hovering” toilet and chest of drawers contribute to the utmost ultra-modern look of the utilitarian room.

Modern Industrial Style Design of Kiev Apartment. Very modern construction of the bathroom with glass panels and "hovering" toilet

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