Minka Lavery Wall Sconce: Piquant & Stylish Additional Lighting

When it comes to additional or complex lighting at home, it is impossible to pass over the wall sconces. They are able to provide slightly dimmed scattered additional light which is so important for zoning.  If you have large rooms, extra lighting becomes a necessity. Moreover, proper artificial lighting is an indicator of a well-designed space and will positively affect your mood. There are a lot of sconce models out there at the market. We can find a whole palette of forms, ideas, designs and we promise to create an overview of modern sconces. But today we will consider the use of such piquant and minimalistic fixtures as Minka Lavery wall sconce to add some character to your interior.

Adding Charm to the Home Theater

Minka is one of the manufacturers and trademarks of wall sconces who can boast with their own model lines. Of course, there are lots of models of different types and styles. But why do we speak about the Minka Lavery’s sconce and where it would be most appropriate?

Minka Lavery Wall Sconce. Black walls of the home theater with large yellow corner sofa and soft upholstered ottoman at the center

Minka Lavery is a minimalistic sconce that will save your space and provide muffled even light through the matte cover without striking the eye. That’s the main advantage of the sconce. By being almost inconspicuous, it can successfully complement the interior with its restrained design while taking the minimum of space. It is most often used in classic, vintage, casual and transitional spaces due to its neutrality. Just take a look at how organically Minka Lavery sconces fit the casual living room with black walls and a contrasting yellow sofa. The imitation of a metal braid at the top of the sconces’ body spectacularly echoes with the ornament of the ottoman and pillows. That’s a great designer’s move.

Castle Atmosphere at the Chalet Style House

Chalet-style house is considered a classic Western European highland rustic style. It turns out that Minka Lavery sconce is the best choice to organize zone light at the hall or spacious living of such a house. Artificial stone wall trimming and minimalism of neutral-looking sconces a great union.

Minka Lavery Wall Sconce. Great Design of the front room with stone finished walls and massive ceiling beams

However, you don’t need to have a house with such an epic and expensive interior design. Minka Lavery sconce also a great choice for any casual interiors of apartment, studio, or cottage. Even small rooms, halls, front rooms, etc. can be adorned and achieve an extra light with such a universal decision. Consider it for halls and corridors where it is almost impossible to provide a decent level of lighting with just one lamp or chandelier. The wall sconces are a life-saving option for long narrow rooms.

Minka Lavery Wall Sconce. Classic interior with golden painted walls and noble hardwood doors

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