Small Living Room Color Schemes

The color scheme is the key to success in the design of small spaces

We all know that light color palette can visually expand the room, create the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. Many stylistic trends for interiors of various premises are based on the white walls and the arrangement of rooms via furniture of natural shades with bright accessories as accents. And such design techniques are very popular because of their easiness and are most obvious option for homeowners of a small living room. White color scheme of the lounge room allows you to feel a certain freedom in the choice of other interior items – furniture, decoration, lighting, textiles. Any color looks great against a white background. Even neutral shades acquire a special charm and you do not need to worry about color compatibility.

Small Living Room Color Schemes on unique turquoise stripes

If your room ceiling and walls are painted with a white color, and the floor in a much more dark tones, these colors visually expand the boundaries of a small family room.

Small wavy and striped elements give uniqueness and shrapness to the interior of the living room Unique combination of color and materials in the small living

The white walls, against which is furnished in neutral shades in the amount can cause a very boring image of living. You can create accents in the finish  by use for decoration one of the room walls interesting wallpaper with photo printing or textured finish in the same color. Such an approach will not disturb the overall color scheme of the premise, but vice versa give it an interesting and unique design elements.

Urbanistic apartment with wide window and low-key furniture and wall paint

It is a snap to create accent wall among the snow-white finish. Even the use of bright and pastel shades allows you to select the surface, to draw attention to the furniture (and most often it is a sofa), which is against its background. Small living room color schemes encourages you to create a spectacular focus. You can use the contrast or bright decor – photos in frames, pictures or collectibles, publicly displayed on open shelves.

Rug with print makes any interior more vivd

The use of pastel colors for the decoration and furnishing the living room can be a successful alternative to the use of white color for the arrangement of vertical surfaces in the room. Beige palette creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The bluish-gray tones well act as a neutral background for contrast furniture and give the room a feeling of freshness and coolness. Light green, mint, pistachio and olive shades, generously diluted by white tone would create a relaxing environment conducive to the purification of thoughts and emotions, relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Unique color gamma of the small living room looks ultra-fashionable

Wide windows and wide TV screen makes your living a home theater

The use of warm natural colors helps to create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere in the living room. This is especially true when decorating the room which uses natural materials such as wooden wall panels. This small living room color schemes allow you to create an atmosphere of closeness to nature, as it appears in the suburb.

Unusual arrangement and design in the subrub living

The contrasting combination of light and dark tones is a universal option to create an interesting interior for rooms of all sizes. But it is important to consider that for small rooms you need to use white as the predominant color, intermediate (one of the shades of gray) as a color solution for large items (sofas or armchairs), and blacks – for metered use in the decoration and textiles.

blue and white color dominant combination in the small living Small Living Room Color Schemes in white and dark blue

If, for some reason, plain walls do not meet your needs and you have decided to use the wallpaper with prints for the walls in a small room, remember that the use of a large figures will have “slammed box” effect, will narrow the already small room. Small pattern will create the illusion of more space. The same rule applies to the use of textiles in the living room.

Motley animal ptint on the furniture and creamy wall paint along with lighting gives warmness to the interior

Use the horizontal and vertical lines in the finishing for visual extension of the space in height or width at your discretion. The same effect can be achieved by a striped print on the upholstery or carpet. But remember that the strips should not be too colorful, it will affect the visual perception of the small size of the room.

Unique rest and reading zone in the small living is reality

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