Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home

“The game is not worth the candle” – this phrase is quite often used by us in everyday life. It is just as popular as the candles themselves, the value of which in the interior of modern homes can not be overestimated. So, we can easily add some extra flair and emphasize our unique taste with the proper arrangement of candles and candlesticks in the modern interior.


Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Black vanity and large mirror for pastel colored bathroom

A Little Bit of History

Probably, not everyone knows that in Ancient Egypt candles were made from papyrus, and in China – from rice paper. A bit later, wax came to replace these materials, and bee raw materials were not always used. Residents of Japan, for example, preferred to make this “lighting” of nuts. Soon, European industrialists also started to produce candles, but for a long time, their products remained inaccessible to a significant number of poor citizens.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Brown colored dining room with the stand for candles instead of chandelier over the table

Now you can find products of many shapes and colors, made according to different preferences and tastes, on the sales stalls. Of course, the emergence of modern sources of lighting has led to the fact that this thing has noticeably lost its position becoming a kind of romantic accessory used in exceptional cases. But the flickering candlelight cannot be compared with everyday electric lighting. And this is the reason that designers are increasingly using this element of decor when creating fashionable interiors.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Unusual shelf for candles above the table

Every Color is good in its Own Way

Choosing the color scheme, remember that the colors of candles should be combined with the color of the main furnishings. Sometimes it is advisable to use the effect of contrasting shades, decorating a room decorated in muted tones with bright candles. In addition, you should consider the symbolism of each color.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Pastel colored master bathroom with wall recess for additional lighting Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Bathroom with huge wooden vanity and boudoir

Traditional white candles are a symbol of happiness, spiritual cleansing, and protection. They bring a feeling of freshness and purity, heal spiritual wounds. Red candles give a tremendous positive charge of energy, attract prosperity and success into the house and increase passion. Products of a pink shade are capable to awaken tender feelings and kindle love. Blue candles will help to calm down and concentrate. Warm shades of yellow candles can create a joyful mood and make the room more comfortable – their positive energy will help to achieve significant creative success. Violet candles give peace of mind and clarity of thoughts. The green light sources symbolize the harmony that comes into the house, give strength to cure ailments. It is believed that green cone-shaped candles bring their owners’ career growth and material well-being. Candles, painted in brown color, guard the health of pets.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Unusual handwrite decoration of the upper part of the walls and wooden wainscotingCandles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Recesses in the wall of the bedroom with panoramic windows for candles

Five Rules for Decorating the Interior with Candles

  1. When decorating a room with these accessories, it is important to observe stylistic unity and moderation. For the interior in a Classic style, long thin candles in a massive gilded candlestick are well suited. When decorating a room in the Baroque style, candles can be complemented with metal candlesticks decorated with flowers, figures of animals, and people. Making the room in the style of country, you should use accessories of green, lilac, and pink color of any shape.

Remember: a jumble of candles can make the interior look cheap and vulgar.

Large galley living room with lught gray colored wall and same color upholstered furniture Flowers, pillows and candles to decorate the sitting room White colored living room of the cottage full of glass decoration

  1. If you plan a feast with classic lighting, you should invite no more than six people. Otherwise, the atmosphere will not be so secluded. You’ll need at least 5-7 pieces of candles – otherwise, the table area will be in the twilight. Thin low-rise products are best suited – this will allow those who are gathered to see each other well and protect them from accidental burns.

Chalet interior in large house with sash arched window and chic trimming Candles in glasses at the well-catered table Long neutral ceurtains, wooden furniture and candles at the table of the Classic dining room

  1. To achieve the maximum effect, designers advise placing candles in glasses, slightly drowning them in small grains, beans, or coffee beans. And you can create a whole composition by decorating a dish with candles with original pebbles, beads, and available natural materials, such as acorns and fir cones.

Large candles at the table of the Classic dining with green walls Functional and decorative tray with trifles and candles Pumpkins and glass pots as the candlesticks for casual interior

  1. Candles on the table must be lit – it is then that they look alive. It is not recommended to put this accessory on the table during the daytime, because at this time the fire is almost imperceptible. The evening is quite another matter. Two or three small candles in the center of a small table will fill the house with special charm and will make such evening hours unforgettable.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Stone imitating tiles for the wall decoration

  1. When selecting candles for the interior, you should simultaneously look for a suitable candlestick. The properly chosen product will help support the candles, will not allow melted wax to spread, as well as give the decoration completeness and style.

Time to Talk about the Candlesticks

Today, this accessory is made from a variety of materials. You can find candlesticks from nickel silver and silver, bronze and brass, wood and glass. You can even make a candlestick by yourself – using clay, and even ordinary dough.

Solid stone wall with recesses for candles Glass tables for large sitting room with large windows Silver plated candlesticks for classic dining room with chic chandelier

As an Idea

The candlestick made by their ordinary glass will look very original. For the realization of the conception, a small stable container made of transparent glass is ideal. It is recommended to use pasta of various types and colors as decoration. The more interesting the contents of the glass, the more spectacular the candlestick will look.

Unusual decoration for kitchen island in the form of plant and candles Village cottage with living room having u-shaped sitting zone of sectional sofa Kitchen vanity with mirror and glass decorations

Classic candlestick is quite a fit for one candle. It is not difficult to choose a suitable model, because there are many different options of supports, depending on the size and shape of the candle:

  • miniature (8-10 cm long);
  • elongated of small diameter;
  • spherical for the heating candle;
  • flat floating;
  • varieties of the lantern for a high candle;
  • without a leg (the candle is placed directly in the candlestick bowl).

Staircase hall decoration with black table Living room in dark color scheme and black table

The main purpose of candelabra in our days is the decoration and stylistic addition of interiors, rather than holding candles. The size of this accessory depends on the number of light sources (usually from two to seven ones).

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Brass bathtub for unusual Classic bathroom with reddish wall color

Candelabra with heights from 40 to 60 cm is most in demand. For a romantic dinner, it is recommended to purchase a two-candlestick (dikirion) and a three-candlestick (trikirion).

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Pastel colored open space living in Casual style

Curious Fact

The most amazing material used in the manufacture of modern candlesticks is ordinary rock salt. At first glance, the product of this natural mineral does not inspire confidence, because it has an unsightly look. However, rock salt candlesticks perform not only an aesthetic function but also saturate the air with beneficial to the body negative air ions. It is believed that salt coasters for candles enhance immunity, restore strength and neutralize stress.

Candles and Candlesticks in the Modern Interior of Cozy Home. Natural marble in ivory color imitation for comfortable large bathroom with arched bathtub zone

Candlelight helps to create a special microclimate in the house. At home where candles are lit, it is always cozy and warm. People welcome guests here and enjoy the success of their loved ones; they can always get support and necessary advice. Do you want to make your home like this? Everything is in your hands. And candles can help you with this.

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