Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas

Perhaps, a kitchen is the only utilitarian room where we spend so much time, and especially housewives. If we talk about the case of connecting the kitchen and dining area, so this extremely functional room becomes a haven for the whole family. Such spaces endowed with increased functional load need the appropriate interior. No wonder the whole world designers will always invent new kinds of finishes, furniture, arrangements of working, and auxiliary areas for kitchens. There is an increasing number of modern kitchen gadgets that can greatly facilitate routine work and complicated cooking processes, piling, sorting, cleaning, and disposal. However, our publication will be devoted exclusively to the aspects of natural or artificial stone kitchen interior decoration ideas of modern premises for cooking and eating.


Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Modern impressive design in the private house

Any homeowner knows that the natural stone is the most durable, reliable, and strong material. It is perfect for decoration of premises with high humidity, sudden temperature changes, and high mechanical loads.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Dining room with white gloss sirfaces among the crude natural material

Caring for the surface of the stone is not difficult. It can withstand not only the excess moisture but also exposure to chemical cleaning agents. Not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue and the possibility to change the look of a kitchen interior radically.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Nice galley premise with wooden furniture

Let us consider the possibility of the successful integration of stone surfaces in the modern style of kitchen spaces in more detail. We hope that our impressive selection of kitchen design projects will help you to make your renovation using natural or artificial stone facing in suburban or urban kitchen.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Wooden floor and ceiling trimming along with crude stone at the splashback area

Imitation of the Fireplace or Stove Hob

The most common variant of the integration of the masonry into the interior of a modern kitchen is facing surfaces of the plate in a fireplace or stove. This is a spectacular way to draw attention to one of the most important instruments of the kitchen space and work area above it.

Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Nice combination of the steel and stone

Natural stone that faced the space above the stove has instantly changed the appearance of the classic kitchen. Also, it brings not only a brutal attitude but also an element of country life, a moment of closeness to nature and its materials into the interior.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Timber and rock alloy within spacious room

The combination of stonework and wooden surfaces, objects of furniture is one of the most common methods of interior decoration in country style. These two natural materials are literally created for mutual communication and collaboration in modern arrangements. The wood, with its natural warmth, and stone bringing cool are mutually compensate and complement each other.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. European approach to the country designing

In this universal kitchen, there is a real stone oven in addition to the imitation of fireplace space above the stove. The light gray palette of stone perfectly harmonizes with wood-beamed ceilings, and the purple-crimson color of the kitchen cabinets appears as accentual contrast.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. American country in the luxuriously decorated space

A simple tile backsplash lightens masonry around a worktop. These country-style design elements are, as they say, on a knife-edge, very close to the rustic style. And it is difficult to come up with a more suitable interior for a country house kitchen.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. White Provence in the modern space

This furnace finishing in gray-brown stone with snow-white grout organically fit the interior of a light modern kitchen, which countertop repeats shades of stone facing.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. White pastel color palette for the country design

Even in small kitchens can be found a place for decorative stone finishing of surfaces. Sometimes the stone acts as a focal center of kitchen space. Nevertheless, sometimes it prepared for the role of a neutral element or background for brighter objects. The kitchen island is in focus in this kitchen. And a stone decoration of the space around the plate and extractor hood was necessary only to harmonize with ceramic  “metro” tile lining the splashback.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Chalet style of the space

In this eclectic kitchen with a variety of colors and textures, stone kitchen backsplash has become part of an impressive composition. Bright stone contrasting with dark grout looks very dressy, attractive, indeed, like the entire kitchen interior. Ceramic tiles with an unusual pattern, shiny items on household appliances, wooden carved cabinets – everything is working to create a festive, welcoming atmosphere.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Simple enough but still spectacular Chalet design

It is not often we can meet facing the surface of the work area in such a rustic, rough manner in the space of the classic kitchen interior. The tap built into the wall above the stove for cook convenience is not immediately visible behind the stonework. But the housewife has no need to run towards the sink, which may be far enough in the spacious room.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Whitewashed stone looks spectacular to face the stove

When in a modern interior, filled with the shine of stainless steel kitchen appliances, appear natural materials – wood-beamed ceilings with wormholes and roughness, and the stone trimming of the space above the stove, the interior becomes incredibly interesting, non-trivial, memorable.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Laquered wooden floor and the gray walls combination looks organic

