Original Compact Private House Design

If you bought a plot of land in the city of a very modest size – it is no the reason to despair. Just have a look, how comfortable, original, and, most importantly, spacious original compact private house design architects and designers could accommodate on a small piece of land, “sandwiched” between two buildings. This amazing project is an example of how modest sized dwelling becomes fashionable apartments in the capable hands of a master. Structure of unusual shape achieves a prominent appearance of the facade and the interior space is fascinating with originality.

Original Compact Private House Design. Original blue and white facade

Let’s begin our inspect this private home ownership from the facade of the building – the original, unusual, bright and very personalized part. The blue window frames and doors on a white background looks great, creating a light and fresh image of the building.

Original Compact Private House Design. Perspective from behind

One part of the house has a narrow pit shape but in form of an irregular triangle. Gray textured walls perfectly blend with blue doors and windows. A lot of green plants brings a touch of natural freshness to the concept of the building.


Not only climbing plants with foliage of different colors, but also streetlights of original form suspended at different heights, adorn the building. The same lighting adorn the interior of private house. It is obvious that the unusual pendant lights act not only as decoration, but also provide the necessary level of illumination of the building’s facade at night.

Original Compact Private House Design. Spacious light terrace

Owners and designers used vivid examples of landscape design to create practical but attractive at the same time image of the local area even in such a tiny yard. An open terrace was formed thanks to the roof of the second floor protruding above the porch, and there is a protection from the sun and rain above the entrance door.

Original Compact Private House Design. Studio living room with different decorative solutions

The interior of unusual home is full of even more surprises – original combinations of materials and colors, pieces of furniture of different stylistic directions, unusual decor and live plants. For example, the living room design worthy to be looked at for a long time. We can find contrasting color combinations, finishing materials with different texture, the use of modern and retro style furniture here.

Original Compact Private House Design. "Live" wall under the stairs

But the main highlight of the interior of the living room and the space around the staircase became a sumptuous “living wall” of climbing plants. This design of living spaces can surprise any visitor, and absolutely everybody would fall in love with it. It is difficult to come up with atmosphere so close to the nature. Contrasting decorating of surfaces around the “living wall” adds the dynamism and originality to the image of this space.

Original Compact Private House Design. Kitchen full of light and with pendant lamps over the island

Kitchen space is also full of contrasts. White facades of furniture ensemble look great in combination with a dark glossy countertops’ surfaces in the working areas and on the kitchen island. Bright room decoration contributes to its visual extension and bright window border, pendant lights and live plants will not only diversify the color palette of the room but also increase the level of positivity and lightness of the overall image.

Original Compact Private House Design. "Pumpkins" shades for the pendant lamps at the stairs

Climbing the stairs of unusual design, we find ourselves in a completely magical world – living plants on the walls, lightings hanging at different levels with unusual shades, original wall decoration and bright color of windows and shutters – everything in this space works on creation of a non-trivial perception.

Original Compact Private House Design. Overview of the second floor

Original image of the space around the staircase was achieved by contrasting trim combinations, furniture, design and decoration. The snow-white walls perfectly contrast with dark design of the staircases’ screens, wooden railing overlap with floor lining made of a similar material. Everything that happens on the terrace is perfectly visible due to the large panoramic windows and well-lit space of the stairs.

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