Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples

In this article we would like not only to introduce you an interesting Spanish apartment`s interior located in Bilbao, but also pay attention to the latest trends and home decorating ideas. Of course, whatever the design of the apartment is, the main demands are made to him are the convenience, comfort and attractive appearance. But there are thousands of various ways how to improve these . In a small photo tour through the rooms of this spacious flat we can review only some of them but we hope that in this selection of photos you’ll find inspiring modern Spanish apartment interior design ideas examples for the realization of your own repairs or little renovations.

Decorative elements of the modern Spanish interior

We begin our interior review, as expected, from the entrance to the apartment – from the hallway. At first sight, the area adjacent to the front door of the room, it becomes clear that this housing has enough space, and the courage of homeowners, and budget for bold design ideas. For example, the wall-screen with holes of different sizes can serve not only as a decorative element of the original zoning of the space, but also an unusual storage system for live plants, souvenirs and collectibles.

Hallway with black decorative vases and cabinet against contrasting white walls

All interior spaces are decorated with use of bright palette. It allows you to visually expand a small space. Diagonal floor lining contributes to increasing the visual area.

overall plan of the large entertainment zone of the Spanish apartment

We are now in the most spacious room of the dwelling, connecting several functional areas. A large area of ​​the room allowed to place a soft zone of the living room, video segment, a dining room and a place for reading and chatting apart from each other, but in harmony with the whole space at the same time. Functional segments zoning is very conditional and is arranged by the individual lighting systems, carpeted floors in each zone of the common room.

Large table and black chairs to have a big receptions

Bright palette of the ceiling and walls finishing, laminate diagonal flooring, an abundance of natural and artificial light, only necessary furniture without unnecessary decoration – all these helps to visually create a sense of space and freedom. The room seems larger than it actually is.

Dining area interior of the large Spanish apartment

Dining area is set by dining table with shaped top made of light wood and dark gray legs to match the comfortable and practical chairs. The rigor and conciseness of furniture helps to convey the precise geometry of the functional segment of a large living room.

Contrasting colors in the dining area make the interior zest

As much simple and concise pendant lamps with light shades are rounding out the image of stylish but seasoned dining group. Carpeted floor of pastel tones allows not only to outline the boundaries of conventional dining area, add some comfort to the room, but also to finish the formation of the external appearance of the segment for family meals and guests gatherings.

Close-up plan of the rest zone in the large apartment

A small rest zone and a reading place at the same time is located near the large window. Here is enough natural light to spend time in the daytime. The original floor lamp is prudently installed for evening gatherings. Small coffee table-stand became the centre of the zone, formed on the basis of circles. White comfortable chairs, the base of which can also be traced circle forms became a successful option for a segment of upholstered furniture. Carpet, made in the shape of a circle, is completing the image of a small, but very cozy relaxation area.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. Living zone with low coffe table

Finally, the most broad area of ​​the living room is the soft segment with TV. Corner sofa in dark colors and bright chairs matched in contrast to it are finishing the harmonious group of upholstered furniture. Spacious two-level table of light wood and white floor lamps complete the look of a soft zone.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. Music section with large LED TV-screen

TV-area, located opposite the soft segment, is framed in a white tone is. Dark spots of video and audio equipment look particularly expressive and contrasting in such a light background, giving the whole composition a modern look.

Close-up look to the great white trimming of the rest area

Smooth white facades of the lockers in form modular elements are gathered in a practical and attractive storage system. Dark design the Spanish flat interior of the open shelves make it possible to give the video area greater harmony and to dilute the monolithic image of a snow-white system lockers.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. The interior door to the kitchen

Interior doors throughout the apartment are made with large glass inserts. On the one hand there is a barrier between rooms, but on the other – they are so airy and weightless, that they create an incredibly easy way just space. Through the inner door we enter to the kitchen.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. Modern kitchen layout

Long and narrow space of kitchen arranged storage, countertops and appliances are arranged in a parallel layout – in two rows. The white facades of kitchen furniture and bright finish on all surfaces can visually expand a small, but rather narrow kitchen space. Only the brilliance of stainless steel and dark spots of the appliances diversify palette of modern kitchen interior.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. Kitchen with large wall-height window plane

Due to the necessary length of the room there is a small area for a short meal near the large panoramic window with access to the loggia.

Any vegetables and fruits will fit perfectly to the interior of the white kitchen

Round table and comfortable easy chairs are made of white plastic and light type of wood. Together, they look incredibly fresh, easy and even air. Breakfast for such a table, enjoying the view from the window is a real pleasure.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. Loggia`s trimming in thу modern hi-tech style

But no less pleasure can deliver a cup of coffee drunk in the privacy of the glazed loggias. The white attributes of this area for relaxing and reading creates an incredibly relaxing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and calm.

