Polyurethane Stucco Interior Finishing & Usage Ideas

Decorative stucco from polyurethane is considered an alternative to traditional plaster moldings today, because it is stronger, does not turn yellow and does not crumble with time. And if plaster stucco is used in most cases in rooms with high ceilings, then polyurethane analogue looks great in small rooms, even with low ceilings. By the way, do not forget that in rooms with a high level of humidity, “gypsum” does not last long, which cannot be said about polyurethane. Let’s see which polyurethane stucco interior finishing & usage ideas can come in handy for you while planning renovation or just cosmetic refreshing in your home.

Decorative friezes in the zone of spiral staircase Polyurethane Stucco Interior Finishing & Usage Ideas. Beige top and white bottom of the large dining hall Polyurethane Stucco Interior Finishing & Usage Ideas. Noble dark wood decorated king size bedroom Polyurethane Stucco Interior Finishing & Usage Ideas. Living room with bay window

Effective improvement of home design

In order to skillfully “grow old” polyurethane, carefully walk through concave surfaces with acrylic beige hues. But before edges are moistened with a moist sponge, polyurethane stucco must be primed in advance. And to improve the effect, you can make the same with basic or additional color used in the interior. And to give the volume you need to go through the paint a few tones lighter on the convex elements.

A distinctive feature of this decor is the possibility of painting. First, the surface is primed with acrylic or nitro-enamel, and then is painted along with the walls (mainly in contrasting tones). Polyurethane stucco is considered to be a universal decorating material. It fits perfectly into the interior of any style, harmoniously combined with different types of decoration materials. Polyurethane molding can be successfully combined with wallpaper. On the base wallpaper, for example, you can make a cartouche with molding and paste wallpaper with the desired pattern into it.

Classic styled living room in dark colors with white and gold stucco finished ceiling Pastel creamy color scheme for the classically decorated living room with stucco friezes on walls and dark ceiling Nice large dining room or negotiations room in the private house Pastel colored hall in the private house with LED perimeter lighting

Advantages of polyurethane stucco:

  1. ease of installation;
  2. the possibility of staining is a great way to supplement and decorate any interior;
  3. impact resistance – has sufficient strength in front of various types of mechanical damage;
  4. does not require special care (can be used in the kitchen and bathroom);
  5. do not absorb smells, does not accumulate dust and does not crumble at all;
  6. absolutely safe material.

Arches in the open layout living room decorated with stucco Dark hall room with white table in the private house Victorian interior of the dining room with large crystal chandelier and stucco decorated ceiling with open beams

Do not consider polyurethane stucco decor as only economy class material, because there are many branded European and US manufacturers, which quality of products are clearly determined by the characteristics of the material performance. Unlike Chinese materials, high-quality polyurethane stucco molding is very light, does not shrink and does not expand with temperature drop, does not crack over time and does not give gaps at the joints. It is mounted on a special glue (by the type of liquid nails). About other variants of furnish of premises read here.

Classic and Casual styles in the library A lot of PVC stucco in the Classic light tones decorated staircase hall in the private house Bay window in the evening look of the living room for four persons Empire touch in the small apartment with the PVC stucco friezes between wall and ceiling

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