Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style

Today we are going to visit one unordinary flat in Moscow which stands out with its combination of modern styles and expensive finishing materials.

Not every small studio apartment can boast with such organic alloy of the design art, functional elements and appliances.

Small 38 square meters Moscow apartment in Modern style. Living room

When we get to the apartment, we don`t have the sensation of the tight square box with windows as the area is actively zoned, have lots of glass, mirror and shiny surfaces and is full of light. The standing lamp with enormous white shade and neat armchairs with steel legs can persuade you this is a resting area in the living room. But this is not. It`s conjoint kitchen and dining room.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. The overview of the stylish small apartment with black contrasting zoning partition

Look at the number of the glossy and glass surfaces in the apartment. It`s amazing how did designer`s some up with the successful combination of the steel, glass, wooden and marble materials of the wall trimming. This unique blending creates an airy businesslike hi-tech atmosphere in the dark noble hues. And the kitchen set is of maximum comfort and practicality: the sink has a glass backsplash and the extraxtor hood in the form of steel cylinder does not violate the overall design concept. The kitchen set panel of cabinets is built-in to the wall thus contributes to the “airy” perception of the room.Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Dining and resting zone is near the kitchen with a large semi-hanging lamp with big white lampshade creates a business atmosphere as in the home office

So the joint dining and kitchen area looks like a home office for the business negotiations or hard mental work and it can be used this way easily. The skillfull mutual overflowing of colors sets you to the business harmony and activate the inner creative capabilities.Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Nice design with a lot of translucent elements and strict lines in the overall dark noble wooden colors

The bedroom is the masterpiece of design idea. Starting from the upper concrete slab which appears as the vault of the room, continuing by the plastic black false wall, separating the bedroom from the rest of the apartment. There are also glass doors finishing the cozy image of the room, letting somebody have a rest while others can communicate at the living room.Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Black folding false-wall as a zoning method in the apartment between bedroom and the kitchen

Green plants are the showpiece of the room. They help to soften the perception of thу colorful armchairs and the blue coffee table. This inidividual resting place is also enlighted by the standing lamp with black lampshade which turns to a real trend in modern locations.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Large bedroom with living zone have the passage to the kitchen area

Spectacular soft wall behind the bed in coffee color looks enchantinf and very unexpected. It appears rather as the neutralizing transition between the white glossy wall with shelves and the black false wall to the living room.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Soft wall as a headboard looks stylish and cool in the bedroom

The bedroom is also equipped with TV-set and the accent spot of the wall, confirming the hi-tech direction of its design. Extraterrestrial form of the ceiling lamp is called mostly for the visual effect. The functional load can carry the built-in pairs of LED-lamps. The suspended ceiling is hiding the cornice thus making the overall arrangement monolithic and solid.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Bedroom rest zone with TV and special emphasizing of the wall with glossy dark material imitating stone

It may seem that the bedroom has its secret passway to another room near the wall, but that`s another clever move to use the mirrors in the angles of the room to extend its space visually and bring the stroke of freshness into the overall atmosphere. The image of such bedroom appears ultramodern and even futuristic, which is above of any style and fashion.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Royal bed on the wooden base and the reflecting from the glossy laminate steel legs in the bedroom with soft wall panels

The bedroom also has a highlighted resting zone for two near the window with hard brown curtains. Contrasting black lamp as if ivites to drink the coffee while chatting or reading latest news in the evening. We can admit almost every modern methods of creating succesful interior in one here – concrete untreated ceiling slab, suspending ceiling with square structure and hanging unique lamp, wooden laminate, contrasting furniture and high window leading to the balcony.

Small 38 Square Meters Moscow Apartment in Modern Style. Living room in the dark tones with big window and colorful furniture

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