Modern Medium and Large Kitchen Layout Ideas

Choose a modern middle and large kitchen layout ideas for your premise

From the way your furniture, appliances and work surfaces will be built in depends not only the distribution of useful kitchen space, but also its appearance, created image. A sufficient number of square meters does not impose restrictions on the choice of type of kitchen units layout. It will depend mainly on the amount of storage systems and appliances that you need to build in the kitchen space. Also, the choice of kitchen furniture layout will affect the shape of the room and number of window and door openings, the premise location relatively to other areas of homeownership rooms or apartment. You can arrange in the center of the room as a kitchen island so and the dining group or to save room for more spacious storage and confine with the peninsula.

Bright kitchen with light rattan furniture

U – shaped layout for kitchen of medium and large sizes

Location of kitchen units in the form of the letter “U” is possible only in rooms of medium and large sizes. In such an arrangement positioning the tops of the triangle is very convenient – sink, gas stove (or hob) and a refrigerator. All major functional segments of cooking and food storage can be placed on either side of the kitchen ensemble, while you observe not only the rules of ergonomics but also to ensure personal safety.

U-shaped kitchen layout ideas in hi-tech style

The original and very practical way of kitchen equipment with a U-shaped layout of the kitchen headset is to use a portable island. This is the separate unit of furniture on castors that can be locked for stability. Typically, countertop of such island is used as an additional working surface, such as a cutting plane, and located at the bottom of the storage system. Portable kitchen island is convenient to use as a table for snacks and drinks for parties. You gather everything you need in the kitchen and takes your station supply of drinks and snacks in the living room or another room where the reception is held.

Modern Medium and Large Kitchen Layout Ideas. Unique wooden facing in the modern kitchen with mobile island at the center

Parallel or two-row layout kitchen units

If the room is passage-like and one of the walls is almost entirely given over to the panoramic window, in this case the parallel layout of the kitchen of the ensemble will be preferred. It allows to achieve the integration of quite a large number of storage systems and all the necessary appliances. In the long and narrow rooms of medium size, as a rule, there is no possibility of accommodation in the center of it even small dining table. In the kitchen, with an area of ​​12 square meters can be set narrow island or the bar counter, which will serve as a place for short meals.

Light island layout for the modern hi-tech kitchen

Corner layout with an island or peninsula

As it is known, the angular layout of the kitchen ensemble is option for accommodation of working surfaces, storage systems and appliances in the premises of all sizes. Only in the spacious kitchen, you can not hold back in the selection of the size of a kitchen island or peninsula, in order to not only increase the amount of storage and working surfaces, but also to organize a place for breakfast or other meals.

Square island in the center of the large kitchen has a number of functions

At the corner arrangement of kitchen units, by integrating a sink or cooktop into an island or peninsula, you ensure implementation of the triangle rule. In this case, the distance between the fire, the water and  the cold would be sufficient, but not so large that the hostess got tired, “reeling” meters between primary base units of the kitchen.

White island kitchen with wooden structure cabinets and surfaces

If you integrate the stove or cooktop to the space of the island or peninsula, you will need to place the hood above it, attaching it to the ceiling. On the one hand, it is a certain difficulty, but on the other – it releases the space of one of the walls, which could be occupied by your hood.

Modern Medium and Large Kitchen Layout Ideas. White peninsula kitchen island with dark laminate floor

Corner layout provides the ability to save a large amount of storage space that you can use to place a dining area. Many of our compatriots have not yet close to the very concept of a kitchen island and all its benefits. But a dining table located in the kitchen is a “classic of the genre” to the European home owner. Especially in a room with sufficient acreage it can be installed so that the approach from all sides was open to all members of the household.

Modern Medium and Large Kitchen Layout Ideas. Nice modern floral motiff of the kitchen design in the L-shaped layout

The original version of the execution of a corner arrangement with the peninsula, is a continuation of this element to create a skeleton for soft sitting area. Roomy enough seating U-shaped area can serve as a full dining area for a family of 4-5 people.

Unusual modern kitchen U-shaped layout with notes of rustic style

Single-row layout of the island or dining group

Row-planning layout is used in areas of medium and large sizes infrequently and always in combination  with the island or peninsula. It is due to the fact that the location of storage systems and appliances only along one wall is often insufficient for a family of medium size. Installation of the island allows you to move the working surfaces (eg cutting) and appliances (such as the hob or oven) into its space.

Modern Medium and Large Kitchen Layout Ideas. Island layout of the glossy snow-white kitchen

In the kitchens with high ceilings, the location of furniture ensemble from the ceiling to the floor may require the presence of a ladder for access to the top of the storage system. Such a ladder could most conveniently be fixed on a special support, located along the top of the kitchen set. Usually headset manufacturer assumes its installation (if you provide your furniture size and kitchen parameters before the production).

Small kitchen with the ladder

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