Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme

How to equip a single room in the apartment, which should perform the functions of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and office all-in-one? It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. That’s what the owners of small apartments have decided and along with the designer have created a absolutely light, fresh and incredibly attractive image of the home without compromising the comfort and practicality in the created situation. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing bright and eye-catching small apartment light color design theme.

Taking one step at the apartment, we immediately find ourselves in a small hallway from which you can immediately get to the bathroom and a single room of the dwelling that combines all the functional segments. All the space of the apartment is decorated with white trim, intermittent with light wood surfaces. That wood shades brought natural warmth in a fairly cool, snow-white situation. And with the help of few decor, original textiles and lighting fixtures designers could assign color accents in the interior light.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Natural wooden door frame and the creamy trimming if the interior

Small space of the room is a platform for a variety of transformations. For example, seating area of the living room, which is represented by spacious sofa, is able to turn into sleeping segment – enough to unfold the mechanism. It is for this purpose the back of the sofa is equipped with a soft pillow, which becomes a part of the bed when folding the mechanism.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. universal living room transforming into the bedroom

Expanding the sofa, you can plunge into the atmosphere of quite cozy bedroom. There are wall lights near the headboard, so you could read in bed or just to prepare for sleep without switching on central lighting. There is also spacious built-in storage located next to the bed. It is quite capable of replacing a separate dressing area.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. The bed is transformed and takes a lot of space

TV-set, located at the foot of the bed, can be watched as being in the “bedroom”, both as relaxing on the couch in the living room. The zone of rest and sleep is very conventionally separated from the cooking segment and workplace with the help of the carpet. This design course allows to keep order in the arrangement of furniture and auxiliary elements even on a few square meters.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Living room full of stuff and light

At the window (and also the exit to the balcony) there is a small sitting area, which is also a reading corner. A comfortable chair, original stand and lamp for reading can become a part of the living room with its sitting area or be a puzzle in the picture of the sleeping space. The choice is up to you.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Soft armchair and perspective to the balcony

A small number of useful living space is not a reason to deny you from beloved little things, decorative elements or details of the interior, which do not carry the functional load. Graceful candlesticks, fresh flowers in a vase or attractive pictures on the walls – all these little things make it possible to create a unique environment, giving the comfortable feeling to the owners.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Original stand for candlesticksSmall Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Fresh wall decor of paintings

There is the kitchen area at the opposite wall, which performs the function of dining, as well as the workplace if necessary. Designers have managed to build only the lower tier of the kitchen cabinets with integrated appliances and a sink into this modest spaced area, with an asymmetrical ceiling on top of it. But even such a small ensemble is enough to carry out all the necessary cooking needs.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Small improvised personal nook for reading and working

Even in this small functional area there was a place for beauty. Graceful vase with flowers, lush patches of green plants, cool shades of glassware and brilliance of the original candy – little things fill the crisp white space with so necessary to our eyes accentual spots.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Some fresh spring notes in the form of flowers

Another transformation may occur in a kitchen space. Extendable console can serve as a dining table or to play the role of the workplace and to transform the kitchen into the room. Floor lamp from the corner for reading will provide the required level of illumination for working in the dark.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Black lamp on the working zone

The small apartment has the only separate room. It is the bathroom. The modest size of utilitarian space does not prevent the owner and designer to place all the necessary plumbing fixtures for water procedures. A white finish of the ceiling and walls, the use of transparent glass as shower walls, cantilever toilet and sink models – all of these design techniques contribute into visual expanding of a small bathroom space.

Small Apartment Light Color Design Theme. Natural Separated bathroom with classic style decoration and small contrasting vanity

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