Small Studio Apartment Interior Design

The first association with the phrase “studio apartment” is a small kitchenette and inconvenient layout and in such conditions live a lot of people, many families really. How to make a small-sized housing comfortable and spacious as possible?

How to arrange a one-room apartment: options for the expansion of space

Creation of fashionable and at the same time comfortable interior in a small area is a very complex task, but it is doable. But we can not do it without redevelopment. The best option for redevelopment is the uniting of all rooms of apartment, except bathroom. In other words, you need to remove all partition walls and create a coherent whole space in the apartment, which will house a living room, bedroom, children’s room and kitchen.

If, for some reason, such variant of re-planning is not suitable, the space can be increased only visually, using the play of light and a variety of facing materials. That`s where variety of glossy ceiling with variety of lamps will suit, illuminated ceiling visually makes the room bigger. Another option: two-layer plasterboard ceiling with neon lights around the perimeter of the deepening. As for wall decoration, it is necessary to choose light colors with soft lines and transitions.

Zoning studio

The whole area is compulsorily should be divided into general and private areas. Such a division would make the space comfortable and convenient to use. Zoning emphasizes with wall decorating material and contrasting colors. For more understandable separation sliding partitions can be mounted. Furniture in the zones should be grouped into blocks, which will determine the children’s area, a zone of relaxation and leisure.

Bathroom, kitchen and lounge

Here, as always question: to combine the toilet with bathroom or not. And although modern interior design trends give a definite affirmative answer, there are some nuances that are worth paying attention to. Firstly such alterations will require considerable additional expenses, but you will have more space, for a washing machine as example, and secondly you will face a problem: when someone is taking a bath, another member of the family want to use the toilet. So this question is best answered after weighing all the pros and cons.

Hall area in the studio apartment has a large functional load: owners sleep here, they receive visitors and working area all at the same place. That’s why you have a thorough plan. In the first step two main areas should be planned: work and leisure. Working area of the room is better to place near the window, and it is suitable to have darker place for recreation. The main rule is not to clutter the space with unnecessary items and pieces of furniture. Folding bed, niche with shelves and folding table are perfect.
The combined lounge and kitchen should be an extension of each other and not discordant in any case.

Entrance hall, corridor and a children’s corner

The space in which we find ourselves, entering the apartment, should not be overlooked, as it is the face of the home and that it forms such an important first impression. And even if this is very small area, it also needs beautification. Pastel colors and mirrors make it visually wider and more spacious. The original ceiling with spot lighting create a pleasant atmosphere and set up your guests for a relaxing mood in your small studio apartment.

If a family has a child, then it is required to pick out and formalize a space where he would feel himself as the owner. This can be a simple rack, which will house children’s toys and a small table with a stool for different classes of your kid.
So, summing up, you can select the basic rules for arranging a one-room apartment: do not clutter the space, divide it into zones and stick to one style of decoration.

Latest trends in small studio apartment interior design

As you can see from numerous photos, we are living in era of bold hi-tech style with no limits. People experiment with their housing as they like and as far as their fantasy goes. But to create a really impressive and esthetic interior you must follow some classic rules. Don`t use incongruous colors, do not allow cluttering from many objects in your design, be inspired by achievments of famous designers and dare to mix the ideas and to add some little but significant details into the overall result.

Any, even the smallest (of 18 square meters), studio can be transformed into convenient multifunctional living space with all necessary components. Glossy plastic panels, eminences, modern furniture, household appliances, technics and complex light could do a miracle to your home!


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