Spiral Staircase Private House Design Ideas

Let`s go though the interior area of ​​the country house, which design is intertwined with traditions of Gothic architecture and modern techniques of practical and functional spaces. Spiral staircase private house design ideas are based on the complex of staircases in the austere atmosphere of the house. The facade of the building made of red brick is decorated with light stone material, elongated narrow windows with pointed arches in the upper part of the structure indicates the affiliation to the Gothic style. Light gray roof tile completes simple but the original image cottage is.

Exterior of the Gothic & Victorian style private house

Methods of arrangement of buildings in the Gothic style can be noted in the doorways, the presence of small round windows and use of bricks of different colors to decorate the facade of suburban house.

Hallway into the private English house with staircases

Walking through the Gothic style doorway into the house, we do not expect to see such a modern interior, which is reminiscent of ancient traditions only by form of windows a with light stained-glass and the original doors.

Spiral staircase private house design ideas. Perspective look through the hallway of the English private house with staircases

Bright and spacious room with two spiral staircases is both an entrance hall, living room, dining room and the kitchen, as well as a place of access to the upper level of the home country. The metallic shine of spiral staircases brings a some plaque industrialization, progress, and even futuristic to the simple and fairly neutral interior space.

Spiral staircase private house design ideas. Decorative staircases and functional zones

Using of light wood for the finishing of ceilings, facade trimming of the upper level, storage at the first floor and some furniture in the living area, allows to soften the coolness coming from the metal constructions of impressive size and to bring warmth to the original interior.


The living room zone is represented by a snow-white sofa with a wooden frame and a pair of comfortable chairs in gray. But not the upholstered furniture became a focal center of this large segment of the functional areas. Dark metal stove with incredibly tall chimney-flue attracts all the attention in the recreation area.


There is no surprise that the decor of this historic unit discerning elements of pointed arches, which are so similar to the shape of window and door openings.

Vintage gramophone in the spaious living room rules the style

Spiral staircase private house design ideas. Chic looking armchair and vintage chamber

Leaving the living area, and bypassing the spiral stairs, we find ourselves in a large segment of the kitchen and dining zone. The situation of these functional segments is subordinated to practicality and comfort, decorated with elegant simplicity and taste.

The scale of the room allowed to accommodate all the necessary appliances, work surfaces and storage system in single-row kitchen, which top-tier cabinets are being used as open shelves. At the same time there is enough space for a large dining area, represented by a wooden and metal furniture in contrasting shades.

Spiral staircase private house design ideas. Staircase leading to the upper bedroom from the kitchen zone

The use of light wood in the manufacturing of roomy dining table and benches had helped to bring the spirit of rural life. But black chairs with metal frame and leather upholstery of seats and backs are responsible for the current trends in the design of the dining area.

Spiral staircase private house design ideas. Kitchen wooden table and natural decorative elements

Arranging of the kitchen area is represented by alternating of built-in appliances with open and closed storage systems. Wicker baskets for various kitchen accessories and utensils bring to the situation of this functional segment notes of home comfort, elements of suburban life.

Staircase, pendant lamps and kitchen utensils sets in the dining zone of the private house

For illumination of working areas of the kitchen space is used the whole composition of a pendants on a long cord. The original design of lampshades is creating a multi-directional flows of light – both local and dissipated.

Lighting system of the pendant lamps

We can reach the private rooms, located on the second level of a spacious room with high ceilings by one of the spiral staircases. Furnishing of the bedroom located here is simple, practical and concise. Bright finish of a small room, extensive use of wood and natural textiles, helped to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the room for sleep and rest.

Bedroom in the Gothic private house with staircases

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