5 Reasons to Keep Rubbing Alcohol Stocked in Your Home

There could be a few household basics that you want to have at home always. Is rubbing alcohol on your list? Well, you should consider rubbing alcohol to be one of the most significant things you can keep around your house.

If you are still thinking about whether you should have this alcohol stored at home or not, you must check out the following five reasons, and you would be convinced.

  1. Removes Permanent Marker

This alcohol can help you rehydrate the ink that is left behind from your permanent marker. Hence, it makes it convenient for you to wipe the ink away. You need to squeeze a bit of this alcohol and allow it to sit on the stain for a while. Next, wipe it away.

5 Reasons to Keep Rubbing Alcohol Stocked in Your Home. Eliminating the marker drawings out the leather

If you wondered if the link from your permanent marker will sit on the surface of your table forever, it won’t anymore.

  1. Eliminates Hairspray Residue

In case you use hairspray or other aerosol hair items daily, then you probably already know about the sticky remainder it leaves across your bathroom. You are fortunate that this alcohol can take care of it like a pro.

All you need to do is dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol to mop your sink and countertop. You would find the space shining clean with no sticky residue.

  1. Clean Your Electronic Devices

It is crucial to sterilise your electronics regularly, and it is mainly for the ones you regularly use, like your mobile phone or laptop. There is no point in using murky devices when they can pose a threat to your health.

5 Reasons to Keep Rubbing Alcohol Stocked in Your Home. Wiping the monitor

This alcohol is a wonderful choice because it vanishes quickly, and there is hardly any chance that moisture will affect your devices. You apply a pinch of alcohol to a cotton swab and swipe it across your gadget or device. Next, you buff it dry with a neat microfiber cloth, and you are done.

  1. Clean Mirrors

Do you find the dirty mirrors irritating? Do you try many times to clean them off but of no use? Then, keep this alcohol at home for sure. You generally notice that the bathroom mirrors have a way of gathering a build-up of hairspray and splish-splashes of toothpaste.

Well, you just need to spray alcohol on the mirror and wipe it clean. It would magically take off all the mess and leave you with a shine that, too, without doing any harm to your mirrors. The mirrors will appear brand new instantly.

5 Reasons to Keep Rubbing Alcohol Stocked in Your Home. Rubbing the mirror with cloth

  1. Eradicate Stickers

Do you have some stickers on your refrigerator that are too stubborn? To eradicate a tough sticker with ease, all you need is grab your bottle of rubbing liquor. Just soak the whole sticker and allow it to stay there for nearly 10 minutes. The alcohol will help soften the glue, and you can then easily wipe the sticker and the sticker sludge away in a single go.

Finally, if you are convinced to keep rubbing alcohol at home but have a doubt regarding safety, then relax. It is safe to use as intended, but make sure that you use it with extra care.

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