Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades

How to make a living and bright interior in your apartment? The simplest technique is to use invigorating, rich shade colors. Red is the color of the warrior, the color of manliness, he energizes and gives strength. Red color can be made basic in your interior. However, everything requires dosage. It is often used in oriental style. You can pick up red wallpaper, various shades of red for the design of the sleeping area: from a set of blankets, pillowcases for pillows to curtains. Correctly placed accents in the color scheme will make the interior revived, and the room will be filled with light and energy of red color interior decoration. The versatility of red shades will be explored below and we are sure it will not leave you unimpressed.


What is the Best Combination with Red?

In the red spectrum, there are more quiet shades, which successfully blend with rich red. It is purple, brown, and even pink (a color beloved by many women). In contrast, you can mix electric blue, yellow and white colors with red, and you can add a little rigor to the interior and introduce black as an additional shade. Green extravagantly combines with bright red. This combination is reminiscent of a special Christmas theme. If you want to create a festivity, for example, in a country house, then this combination will be the most optimal. Red well goes in combination with beige, orange, yellow hues. For the bedroom and the kitchen, there is no more suitable color choice. Warm colors always contribute to appetite.

Red Color Interior Decoration. The Versatility of Red Shades in the Living Room

Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades in small accents Contrasting red wall in the open layout apartment with the partition zoning dining zone from living room Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades. Single color painted walls for the bold home owners Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades. Metall frames of the quilted armchair adds luxury Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades. Red accentual wall with the fireplace and shelving Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades. Open layout for the large living room with the carpet at the rest zone Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades bright picture installation for the noir styled room Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades with two arnchairs in the living room


The dining and cooking zones of your home require more drive and creativity. They should promote appetite and the passion to cook some amazing meals. The most suitable color for this is the color of “ripe sweet cherry” which will bestow your kitchen the proper temperament in dosed amount.

Speckless white glossy large kitchen with the functional island and the cherry colored backsplash

We can not forget about the nobility of the red tree with its luxurious look and perfect compatibility with Rustic, Eco, Provence, and other naturalistic village styles.

Dark red nobility of the wooden kitchen facades with streaks of natural wood

A small rooms can appear bigger in contrast to white and red colors. This method is often used by high-level designers.

Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades in the tight but cozy kitchen Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades. Top tier of the kitchen furniture


This room gives you all potent fields of imagination and using this beautiful color whatever you want. It can be just one element like the vanity or cabinet. Some people prefer making an accent wall all red by applying ceramic tile or mosaic. The compromising variant is setting the backsplash between the vanity and mirror in a red mosaic.

Red Color Interior Decoration. Versatility of Red Shades in hi-tech minimalistic bathroom with mosaic Red hovering bathroom in the open layout space of the large bathroom Red accentual vanity in the minimalistic interior of the modern bathroom Led lighting of the red mosaic backsplash in the bathroom with mirroring cabinets Red accent wall in the bathroom with large mirror and picture

Kids’ room

Psychologists do not recommend using active red color in children’s room as it can distract your child from concentrated learning or bring unnecessary degree of agitation to his or her mental state. However, the touch of red, especially in deep dark hues can switch the creativity and even dispel the boring of everyday life. Anyway, you should speak to your child first and try to introduce some small and easy replaceable elements to its room to see the reaction.

Kids' room in white with bright accents  Red frame of the metall bed and red elements in the Classic designed bedroom Small nursery with red jalousie

Or you can try to paint the accent red wall, but it should not be monolithic and the other walls are better to make in calm pastel colors.

Red accentual wall with large windows for the light-lit nursery


When it is necessary to create an unconventional interior for a businesswoman, gentle and at the same time charging with energy, you can prefer coral as the main color. Western designers appreciate its non-triviality, nobility, and sophistication. Coral color carries positive energy. It is associated with the hot season, helps to feel freedom and a burst of creative potential. Coral transmits the energy of red, but at the same time, it is soft and romantic like pink.

Accentual red bedroom in pastel colored bedroom White ceiling and bay window with red walls in the bedroom Bold decision of red wall decorating the headboard wall

Versatility coral color is manifested in combination with other colors. It perfectly comes with milky and beige shades, the blue of the sky, the energy of fuchsia, dark chocolate, and even black accents. In order to draw attention to coral color, it is necessary to use it in small details – in patterns painted on the walls, home textiles, textured materials. With correctly placed accents, the coral color will bring brightness and individuality to your interior.

Touch of Oriental style in the modern boy's room Pale blue and red mix in the bedroom Red vanity for the Classic decorated bedroom for two

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