Most Original & Creative Ideas for Wall Shelves

Empty space in the interior can be filled decorated with the help of a variety of subjects. It can be a large flower, decorative floor vase and much more. But if you want this space to be not only beautiful, but also functional, then it’s time to overview the most original & creative ideas for wall shelves. The shelf can be as simple, concise, as more original and unusual. In any case, try to stick to the style of the room, so that everything looks as harmonious as possible.

Neat pink dotted wall and bookshelf in girl's bedroom Creative idea to arrange the kids' room with colorful open storage Industrial hi-tech allow of styles with yellow/gray shelves

Wall Shelves: Types and Their Differences

Before going for a purchase or looking for master classes, we recommend you decide what type of shelf you really need. This will significantly reduce the time spent on its selection or creation.

Original design of the wall shelf Three-level suspended wooden shelf on a twine

Perhaps the most popular option is the classic one. Such products are as simple and minimalistic as possible. Therefore, they are convenient both in installation and in use. But despite this, the shelves can look quite different. For example, rectangular, asymmetrical and of other forms.

Plastic black squares as modern interior element and storage in one Brickwork wall and white shelves above the sofa

The next, no less popular option are corner shelves. They can be the same as the previous ones. The only difference is the mount. In this case, two adjacent walls are needed for this.

Green corner at the white designed apartment Cute angular design of the shelving for trifles Cute wooden seamless shelf design for books

Suspended shelves are also quite often used in the interior. However, unlike previous versions, it is very easy to do them by yourself.

Strap-linked tiers of the suspended shelf Nice idea of the shelves in the form of scales

If the basic types of shelves are easy to understand, the next thing to do is to determine exactly how you plan to use them. For example, it is better to make products for books more durable and reliable. In order to store frames with photographs or small figurines, glass shelves will suffice. But if you plan to install them in the kitchen, it is better to take care of a more secure attachment.

Bright and catchy orange wavy shelves for books Strict geometrical shapes of the storage for the gray colored room Classic styled storage on ropes for different items

We also recommend paying attention to the material used to make the shelf. After all, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic structures are as simple as possible in maintenance and installation. In addition, there are many different options. Some are visually very similar to a tree.

Stylized brand label as the shelf for things

In turn, metal structures are more durable and reliable. But do not install this option in the interior in the classical style. The most attractive and organic they look in the style of Modern or high-tech.

A little bit of steampunk style in lines of living room design

It is necessary to note wooden shelves separately. They can be made even at home. In addition, such products have a long lifetime.

Wooden shelf of original form for small toys Simple construction of wooden shelf

As for the mirror designs, they look very nice and fit almost any interior. But still they have a very serious drawback – fragility.


Most original & creative ideas for wall shelves with your own hands

Unusual, stylish designer shelves look stunningly beautiful. But this does not mean that you can not do something worthwhile at home. Therefore, we have prepared several master classes, with which you can implement interesting ideas.

Kids' room shelf with original tree design Unusual shapes of the modern wooden shelves Brickwork wall in casual styled room with large roped shelving

Bookshelf in the frame

A beautiful, small DIY bookshelf will be appropriate in every room. But nevertheless it is necessary to do it proceeding from the general style of an interior. In this case, we propose to make an interesting variant for the children’s room.

decorated with photo frames shelves on the planked wall

We need:

  • simple frame;
  • decor;
  • glue gun;
  • dense cardboard;
  • acrylic and spray paint;
  • Painting tape;
  • PVA glue;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife.

Wooden frame know-how instruction pic 2. Materials

First of all, we circle the outer edge of the frame on a thick cardboard.

Draw a fairly wide field with a pencil, so that you can fit all the prepared decor.

Wooden frame know-how instruction pic 3. Planning out the sketch

Gently cut out the fields with scissors or a clerical knife.

Wooden frame know-how instruction pic 4. Cutting out the frame

Apply field to the frame, and if all the parts are fit, then connect them using a glue-gun.

Wooden frame know-how instruction pic 5. Adjusting the sizes

We cut out four walls for the future shelf out of the cardboard.

Making sides of the box

Glue wall via glue-gun and additionally fix the walls by the simple PVA glue and masking tape.

Installing the sides

Pre-lay out all the decor pieces on the surface and fix them on the shelf with hot glue.

Gluing the decoration

It is better to use the simplest and easiest details, similar in style.

Preparation of decor is done

Paint the whole shelf with spray-paint. If necessary, make another layer of acrylic paint.

Painting the box Painting the box inside

Leave the shelf for no less than a day. After this, you can safely hang it on the wall and fill with books of small size.

We achieved the result!

Transformer shelf

If you plan to make a shelf with your own hands, but until the end have not decided what exactly will be stored on it, then the transformer design is an ideal solution.

The expected result

In the process, you will need the following:

  • a wooden board and sticks;
  • Shelf boards;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil;
  • saw;
  • tape-measure;
  • drill

To begin with, you need to make a markup on the big board. That is, indicate the distance at which the holes should be.

Cutting out the base

Only after this you can start drilling at an angle of 90 degrees.

Drilling holes

After the first hole is ready, insert a stick into it. If everything is correct, then continue to work on the rest.

Inserting sticks into holesCompleting all the holes

Remove sawdust and turn the board. If there are splits on the reverse side, then simply tear off or cut them off. Then we process the holes with sandpaper.

Cleaning the surface Smoothing the edges of holes The left chipping

Correct the length of the sticks with a saw. It is very important to take into account the width of the boards. As for their length, if necessary, it can also be adjusted.

Installing the sticks and partitions

Set the shelf on the wall and distribute various items on it. If desired, you can change the layout of the shelves, which is very convenient in everyday life.

Achieved result within interior

Shelf of unusual shape


Those who love creative and unusual things in the interior, we propose to make a non-standard shelf with our own hands.

The result to be achieved

We will prepare such materials:

  • board;
  • drill;
  • saw;
  • metal washers;
  • rope;
  • lighter;
  • corners

Hanging shelf producing instruction. Pic 1. Preparation of materials

Using a saw, cut the board into pieces of the same size.

Wooden bars

Make holes in each workpiece at the same distance with a drill.

Wooden bars with drilled holes

Stretch the rope through all the bars. For their separation we use metal washers.

Binding the segments with the rope

Fix the corners at the edges and hang the structure.

The metal corner for the edges

Open wall shelves in the interior

Wall shelves can be really very effective, beautiful, stylish, and unusual. Each design looks attractive in its own way. Choose a suitable option for yourself and safely start creating your own unique shelf.

Modern room design with plexiglass colorful chairs and colorful cells of open shelf Large open layout room with peculiar shelves for things Wooden shelves of different shapes and colors Open wooden shelf in the form of USA map Plaster forms to store things on wall Casual living room with thin white shelf Absolutely stunning open shelf for the large living


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