Mirroring of the street in the stained-glass windows of the loggia

The decoration of the loggia continues the use of materials that we have seen in the kitchen space – granite relief of a neutral color. This incredibly durable and robust finish is easy to clean and it serves as the perfect backdrop for the white rocking chair, small stand and floor lamps in the same palette.

Funky bedroom interior design of the Spanish apartment

Next, we turn to the private room and accompanying utilitarian rooms. Let`s review the first bedroom with a neutral finish and bright accents. Selection of white-gray palette for design of the bedrooms is not accidental. It allows you to create an environment conducive to sleep and relaxation.

Children`s of young couple bedroom interior in the Spain

In order to make the bedroom decorating palette more bright, not sterile white, designers have used a variety of techniques. There are decoration of accent wall with traditional wallpaper with dim prints and colorful decorative elements, and rich shade of soft headboard among others.

Bilbao`s apartment bedroom interior design

Such a simple and easily replaceable part of the bedroom`s interior as decorative pillows, depending on the color and pattern of the selected scene, can create a completely different mood of the entire room. Bright, saturated seascape depicted on textiles gives a festive appearance, creates a feeling of approaching holiday, productive rest and a positive attitude.

Small bathroom with mirror lighting and big gray tile finishing

There is the bathroom next to the bedroom. It is finished with no less concern for settling practical, comfortable and simple in terms of maintenance interior. Snow-white sanitary ware looks especially advantageous – clean and glossy -against the background of dark granite tiles. Snow-white execution of the ceiling and tile joints helps to create a more harmonious image of the room for water procedures.

Diode lightinh makes interior of the bathroom more mystic but transcendentially warm

In bathrooms without window a special role is given to lighting systems. It is not only the providing  of the required light level, but also local illumination of various interior items. mirror are most often act as an illuminated object. In this case LED tape hidden behind the back of the mirror acts as a light frame.

Bowl sink and arched tap are modern elements of minimalistic hi-tech design

A small sink in the form of a round bowl, shiny chrome faucets and bathroom accessories, rigorous and concise open shelves instead of standard cabinets for the space under the sink – everything in the interior contributes to the formation of modern, practical, but attractive looking image for utilitarian room.

Expressive bedroom interior decorating with the wall print and soft headboard looks light

Another bedroom is made in a similar manner. The same neutral room decoration and arrangement of wall behind the headboard as an accent, which is wallpapered with dim print, presence of a working area with contrasting furnishings, open shelves and bright accessories.

Working zone in the small bedroom

Retro models of furniture, lighting and decorative elements have particularly remarkable look In the modern interior. The use of bright colors to arrange them can not only vary the color gamma of the room, but also to bring a positive attitude to the character of the interior, to create a focal emphasis.

Multifunctional cabinet in the bedroom of the Spanish apartment

Of course, the centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed itself. Snow-white execution of the main piece of furniture is in need of appropriate design. Bed linen darker shades, decorative pillows or bright printed veil are among them.

Nice minimalistic design of the gray interior of the spare bathroom

Next to this bedroom there is also a bathroom, which finishing is made in a similar to the firstly visited utilitarian premise manner. Natural shades in the design of the surfaces of the room, an abundance of glass and mirror surfaces, the use of white gloss for smooth facades furniture – every design fraction contribute to create a cozy and modern bathroom interior.

Cool sink organization in gray tones in the Spanish modern apartment

As you know, a large image of the entire room is made up of small parts. And of what look does have, for example, your tap will depend on the impression which makes your space for water treatment.

men`s minimalistic designed bedroom in gray tones

And finally, another bedroom with private bathroom. Bright and spacious enough bedroom space seem even bigger thanks to the abundance of white color in the decoration and furnishing, large panoramic windows and lighting system organized at several levels.

Nice striped pillows on the bed in the minimalistic bedroom interior

The space above the headboard framed with white wall panels, elaborately hiding the structure, built to create a niche with lighting, which serves as a bedside shelf for storing essential items.

Work and entertainment place in the men`s bedroom

There is workplace that also combines a function of video area is located next to the built-in cabinets. White console, a comfortable swivel chair and a television – modern technology do not require a lot of space.

Modern Spanish Apartment Interior Design Ideas Examples. White and gray bedroom

Bathroom dedicated to this bedroom is located in the room itself. It is located behind the sliding doors, thus saving valuable space of the premise.

Toilet in modern gray palette bathroom

In the small sized bathroom we see already familiar combination of dark finishes made of ceramic tiles of large size, with a snow-white sanitary ware.

Bathroom of hi-tech style with glossy dark surfaces

Again, for the expansion of the boundaries of the visual space and interior dimensions, we see the use of various design tricks – glass and mirrored surfaces, glossy facades of furniture and bright room lighting.


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