Original Bach Apartment Design Ideas from Serbia

Have you ever been curious to see the really artistically filled apartment with lots of different unexpected for bachelor’s room design solutions, so you found the real paradise for intellectual who demands  solitude among the city jungle. Let’s overview the original bach apartment design ideas from Serbia as if on purpose collected in one place.

It is an amazing number of creative design ideas uniting different styles can be found in this apartment. That’s why we have every right to say here worked a talented designers to arrange all the place in one functional and attractive atmosphere. The center of living room can be described as a real exhibition of modern abstractionist. And the expensive black leather angular sofa in the spotlight of rotary ceiling fixtures looks as a complement of design, the logical focus of the room. The glass coffee table is very useful veratile part of the interior as it combines the place for collecting personal things and the surface for drinking coffee ot tea with guests or during movie- or TV-show watching.

Leather upholstered angular black sofa in the center of the living room full of pictures

The view from the hall shows how small the space of the main room is, but how universal it is at the same time. The designers were able to combine rest zones for different people with reading zone, dining zone and a kitchen which you’ll see at next photos within one common space.

Concrete column at the center of bach studio apartment

The entry itself is very tight. But it also combines several functions. Besides that it leads us to the main room, it also has entries to the bathroom, toilet, bedroom and even small but originally designed home office. In addition, it also has a hanger,  hovering hi-tech styled chest of drawers with lower backlight and a mirror.

Plenty of pictures in the living zone of roomy studio apartment

Hi-tech entrance design with low backlighting, hovering commode and large mirror

The overall view of the bechelor's studio apartmen in the daylight

This view shows the dining and kitchen zones partly united by the common theme of the suspended ceiling, partly separated by the kitchen island. Also we can see the popular design solution of the table lighting with the big chandelier right above it.

Tender lighting above the living room's dining zone with wooden table

Wine shelving is an original design idea that allows keeping most useful things at hand.

Unique shelving design for vine bottle in the bachelor apartmentLight wooden table near the black island separating the kitchen area in the modern Serbian studio apartment The rug of cow's pelts on the glossy wooden floor at the dining zone The perspective of the modern studio apartment to the kitchen, dining zone, living and entrance

Kitchen island is also completed by the hanging luminiscent lamp. But it is turned up to the white ceiling providing the hosts with tender ambient light. The island itself is multifunctional stand with the working top surface, white facades with drawers. It also has a place for a microwave. You can see the entrance to the full of  natural light bedroom.

Black tube with white facades and light floor in the dining zone

Hi-tech style is apparently emphasized in the kitchen by black fridge, dark granite imitating furniture facades and original black surfaces for leaving messages writing with colorful chalks instead of regular kitchen splashback.

Linear litchen furniture set with white lower row facades emphasizes neat but minimalistic atmosphere

Dining room decorated with the pictures and the focusing lighting fixtures Small hallway leads to the office. Pictures and white minimalistic atmosphere in the premises is essential attribute of the whole design concept integrity.

White finishing of the hall with folding doorsHome office can boast with the exquisite collection of the touristic souvenirs. Jewish candlestick, Egyptian papyrus, things from Asia and Orthodox  icons – everything in one originally designed wall-length shelving complex.

Living room with the working place and shelving for things

Home office is enough spacious even to hold meetings and business consultations. Old-fashioned radiators only add some piquancy to the interior and let us plunge deeper into “chamberness” of the atmosphere. Such interior can be boldly called original working place at home.

Home office with the rug oainted as cow skin

Personal home office library and the working desk The bedroom is no less original and fascinates places in the bach studio apartment. Yes, it doesn`t have such big number of fantasy shocking elements, but  it also includes some unique tricks.  What for backlight of the headboard at the background of the stone laid wall?

Serbian bach studio apartment's bedroom Bedroom's yellow backlight of the wall's rattan simulating trimming

The wall-height and wall-long closet is the highlight of the interior. And the unique spherical chandelier of the peculiar figures is making the room a little bit futuristic.

Chest of drawers in the bach's bedroom with built-in wardrobe

The bathroom and toilet are two separate premises but they also bestowed with all the necessary functional and even the black message board for chalks. Black color emphasizes the masculinity of the bach apartment and presents in all the conventional appliances that usually have white or gray color.

Bathroom organisation of the shelves

Bathroom dark vanity and white contrasting sink

In the shower

Gray striped wall finishing and gray tiles at the lower level of the bathroom

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