Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects

Everybody, and it is no secret, wants to purchase own private house and the private area with it to be fully on his own about designing, resting and dwelling on this territory. Thanks God, in our modern era we have enough of space to distribute lands among people in order to almost everybody has his own house. Today we want to tell you a little about Ukrainian small district of private  houses from the developer in the ecologically clean and picturesque place in the forest of 20 km far from the big city. They call such private houses village typical design projects “Udachino” or something like “Luckiville” in English. This is only the first steps to develop a really operating system of private house building. Earlier it was only an individual sporadic trend when people bought plots of land and built houses by their own projects. That`s why Ukraine has so different, sometimes absolutely contrasting houses in the suburbs of big cities.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects in winter. Luckyville landscape

Gradually, the situation changing to the commonly recognized practice of the developed world, when the developer build a whole villages and sell the houses. Let`s review the proposed house in the Ukrainian remote place.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Exterior in the winter Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. The whole village in full view

Statistic information about the project

The peculiarity of the cottage settlement of “Udachino” (“Luckiville”):

– Comprehensive architectural and infrastructure solutions;

– Houses are made of high-quality, energy-saving materials in a modern style;

– Comfortable layout. Maximum utilization of usable space;

– New communication to ensure careless exploitation;

– The area of ​​land plot is from 8.0 up to 13.5  hundred square meters, which makes it possible to develop recreation areas;

– Protected and developed territory for public use;

– Central services of the village with own service company;

– The presence of common areas (children’s playground, shops, pharmacies, cafes and so on.)

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Exterior in the winter from the side of living room oii9an5io7u


Russian Tishki, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region.

Coordinates: 50 ° 08’26.4 “N 36 ° 25’00.5” E


Each house is provided by an autonomous communication. Gas supply – central. Electricity – a separate entry. Heating – Turbofan boiler. Water – well. Sewer.


Electrical wiring is made with copper wire using modern automation. Heating is carried out with metal-plastic pipes from the boiler, such as steel radiators “Corado”. Plumbing and sanitary are made of plastic pipes. The bathrooms have modern plumbing (shower, sink, toilet, etc.).


The floors are tiled (ceramic-granite), have laminate cover and/or carpet. Ceilings and walls are puttied and painted with non-toxic paints. Laminated interior doors. There are niches for placing wardrobes.


All the plots are legalized to the property of the house owner. They are located within the cottage settlement “Udachino”. Each location is provided with asphalt road.

Common areas

Security checkpoint with a barrier is located at the entrance to the village. There are also  located grocery store, pharmacy, cafe, children’s playground and guest parking.

Private houses village typical design projects. Interior of the Udachino cottage

But let us proceed and see some details of the inner arrangement of the typical house.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Entrance to the studio room

As you can see, right after the entrance we have no hallway. Designer`s consider roomy cabinet with glass black and white striped doors  enough. So we are getting to the U-shaped kitchen which is provided with all necessary household items and appliances. All the house is designed according to the hi-tech style with its rigor, laconic forms, glossy surfaces and maximum practicality. That`s why we see brave design of the kitchen with glance backsplash and white surfaces of the counter. It may seem not so moxie at the first glance but all depends on the quality of the used materials. If the manufacturer wasn`t stingy and set the high-class expensive furniture (which is most likely), nobody would have trouble with everyday use of the kitchen and taking care of it.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Kitchen zone with light ceramic tile

The zoning is predominantly provided by flooring in the house. Small hall turns into the kitchen area. Their common space is bordered with large square ceramic kitchen tiles. Then we can see the dining zone with the same black furniture. We can also admit the difference in the lighting of both zones: if the kitchen is illuminated with built-in to the ceiling fixtures, so the dining room uses nice vintage chandelier.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Arranged glasses on the special suspended stand

While cooking at the kitchen, you`ll have the ability to see your friends or relatives gathered in the living zone of the studio room. You can also watch the electric fireplace located in the plasterboard console of the living zone. This console is decorated with shelves and figurines to make the interior more homey. The central panel has yellow backlight which looks very impressive in the dark time of day.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. View from the table to the fireplace

All the room will be in front of your eyes when you sit at the dark wooden table and having a meal or chatting with guests. Dark laminate in the living zone blends well with the overall stylistics of the premises. Designers make a bet on the strict lines and abundance of horizontal stripes what can be perfectly seen on the photo above.

Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Living resting zone of the house

This practical design continues in the homey minimalistic design of the living zone. Here we can see the fruits of modern technologies providing ultimate comfort for the living. We can see the air conditioner, TV-set, heater, ectract and even air humidifier within one area. Th additional coffe table would be advised. But the owner can easily add it to the overall composition of the furniture.


Private Houses Village Typical Design Projects. Living room with prospect view to the whole premise

Total space of the studio looks very spacious and full of light. This is due to light finishing of the walls and ceiling, almost airy plane form of the ceiling which have nothing superficial but a couple of chandeliers and built-in lighting system. Successful combintaion of color palette in flooring and furniture greatly contributes to the pleasant feeling created by design composition.


By Udachino

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