Private House Kitchen Design Ideas

Absence of restrictions in remodeling and huge opportunities in the implementation of design ideas on the organization and arrangement of the living space of a private house is its significant advantage. In your own home is much easier to solve the problems of size and equipment of the room, the location of its communications, kitchen construction according to any wishes.

Unusual kitchen layout with dining zone and stairs in the private house

Private House Kitchen Design Ideas

The beginning of arrangement of kitchen space is preceded by the development of a precise project, which takes into account all the points in detail from the placement and installation of communications down to furniture placement. In terms of kitchen equipment is required to take into account the location of the heating system and ventilation of the house and the kitchen, water supply and gas supply. For smooth, efficient operation of all systems of the house it is desirable all its devices, attached to communications, locate as close as possible to each other. For example, placing a gas stove and boiler near the pipe site place will eliminate the labor-intensive wiring throughout its area. The same applies to the ventilation, wiring pipe supply. It is important to initially take into account the power consumption of devices used in the future for the construction of the respective electrical network, outlets, switches with the convenience and practicality.

Convenient island layout of the kitchen in the private house with white cabinetsUnique modern small kitchen design in the private house in Scamdinavian style

Large modern kitchen area of a private home allows you to embody lots of ideas for its equipment, but also important is the correct and competent approach to the layout of the kitchen space, which will provide it with comfort, convenience and functionality. One of the important moments is the use of zoning regulations: the division of space in the kitchen on working and dining areas. To do this, use different design ideas using a variety of finishing materials such as floor and wall, ceiling coverings and paints, lighting options, the use of furniture, bar counters, carpets, elevations and other methods. The second essential point in the organization of the kitchen space is to provide a free, convenient and easy access to the three central elements of the kitchen – hob, sink and refrigerator. They should be located in a comfortable area of ​​application: the disposition of these items at the sides of imaginary triangle that will eliminate the unnecessary movements and bustle at the kitchen.

Nice white design in the private house modern kitchen in classic style

Design a large kitchen in a private home

The most common form of modern arrangement of a private house is a Classic style without highlighting the kitchen space against the background of the overall atmosphere. Kitchen, in this case, is combined with the dining room, which smoothly transits into the living room. It is also a popular option of a kitchen designing of a private house is a Country style, Provence, Modern, Minimalism styles. An interesting solution is the finishing and the use of natural materials in the kitchen, maximally approximating  its atmosphere to the natural landscape outside the window. A distinctive feature of the kitchen in a private house is its softness and naturalness that can be achieved by wide application of natural materials in its arrangement: wood, stone, ceramics, porcelain, building beam or village ceilings, the effect of artificial aging, wooden decor, stained glass and wrought iron.

Private House Kitchen Design Ideas. Chic classic design with natural materials and glossy surfaces in the kitchen of the private house

Unlimited space of a private house, unimpeded possibility of communications supplying provide excellent opportunities to make the kitchen of your dreams. Under such circumstances it wouldn`t be hard to equip the kitchen island or peninsula with separate elements of the situation, placing the hood and the stove anywhere in the kitchen. Sink, stove and bar, for example, can be taken to the central part of the area. The kitchen could be island or layered. But, at the same time, do not forget about the rationality and convenience of kitchen space. The kitchen of your home be equipped with a door leading to the terrace or garden, which is also an interesting and convenient part of the interior.

Large kitchen in red wood color theme with dining zone and convenient layout all-in-onewooden themed separate dining zone in the veranda of the private house

Availability of a large area of ​​free space in a private house and a sufficient number of places to store items which let us to get rid of the top-tier cabinets, thus ensuring its lightness and the possibility to equip the kitchen with open shelves and decorative elements. At the same time, as for appliances, it stands out not only with a significant amount, but with its large size. Kitchens in the house are often equipped with a huge fridges, dishwashers, ceramic hobs with all sorts of functions, microwaves, steamers, coffee makers and other attributes. Equipment and storage area for storing all sorts of stocks is possible either. The entire wall in its whole height is usually allocated for this. Otherwise they usually  equip a cellar for this purpose. Also, kitchen may be located near the stairs and occupy a space of the hall or be a separate zone in the overall design of the living room. See some modern kitchen pictures below.

Private House Kitchen Design Ideas. Small kitchen design in the classic European tradition in yellow color near the stairs Hi-tech kitchen layout design and contrasting color theme in the private house next to the staircase

Construction of a small kitchen in a private home

Excellent option of the open space kitchen combined with dining and living rooms is a special layout for a small kitchens in a private home. Openness gives the feeling of a significant increase of the area, its open spaces. At the same time, part of the kitchen cabinets or the equipment may be displaced a little in the dining area. However, in this case you should refer carefully and responsibly to the choice of kitchen decor and furniture, adhering to stylistic solutions combined with the kitchen facilities. In this case, the layout with a kitchen island with breakfast bar, or installing a conventional cutting table could act as an element of zoning. Harmonious, balanced arrangement of the individual zones will be provided by construction straight or curved transition boundary.

Private House Kitchen Design Ideas. Small kitchen combined with living room in joyful yellow and green color combination

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