Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos

Children’s room is both a bedroom and playroom, and a creative workshop and study for a kid. And by the competent organization of the light of such a multifunctional area depends on the overall well-being and health of your baby, his/her mood and condition of the nervous system. So, during the daytime, the sun-filled room is busy and noisy in the evening soft light contributes to a more relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Let`s review the basic principles of the proper childrens room lighting advice photos.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Two beds in the creamy soothing interior

In addition to the normal functioning of the body and a certain vitality, the light forms a baby`s vision. And the sight of the child should be formed under the most optimal light, so it is important to avoid too dim or bright light.

Conventionally, light sources are divided into natural and artificial.


Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos: an important function of natural light

Of course, natural light is the best for the child. Thus you need to dedicate the brightest room in the house for your children. Take a good look to the disposition of the room in the house. The most favorable location is east or south-east. In this case, the morning sun’s rays have a beneficial effect on your child, which is very important in the formation of habits, emotional state and lifestyle.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. White multifunctional modern interior Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Bluish boy`s theme for arrangement of the kids room with neutral lighting

The western part of the room is not suitable for a child, since sunlight will penetrate here only in the afternoon. And morning, on the contrary, will be shadowed. Also, the northern part of the house requires additional lighting. The kid will be sorely missed solar heat and light here. It can make him moody and distracted.

If natural light is not enough, replace the curtain by more airy and transparent ones. The optimal for the baby will be blue, green and yellow tones at decoration. Red and orange shades have adverse effect the child’s psyche.


Select the artificial lighting wisely

The basic rule to follow when choosing artificial light is the mandatory presence of soft light evenly scattered throughout the space. There should not be sharp, too bright lighting, dark corners in the children’s room. Only smooth lighting transitions are allowed.

The location and number of fixtures will depend on the size of the room. Nowadays designers recommend conditionally divide the space into zones. In accordance with the age, baby`s room is divided into 3 main zones – working, playing and recreation area. Each of them impose specific requirements for artificial lighting.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos of the modern designed grayish kids room study zone Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Shelvings construction for the most rational area usage

The ideal solution would be to create light levels:

  • the top light is distributed over the play area, away from natural sources;
  • medium is located in the central part of the room or the angular displacement, i.e. in the seating area. Computer table and a TV are traditionally opposite. In this particular case, projecting the ordinary room, one wall has a working light, while the other remains without light;
  • work area lighting. Usually there is used table lamps, lights and lamps;Working area in the children`s room lighting advice
  • And the last level is the light above the child’s bed. Often, it is replaced by the desk or play area lighting, and it is not always correct. After all, an individual night light with the obligatory presence of a regulated power will create a kind of intimate atmosphere of the crib, which is particularly important in the adulthood process.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Joyful interior with color abundance for active kids Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Nice funny design with monkey toy as an integral attribute


Playing area should be illuminated most intensively. Place bright light just above it. Thus the baby spends a lot of time here. If the play area is situated in the corner of the nursery, you should make two-tiered ceiling. Hang ceiling lamp above it and light the rest of the area with the help of built-in halogen lamps. To place lights around the ceiling (above the playing area and the whole area of ​​the rest of the space) is a great idea. This option is perfect for long rooms.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Long childrens room lighting scheme

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Safety lighting for extra active kids

The room for two or three kids lighting should be arranged so that the recreation area, playground, and a work area are clearly delineated. For example, when of the children learning, and the second is already preparing for bed, the light above the desk should not interfere the recreation.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Study for kids with red chairs

Safety first!

When furnishing the children’s room, pay special attention to safety. It is important that all lights should be unreachable  for children, as an inquisitive toddler can begin to explore the inner device  of the lamp.

Volume chandeliers in childrens room can lead to a sad ending. For example, when the baby is playing with a ball. Plastic lamps have one undeniable advantage: if the lamp is broken it will unlikely hurt the child. But if the preference is still given to glass models, it should be fine tempered glass.

Avoid long wires. They bring a lot of inconvenience to little restless. That`s why, you need to think the location of the outlets, considering the placement of furniture. Floor lamps are also not desirable: kids need active games, which can cause falling over of such elements. Portable models of table lamps should be replaced by attachable to a wall or table ones. Excellent solution would be children’s lamps on brackets or pendant lamp, which can be easily moved to a horizontal direction. Long cords allow you to use it, and above the working area, and the bed, and the playground.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Green foyful design full of natural light

Make sure that the lamp is of closed type. So the child would not accidently touch the hot device and will not get burned. And if the lamp falls suddenly, the fragments will not scatter all over the room.

Outlets in the childrens room are needed both to connect a table lamp, and, for example, a vacuum cleaner. They should be located in inaccessible places as well as the switches. Choose outlets protected by plastic caps, or models with enhanced security, which shutters open only by inputting the two contacts simultaneously. Such a security does not allow even the most inquisitive little researcher hurt yourself.

So to summarize, I would like to mention the most important points:

  1. Fixtures should be thoroughly mounted by professionals according to the rules of safety.
  2. Prefer unbreakable models.
  3. The younger kids room lighting should be located in the unavailable for them area: perhaps the small restless want to see how this luminous object is arranged.
  4. All wires should be hidden, and the outlet should be picked up with special locking devices.


Lighting: Making the right choice!

Buying lamps for children pay thorough attention to the following indicators:

  • energy output – the light does not have to be dull, but not too bright at the same time;
  • toughness – ceiling lamps shall be easily removable and resistant for heating up;
  • lighting control;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • specific color of light from the device.

Buying glass tube, give preference to models of frosted glass, because the glossy plafonds usually glares that is harmful to the child’s eye. The best option are cloth or paper lampshades. These models are the most secure.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Pinky design for little princesses with colorful lampshades

Choose small lamps with a simple structure without any decorations. The shape of the device must be flat, which facilitates uniform dispersion of light.

Calculating the necessary power right, you`ll provide the correct lighting in the children`s room: 10-15 watts per 1 sq. m, but for gaming and working area – 50-60 watts per 1 sq. m.

Arrange fashionable in our days so-called “perimeter” light in the room using halogen lamps. It is when small bulbs mounted on the perimeter of the ceiling that create a soft, diffuse light which is very favorable for your child. This lighting is ideal for a small room to visually augment the space. Use wall lights and sconces for very tiny children’s rooms. They provide directional light to a particular area.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Modest spotlights can fill the light room with decent illumination

Another option, especially designed for children is a model for pendant ceilings. Round (glazed), in the form of stars, glass balls, they give a lot of original lighting effects. Such lamps usually located in groups distributed along the walls, in the corners or through the entire surface of the ceiling. Their big number (1 unit per 1 square meter) may successfully replace the primary source of light.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Group led lighting in the bright crimson interior

As for the night-light, you can treat their selection more loyal. Manufacturers produce a variety of interesting and fun models today. You can find them in the form of cars, flowers, butterflies, or a character from a favorite cartoon. Try to pick up the lamps in a single style and color composition. It will give the original aesthetic effect.

Proper Childrens Room Lighting Advice Photos. Modest chandelier in the greenish interior

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