Decorating the space above the working area in the kitchen-dining area is given special attention. Not only stonework, but the relief panels of ceramic tiles with painting became the decoration and focus center of the kitchen facilities.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Wood and rock organic symbiosis in the simple design

Pebblestone has become the star of this Country kitchen in red-gray colors. An interesting and at the same time harmonious neighborhood became the union of stone finishing and facing the splashback using ceramic tiles in form of “herringbone”.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. High black wooden stools at the island

There is another gorgeous example of an organic color combination of brickwork and ceramic space finishing above the stove. Such a combination looks fresh and festive with a dark wooden kitchen set.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Nice wooden surfaces of the furniture of the island blends well with crude stone

The contrast combination of light stone finishes and dark wood used in the manufacturing of the roomy set of kitchen cabinets became the basic interior concept in the classical kitchen. All these nuances are reflected in the material of the kitchen backsplash, kitchen island tops, and a dining table.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. French Provence in the classic styled premise

Another image from the contrasting light sand shades of stone finish with dark wood tones of the kitchen cabinets and almost black countertops. Forged elements on the chandelier and the extractor gave the medieval charm, the uniqueness of the old decor to the kitchen interior.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Unique rocky country design

Stonework in a Kitchen

The stone accent wall in the kitchen can be an interesting design decision. If the size of the kitchen allows, you can apply a stone finish and multiple surfaces. Of course, it all depends on the selected color palette, furniture arrangement, the abundance of natural and artificial lighting.

Stone Kitchen Interior Decoration Ideas. Nice fresh design of the cooking area

An original way to furnish the space around the window is facing surfaces with pale stones of various colors. The stone wall became the backdrop for small open shelves in the kitchen harmonizing with the main tone of the kitchen unit. As a result of the classic appearance of the kitchen acquired a certain rustic charm, but it has not lost heat of the color palette, because the stone was picked up in the sand-beige color scheme.

Light decoration for the rustic kitchen

There are several walls faced with minimally treated stone in this country kitchen. A light shade of natural material matches perfectly the color of wood, which used for ceilings and window frames’ execution. In combination with the mahogany made lower-tier kitchen cabinets, the whole interior looks unique, attractive, and comfortable.

Nice reddish tone in the color palette of the rustic kitchen decoration

A rustic country with its traditional combination of stone and wood is reflected in this country style kitchen. The warm-tan palette of the room creates a feeling of coziness and comfort of homeroom for cooking and food intake.

Unique rack hanging lamps in the wood and stone combined Greek styled country kitchen

An interesting arrangement of a spacious area variant can appear as a mixture of elements of the loft and country styles in the interior. A bright room with large windows can take not only the stone wall in rough, brutal design but also kitchen storage of dark enough wood.

Brownish sirfaces of the walls at the stone trimmed country kitchen

When the dark-gray masonry on one hand and the unusual design of the relief surface decorated with wood on the other hand are meeting the glossy stainless steel within a single interior – the resulting image can be very unusual, personalize and unique.

Wood and stone decoration for the light brown kitchen color palette

Brickwork looks incredibly appropriate representativeness and luxurious in combination with light types of wood and shiny steel and chrome elements of household appliances.

French country exquisite style for the natural trimmed kitchen

The interior of this classic kitchen with elements of country style reminds us of the times when the stone was the most durable and affordable material for construction and decoration. Moreover, furniture for kitchen facilities was made entirely by hand, with an abundance of decorations and carvings. Even hanging lamps are made with candles lighting imitation in this unusual kitchen premise.

White stone for the Provence styled kitchen

Using stonework over the stove you can hide the design of the hood. In addition, a backlight will bring even greater convenience in the cooking process and emphasize the beauty of the stone decoration.

Nice blending materials: stone for the walls , wood for floor and furniture facades

The combination of stone and wood in the design of the space above the working area of ​​the kitchen can be an interesting design solution for modern facilities and bring a natural touch to the urban character of the premises.

Country style for the spacious private house kitchen

This eclectic style kitchen is full of contrasts. Here we can meet the snow-white ceramic tiles as well as stone walls’ revetment, dark wooden elements, and the combination of light and dark depths of colors of home appliances.

