Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas

We want to present to your attention the design project of a Shanghai apartment. Not so long ago we`ve visited the Asian apartment in China, Hong Kong. Ironically, it was designed in minimalistic and modern glossy manner, very similar to our todays one. The snow-white interior punctuated by dark spots of furniture and decor, being “warmed” with the help of wooden surfaces and design elements. If you congenial with contrast dwelling design, if a modern interior style appeals to you, so the small photo review of the Shanghai apartment interior design ideas could be useful. It can inspire you with these real interior decorating ideas to small repair or renovation. We begin our review with the largest room, which combines the functions of a living room and dining room.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas with long hi-tech black lamp

Shanghai Apartment interior design ideas. Living & Dining room

Contrasting the dark elements of the interior looks especially advantageous against the white background of finishing. White color had helped to achieve not only a visual extension of the space but also had created a fresh and clean image of the room. In their turn, elements of black and dark gray bring rigor and clarity in the overall interior design of the room, complementing the image of the premises with geometricity  and contrast. But without the wooden surfaces the room`s look would be too cold and aloof. The use of parquet for flooring and wooden elements to craft parts of furniture has created a warm and welcoming atmosphere of the lounge-diner.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Dining zone in the living and dining area

Through large glass sliding doors, providing an opportunity to exit to the loggia, living-dining room is filled with natural light. There is also provided a whole lighting system of lamps of various modifications – hanging chandeliers, wall sconces to the original design for night time in the Oriental room.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Spacious living with the dining area

Upholstered seating area of the living room is represented by a comfortable and spacious sofa with a practical dark gray upholstery. Presence of an adjustable wall lamp with two shades and a small table-stand for books, turns the place on the couch into comfortable reading area.

Shanghai Apartment Interior design ideas in black and white contrasting living room

Video area opposite the couch is accompanied by two capacious storage systems with white facades and wooden top. A rigorous and concise view of furniture brings a balance into the interior with an abundance of white and light patches of black and gray shades.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Black and white contrast with wooden dilution

The low coffee table with a marble top and wooden legs became the center of the living area. Together with a fluffy rug with long white pile, this functional piece of furniture among other things is zoning a space. Behind the glass doors of the living room, in the space of the loggia, there is located a small seating area with light metal framed furniture.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Futuristic elements and matte surfaces

Lovely souvenirs, trinkets brought from various trips or purchased in antique shops, can not only evoke pleasant memories, but also to promote the dispensation of a harmonious and balanced environment of the apartment.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Drawer design with decorative elements on top

White color is the predominant in the palette of the dining space. But the active integration of the wooden furniture adds warmth and comfort to the functional segment. The spacious dining table and comfortable wooden chairs with black leather seats have set the harmonious dining group. Graphic artwork on the wall and the composition of three hanging lamps with white shades of different shapes are rounding out the spectacular image area for dining and entertaining.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Dining zone with wooden classic table and black leather upholstered chairs

Shanghai Apartment interior design ideas. Kitchen

The kitchen is located in close proximity to the area of ​​the dining room. Long and narrow room has dictated with its form the layout of storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces in two parallel rows. The predominance of white glossy surfaces (fronts of kitchen cabinets and countertops) allowed to expand the space visually.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Galley kitchen two rows design

Using of glossy porcelain imitating drawing stone slabs is incredibly practical and convenient option for finishing of kitchen facilities, which is constantly exposed to moisture and temperature changes on its surfaces. Shinу of the stainless steel household appliances sets off the ceramic finish effectively, which is punctuated with white facades of the kitchen cabinets.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Galley kitchen with gray slightly dotted big ceramic tiles

Shanghai Apartment interior design ideas. Bathrooms

There are far more design solutions for contrast interior in black and white in utilitarian. The white walls with black flooring and finish of so-called “backsplash” creates an incredibly graphic contrast and vibrant image in this Shanghai apartment. Marble countertop around the sink of the original form became the mediator between white and black surfaces.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Combined Bathroom with white and black color gamma

Usage of the dark colors for finishing the bottom of the room and light shades for the execution of high end facilities contributes to increasing the visual space. Though it should be noted that the care of the dark-colored surfaces in a utilitarian room requires more effort and more time from the owners.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Nice glass shower cabin in the contrasting Oriental hi-tech bathroom

Only a mirror surfaces and shine of chrome accessories and stainless steel products violates the black and white bathroom interior.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Ehite interior of the bathroom looks organically with small taps

The same scheme of color distribution (black at the bottom of the room, white – at the top) had been used in yet another bathroom. But using another finishing materials – glossy snow-white “Metro”  tiles for walls and ceramic mosaic in the form of large “cells” for the finishing of floors. The dark colored marble with light streaks became an intermediary between the black and white ceramics.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. A bit of floral motifs in the perfectly designed bathroom

In contrast to the first bathroom, equipped with shower cabin, this particular room for water treatment has a large built-in bath surfaced with marble. That is a pleasure to luxuriate in such a bath, especially if you have a large frosted window with a view at hand.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Large window and chic black marble faced bathtub

The highlight of the Shanghai apartment interior desig ideas was the original mirror with black leather frame. The unusual design of a functional furniture piece serves as a wall decor too, bringing uniqueness and originality to the bathroom interior.

Neat design of the sink and top in the bathroom

This bathroom is part of the bedroom and separated from it by sliding doors with frosted glass of blue-gray hue. Such colors have been used and in the design of the room for sleep and rest itself.

Small leather Mirror frame and a frosted glass leading to the bedroom

Shanghai Apartment interior design ideas. The Cabinet

In a small home office space designers did not deviate from the selected design concept of the Shanghai home and used the already familiar to us combinations – white, black and wood surfaces. Contrasting and austere interior is effectively diluted by the surfaces and interior elements made of wood.

Shanghai Apartment Interior Design Ideas. Home office with minimalistic three-color design utilizing space

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