Top 16 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas

Underestimation of the importance of hallway and entry decoration lead to the heterogeneity of created interior image. The hallway is probable the first place where you get when coming into the most of apartments and condos. It sets the mood and perception of the whole design image of your home. The most famous and experienced designers would never miss the opportunity to develop the most striking appearance of your entry and hallway. Or to use it as a connecting link in the project of overall design to combine here the most remarkable strokes from interiors of every other rooms. But there is always leaves a plenty of room for fantasy and creative to the unexpected solutions. And we are presenting the top 16 modern unique hallway design ideas. You can get inspired by them or just become aware of the latest trends of design methods in hallway decoration.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. White hallway wallpaper with pattern

The entrance to the balcony can appear as a fairy portal to Terra Incognita right in the conventional apartment.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Nice decoration of the closet in the green finished hallway

Peach color for creation a summer mood is very effective move. Along with the minimalistic finishing of the walls and ceiling, rounded glass plafonds for the wall sconces and unusually designed carpeting look amazing.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Excellent peach color trimming for the broad space

If you have enclosed entry, you can arrange unusual place for undressing in the style of 30-s of last century with the wallpapering by newspapers. Very effective but also very unpractical step. The wallpaper can absorb moisture in the winter therefore its operational term will be reduced. But modern manufacturers can propose the new water repellent wallpaper types with the texture and print of newspapers.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Newspaper instead of wallpaper at the tight experimental entry

Wide and broad hallways can be decorated in the classic styles. The luxurious forged chandeliers, paintings, wooden chests and figured wall trimming with stucco would be appropriate here.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Nice Victorian style for the narrow long space with the stucco figuring Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Pompous classic finishing of the spacious hall area

You can arrange a sitting place right at the window. It won`t take much space. And if your hallway has heterogeneous form of walls, it can be arranged insensibly. But it is a good idea for some apartments to get an extra seat.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Space arrangement near the window into seating and storage place

The neon backlight which can sparkle with different colors is the spectacular idea for predominantly young people who are not afraid of associations with nightclub or creative office in their own apartment.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Neon backlight master interior idea for contemporary use

Some lucky people have a hallway as a passage between two parts of the house. And this is another opportunity to establish the unusual design, therefore providing the original house exterior at the same time. The glass walls and lower backlight look spectacular at the background against the wooden trimming of the ceiling.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Rare concept of the glass passway between two parts of the big houseTop 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Effective multicolored frames for the numerous photos

The connoisseurs of Art would definitely appreciate the following design of the upper lighting. The complex of rotary fixtures attached to the joint metal rod looks gorgeous. And it can perform a very selective light focus. Also if you will arrange the automatic turning of each illuminator, it can turn to a real work of art itself.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Unusual artificial lighting with the rotary mechanisms

Storage in the hallway

If the acreage allows, it would be expedient to allocate some storage systems in your hallway. Among other things, it can accommodate built-in closets and chests organically. You can also produce a really spectacular design of the premise in the hi-tech or minimalistic style.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Nice built-in closet and cabinets in the hi-tech styled area

White trimming is also suitable for the hallway. But it is used almost in every apartment. To add some originality, you can arrange the wall-high storage without handles or to add some colors to monochromatic atmosphere.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Perfect idea for the construction of hidden storage systems in the small hallwayTop 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Broad space in white fully utilized and full of storage systems, as well as photo collections

Library ideas for the big hallway will remain relevant in all times. Along with the seats, storage and other functional elements, you can easily add the book shelves and racks to your hallway.

Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. White trimmed library with paintings and original book shelves Top 20 Modern Unique Hallway Design Ideas. Space economy of the hallway with the shelves for books

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