New-York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse

There are many former industrial areas in US that have been successfully converted into the living quarters. So this publication is devoted to one of such bold and original designs – the transformation of New-York loft apartment of former warehouse with an incredibly comfortable seating area on the terrace and private garden on the roof. The loft has to appeal to many fans of the spacious rooms, large windows, free planning and the use of industrial design in the arrangement of dwellings. Let’s look at the interior of the amazing American apartment and become inspired for bright achievements in repair or renovation of our own homes.

From the first steps in the New York apartment it becomes clear that here we will see not only the concrete surfaces, masonry, steel structures and open gaze communication systems, but also bright interior, original furnishings and non-trivial approach to the decoration.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Red cabinet in the entry

For example, the entrance is represented by unusual furniture group. A large and bright cabinet which rarely can be seen in the premises and comfortable benches with mount for comfort footwear changing.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Wooden grid as the decoration of the bench for changing footwear

Very large room of the first level, in addition to the hall, housed the living room zone, kitchen and dining room. Of course, all three functional segments are arranged in a large room without partitions, because the first and foremost principle of the loft style is an open floor layout. But the style of the loft also approves the space and light in the rooms. That is why so big high windows, as a rule,  are not decorated at all (exceptions relate mainly to the bedrooms). Virtually all the space of the first level is performed using pristine brickwork, which is occasionally punctuated with white surfaces. Wooden floor with beautiful natural drawing “warms” the interior a little bit, bringing warm color into the industrial aesthetic.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Studio living room with the open layout

Large corner sofa, two comfortable armchairs and a unique design of a table-transformer, which is capable of performing several functions at once, have created a harmonious alliance with the design of the living room recreation areas. In order to add a bit of home comfort and warmth to the image of the living room, multicolored carpet and decorative cushions have been used. It looks as comfortable resonance, and therefore original against the background of a brick segment. Roomy storage of various modifications and original composition of suspended luminaires, which can not only provide the area with necessary level of lighting, but also bring the spirit of modernity to the image of facility are rounding out the image of a non-trivial living.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Original design for the kitchen with an island

The industrial spirit in the design of kitchen space is barely noticeable. The practicality and comfort in an attractive cover overshadow the industrial history of the building. The area allotted for the kitchen area, allows you to accommodate more than enough storage, household appliances and work surfaces both in the kitchen set and in a large island. Island plays a significant role in this kitchen. In addition to being a stand-alone unit, it appears as a roomy storage system with a bookcase, cupboard with a sink integrated into it, so also the island worktop is extended to allow taking a short meals. In order to enjoy breakfast and a cup of tea, you can not cover the dining table in the dining room and the kitchen, but to be content with the bar space. Moreover it has such a nice, bright, invigorating design – a combination of wooden surfaces with colorful backsplash trim, flowing into snow-white facades of the upper tier cabinet, looks very organic, attractive and fresh.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Dining zone with the orange backsplash

The space of the dining room is decorated no less colorful. Furniture made in the retro style, but modern materials looks incredibly organically against the background of the old, slightly cracked brickwork. Oval dining table and easy chairs on a metal frame constituted attractive and very practical alliance. The storage system, a big mirror and original pendant light effectively complement the image of the area for family meals and entertaining. But a real boon for the dining room became the carpet of a pleasant menthol color.

New York Loft Apartment of Former Warehouse. Brickwork and round mirror in the living room

Loft stands up for the most spacious and open spaces. Often sleeping area takes a large part of the overall premises in the apartments and houses decorated in this style. But in this New York apartment bedroom got its share of privacy. Though it is visible through the interior walls with glass inserts.

Intimate sleeping place behin the glass partition

The interior of the bedrooms is very concise and aimed primarily at creating a functional and comfortable environment. It uses the most necessary furniture, the almost complete lack of decor. The only distinguishing feature of the design of rooms for sleep and rest from the rest of the loft premises is a textile drapery of windows. It is not surprisingly that it needed not only dark, thick curtains in the bedroom, but also textile roller blinds, cause a few large windows allow room to bathe in the sunrays.

White platform bed in the loft apartment, NYC

Even the bathrooms and toilets in the loft decorated American apartment are decorated originally. Not every homeowner would decide to use black as the foundation for surface finishing of utilitarian room. Matt walls are replaced with glitter gloss of ceramic tiles, becoming an excellent background for the plumbing, furniture and decoration items.

Dark decorated bathroom with the red frame of the mirror

To get to the second and then the third level of the New York apartment, you must climb the stairs with a metal frame and wooden steps. And we find ourselves in the real garden located high above the ground and being a part of a building. What can be better than feeling of closeness to nature in the midst of busy and noisy metropolis?

Orangery at the higher level of the loft apartment in US

The dining area in the open air, in the midst of living plants, placed everywhere in pots and tubs. Is not it a miracle for dusty and loud city with a hectic lifestyle? Even garden furniture on the terrace has a natural design.

Wooden staircase among the natural decoration of plants and flowers

Climbing up the wooden stairs one more level, we find ourselves on the roof where homeowners and designers are not restrained itself in the registration of this corner of nature in the midst of concrete jungle.

Winter garden with convertible glass roof in New-York

On the wooden platform, drowning in greenery, there is a cozy and incredibly functional recreation area in the open air on the roof of the former warehouse. Wooden and metal outdoor furniture with soft mounts, comfortable table-stands – such an area allows to not only enjoy the fresh air and sunbathing, but also to organize the meal and even small parties for a limited number of invitees.

Nice prospective look from the roof terrace of the loft styled apartment


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