White and full of light kitchen interior with the stone faced accent wall

The rustic stone lining of one of the walls near the small kitchen in a bright color palette has become not only a focal area but also its highlight, by diluting white surfaces interspersed with wood elements.


A wonderful example of the successful integration of rustic stone finish of one of the walls shows a design project of a modern kitchen-dining room with a small area.

Nice white island with high bar stools for the high spacious provate house kitchen

The ultra-modern kitchen with a contrasting interior harmoniously adopted a stone wall in gray and sand colors in its design. Original design became the idea of ​​integration of home appliances and TV-zone wall-screen between rooms.

White creamy island design on the stone trimmed kitchen

Another example of the successful integration of stone finishes in the modern kitchen style inclined to minimalism. Almost a mirror surface of the greyish floor and silver items of home appliances have become a link between the pure white gloss of the kitchen cabinets and the roughness of the ocher-gray stone.

Modern interior decoration in the stone faced kitchen area

Cool kitchen palette, full of splendor of stainless steel and glass surfaces, took harmoniously stone finish of the walls with a contrasting dark grout. The modern interior did not lose its progressiveness and became only more interesting, more unique.

Nice pendant black lamps and open ceiling beam construction for the originallu designed kitchen

Despite a wide variety of finishing materials like stone accent walls, ceiling wooden beams, a marble kitchen island, and steel countertops, glass surfaces – the kitchen still looks simple, concise, and strict.

Greek Mediterranean style for the country kitchen with stone trimming looks amazing

Light sandy-beige stone with the same color of the grout can be an excellent solution for wall decoration in a spacious kitchen-dining room with an eclectic design, which contains elements of both country items and stylistics of Baroque and Art Nouveau.

Dark design for the spacious kitchen with Provence design of the extractor hood

The gray color of the stone perfectly suits to the reddish hues of wooden kitchen cabinets. The cool masonry palette compensates warmth of wood, creating an interesting look of a kitchen interior and bringing the difference in textures.

Grayish hue for the stone trimmed country kitchen

The Stonework on the Columns, Niches, Arches, and Other Ancillary Elements of Interior

We offer you several options for the design of kitchen space which realizes the original use of natural materials as the finishing of different surfaces – from the design of window openings to the base of the kitchen island.

Mediterranean ciuntry kitchen style with abundance of stone decoration

There is not only the flooring made of stone tiles but also the base of the kitchen island is faced by some natural material. Some rustic style of the room decorations perks up these spacious rooms with high vaulted ceilings. Thereby the design only wins and becomes more original.

Mediterranean ciuntry kitchen style with abundance of stone decoration

There is another example of a kitchen island base decoration using stone cladding. This durable material can withstand the heavy marble or granite countertops and also decorate the interior.

Sloped wooden ceiling with opened beams of the country style looks charming with stone trimmed island in the middle

Decorating an archway with a stone in a light color palette brought even more patina of antiquity into the interior of the kitchen. It was also achieved by using carved wooden furniture, and wrought-iron lamps and decoration surface above the stove with stucco.

Provence styled kitchen with white surface of the hood

Stone finishing of the columns with niches with literally inscribed kitchen island counter became the original steel decoration of the kitchen interior. The system built and pendant lighting not only provides the proper level of lighting but also allows you to highlight interesting decor items.

Accent stone trimmed separating wall in the wooden trimmed modern kitchen interior

A bright palette of stone, which was used to face the column and the bar base, serves a contrast to the deep, dark tones of the kitchen units. Dark blue glass tabletops as inserts on the doors of kitchen cabinets became a conciliatory option of the color scheme.

Wooden and stone decoration of the rich furnished kitchen

Facing only one column with the stone of different shades became the color and texture fest of the classic kitchen.  The original decoration brought a variety into a traditional setting of the kitchen and unified its interior.

Original kitchen design with the usual lamps in glass frames and pastel color decoration

Here is a vivid example of how the working kitchen space area may become the center of attention. The stone finish of arched niches, ceramic tiles in patchwork style, the luster of huge extractor hood – everything works to create a unique interior to attract attention.

Nice kitchen decoration in the spacious private house area

Small inclusions in the stone facing the interior of the asymmetrical kitchen with interesting ceiling design, have introduced in a variety of neutral decoration. Pinkish-beige shades surfaces are perfectly contrasting with the dark colors of kitchen cabinets.

Light trimmed country styled kitchen with skylight

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