Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods

Many urban dwellers often have no possibility to get out of the city to spend time with family and friends outdoors. But how desirable is to see a small green area, breathe fresh air, feel the freshness, the smell of herbs and flowers at least for a moment instead of the gray walls of the neighboring houses, passing cars and hurrying in their business townspeople. And do this in not dozens of kilometers far from the city but coming out of their apartment. If you have already thought about the implementation of such contrivance, so you may find helpful our compilation of pictures with images of plant terrace landscape decoration methods in the city. This small photo review is an example of how one can create a real oasis of freshness, peace, and purity in the midst of the concrete jungle of a bustling city on a few square meters.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Paris apartment from the top

What could be better than the ability to enjoy a morning coffee or hot tea sitting outdoors in the shade of plants on the private terrace, breathing in the smell of herbs and flowers, enjoying the peace and freshness?

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Naturalistic nook in the heart of Paris city

Most often, for garden arrangement designers use wooden decks lined with rack board, saturated with special antiseptics that protect the material from moisture and other weather phenomena. To create a more harmonious close to nature atmosphere, you can veneer a portion adjacent to the terrace wall according to the general concept. Plants in large pots or mobile bulk flowerbeds are the best option for planting small-sized terraces and outdoor balconies. If your garden tubs and pots with plants are mobile, so for the American climate with a fairly long period of cold weather it will be an ideal opportunity to preserve the greenery in the room of your apartment.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Nice country view in the housing area with plastic sunbeds for friendly chat and relaxing

Garden furniture for the organization of recreational area is best to choose firm, but lightweight because you will likely have to bring it home to a period of cold weather. The bright color of street furniture items will not only bring a variety of color to your arrangement of terraces but will also create a positive environment, cheer up in the morning and charge with vivacity for the whole day.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Greenery with contrastic plastic inlays of furniture and lamps Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Plants and plastic. City and country

Not so long ago green wall of plants (sometimes called photo wall) has regained popularity in our country. This design element is used for decoration of the landscape, and for the interior decoration. For many homeowners, plant wall decor has become a real revolution in the field of eco-design and landscape gardening. Besides the fact that you save an appreciable amount of space of your terraces, introduce an element of originality and diversity in the landscaping of your personal corner of nature within the dusty town, you are also cleaning the air, filling it with freshness in a recreation area of open balcony or veranda.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Wood and plants mix in the Paris-sity

The дive green wall provides a new look at the placement of plants on the terrace in particular and the process of planting a dedicated area as a whole. Styles and tastes, ideas, and approaches change, so why not reconsider the traditional ways of gardening and not to afford a new opportunity to breathe in the freshness of the green corner of your garden?

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Side view of the green wall

Plant wall can be purchased as ready-made – from standard offers of companies involved in floristry and landscape design as well as to choose plants that you want to see on your green wall separately. But you`ll need expert advice in any case. Not every plant is adapted for vertical placement, not to mention the fact that they require a special frame with the ground.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Phytowall in the facade of the building

For terraces on the first floor there are many more opportunities for the organization, not just a place to rest, but the whole simulation of the landscaping of your local area. For example, you can mimic the garden pathways, lined with stone or concrete slabs, with small-leaved plants or lawn grass between the sections.

Pathways of the stone slabs and the short lawn

Plants on the terrace near the fence of the first floor are not only an ornament for recreation but also the hedge that separates you from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city. You can plant curly perennials on the adjacent wall. It will be growing by specially equipped hooks or net mounted on a vertical surface.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Alcove of greenery

As the basis of the floor covering you can use not only the traditional wooden platform, but also to simulate the parquet laying with wooden floor slats, staggered, diagonal, or by herringbone pattern.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Arbor among plants for relax

As you know, the green color effects very favorable on the receptors of our eyes – your thoughts calm down, emotions become more balanced, the body relaxes and tunes to rest. Thus an abundance of green plants near your home is not just the ability to create beautiful corners to relax in the fresh air, but also a perspective of physical and emotional recovery of the body.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Blend of wood and plants at the terrace balcony

Against the background of the wooden facade of the building terraces and green hedge plants in tubs and pots look particularly impressive, creating a live real piece of nature in the middle of a dusty city, an oasis of greenery and your own place of relaxation.

Plant Terrace Landscape Decoration Methods. Reviving and mood-lifting atmosphere of the Paris green decorated terrace

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