6 Tips For Designing Better Kids’ Rooms

Your kid’s room is possibly one of the most adored areas in your home. It is a space for your little one to play, grow, and learn. While designing it can be fun; it can be equally challenging. Kids have their own preferences when it comes to their room color, furniture arrangements, and space. Moreover, the design of your kid’s room will last for years, so it’s important to get it right in the first place.

If you’re confused about where to start, this article is for you. It will help you understand your kid’s preferences, enabling you to establish that all-important balance of looks and functionality. Have a look.

Simplicity Is The Key

The first rule of designing your kids’ room is to keep it simple. More space and minimal furnishing are the way to go. Moreover, too many elements will confuse your kid. Having a neutral canvas would also allow modifications in the room as your kid grows.

6 Tips For Designing Better Kids' Rooms. Scandinavian minimalism with all nevessary functional for small room

You can also include a floor-level double frame bed. It can serve dual purposes – sleeping and playing. Moreover, its open shelves will make a place for their favorite toys, while making the bed their go-to place.

Create a Kid-friendly Space

The best way to design your kid’s room is to think of yourself as one. List out all the possible preferences your kid may have. The colors, toys, and open spaces – all these can only be created when you think like a three-year-old. For example, easily accessible hooks, low bins, and open shelves push your little champ to be self-responsible and independent. Moreover, a set of pint-sized table & chairs, coupled with a comfortable bed, can be a cozy alternative to the usual furniture options.

6 Tips For Designing Better Kids' Rooms. Simple decoration with pale pink walls, linoleum on the floor and white ceiling/furniture

Create A Magical Environment

Kids and adults look at the world differently. While we see it more practically, the little ones like to believe in magic and fairy tales. So, decorating your kid’s room with a similar theme can do a world of good for your little champ. Introduce fancy fairy lights and ceiling stars that glitter in the dark. These little elements will give a magical feel to your kid and infuse happiness in his surroundings which is sure to induce a twinkle in his eyes.

6 Tips For Designing Better Kids' Rooms. Great wall decoration - photowallpaper with patterns

Be Smart With The Storage

No prizes for guessing – your kid has a lot of things to manage. Stuff like multiple wardrobes of various sizes, games, toys, and books need ample storage items. The best way to corral the clutter is by including furniture in your kid’s room that can double up as storage.

6 Tips For Designing Better Kids' Rooms. Simple decoration with pale pink walls, linoleum on the floor and white ceiling/furniture

Moreover, book rails that can be stuck on the walls, under-the-bed storage spaces & hooks do an equally good job. You can also increase your little champ’s closet space by including additional rails.

Use The Colors Properly

Colors play a crucial role in setting up the vibe of your kid’s room. Make sure you paint the walls with light colors like sea blue or peach, which symbolize energy and enthusiasm. You can also paint your kiddo’s furniture and closet with matching colors to add consistency to the room.

6 Tips For Designing Better Kids' Rooms. Yellow cabinet and pastel colored room

Moreover, you can also go with the rainbow theme, as it works with various age groups. Make sure you do not install difficult-to-remove elements in your kid’s room. Easily removable elements let you modify the room’s interior in the future if required.

Keep Em’ Busy!

Your kids will spend a lot of time in their room. So, it must serve as a place for physical and mental development. Apart from cozy beds, make sure you include a work area that consists of games and drawing canvases. Moreover, you can allocate a corner for setting up a personal workspace when your kids grow older. The room needs to be stylish and playful, and will encourage your little champs to finish their homework faster!

Final Word

Items like furniture, colors, a closet, and a kid-friendly play area are crucial in ensuring a healthy place for your kiddo to live and grow. Moreover, if you’re looking for quality contemporary furniture for your home or kids’ room decor, Anima Domus has a great collection.

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