Modern Kitchens Glass Backsplash Design

Backsplash is an important part of any kitchen. Its function is to protect the kitchen wall from thermal impact of the oven and moisture. That, in its turn, allows you to extend the life of your kitchen furniture and the interior itself. In addition, backsplash provides an aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. Most often, the kitchen cladding a backsplash of tile. However, if you want something really unique, then you should pay attention to novelty in the world of repair which called “skinali.” “Skinali” is a panel of tempered glass coated with a pattern of your choice.

White cabinet surfaces and the modern Kitchens Glass Backsplash Design

Today, these glass panels despite their expensiveness  replacing ceramic tiles and plastic panels. This phenomenon occurs due to the fact that using this technology you can implement any imagination and put on an backsplash every drawing. Choosing a glass kitchen backsplash you show your impeccable taste to others and your kitchen will look extraordinary and bright.

Pros from use “skinali” in the interior of the kitchen

Currently design of the kitchen in a modern style most often using such styles as loft and high-tech. The most common used material in the interior of the kitchen is a glass. Therefore, when making remodel in the kitchen, you chose the one of the two styles, but the choice of material for the wall panel is clear. Glass backsplash with photo printing accentuate your modern interior and do not leave anyone indifferent.

Red and black theme in the modern kitchens design of glass backsplash

Another advantage of glass backsplash with photo printing is the ease of installation. You do not need to prepare the glue, or strip off the old wallpaper. But still, you need to make sure that the wall behind the glass panel is smooth and at least straight. Unlike ceramic tiles kitchen backsplash, which needs to be installed before the installation of kitchen furniture, backsplash from glass can be installed after and anytime you want, including replacing the already available type of your kitchen midsection. Professionals will complete with this task in a few hours. The only thing that they need from you is to provide the necessary size of the future backsplash and choose the image to be printed. The ease and speed of installation allows you to replace the backsplash just as easily over time if you get bored of drawing.

Lighting of modern kitchens glass backsplash design

Lighting can add extra charm to your modern kitchen with a glass backsplash. Electrical diode tape is mounting behind the glass, coated with a special light diffusing film. This lighting is able to animate the image on your backsplash and add a light above the work surface.

Black modern kitchens design with skinali backsplash and neon lighting

Care Kitchen backsplash made of glass

In addition to all other advantages of glass kitchen backsplash using housewife will admit the main one – it is easy to clean. All that is needed is periodically clean the glass surface with a damp cloth. For strong pollution you can use detergents designed for the care of the glass. Because the image is applied to the reverse side of the glass, it is not affected by heat, moisture and aggressive detergents. Also, the glass on the front side is covered with a protective film, which saves it from scratches and other damage.

Unique printing at the backsplash in the modern kitchen

With all these properties of glass you can drill a holes in the backsplash for the outlets or switches and hang hooks and rails for kitchen utensils after the installation.

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