Small Kids Room: Tips for Maximizing Space

Your little bundles should have a fresh, stylish, comfy and adaptable room where they can rest, do their homework, play and daydream. However, when you have a small space to spare for that room, things can get tricky. Or do they? Nowadays, it is possible to keep practicality balanced with style and functionality when it comes to getting the most out of small kids’ bedrooms. You too can create a bright, uncluttered, functional and organized space with loads of storage and place to play from a small room. All you need is to follow these tips and make it happen.

Bright Up the Walls

When you strive to create more space in small rooms, the first things you must consider are the colors. Dark and timid colors exude cramped and overwhelmed feeling, where the bright and lighter shade of wall paint help space feel larger and more welcoming. Make your kids’ room seem bigger by adding a fun and brighter shade of paint on the wall. Neutral colors like cream, white, or pale yellow or pink work the best. Add bright accessories as well to revamp the ambient. Place colorful blinds and brightly-patterned curtains to open up the room even more.

Small Kids Room: Tips for Maximizing Space. Colroful design of the room with the bed in the form of the house

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Accessorize wisely

Kids must have their say when decorating their room, and very often their preferences only fall on toys and accessories. Since small rooms get quickly over-cluttered by toys, you need to add fun accessories that would appear more adaptable to the small room. For instance, you can place a vertical corner desk for the baby doll toys and accessories or boy’s transformers toys – check some toys on Born Cute site. Hang shelves on the wall to hold toys, games, and books. Go for nice and practical floating shelves rather than large bookshelves. Place funky floor cushions instead of bulky chairs or sofas. Next, opt for wall-mounted sconces instead of stand-alone lamps, add chairs that serve as play toys, and so on.

Get Nifty and Practical with Storage

Storage play a vital role in maximizing a small room. When you have two kids sharing a room, there is never enough storage no matter the size of the room. Get creative and smart by choosing captain’s beds for your kids with drawers beneath the mattress, or install bunk beds to take advantage of small ambient and leave enough space for the built-in wardrobe on the adjacent wall. To maximize the room even more by creative storage, get furniture like nightstands, desks, and bedsteads equipped with drawers, cubbies, shelves where you could store whatever you desire. Get functional with furniture. Choose a foldable table, funky floor cushions, beanbags, ottomans and toy boxes that supply both storage and seating.


Clear, wide and broad open floor space is precious in a kids’ room. Get them enough play area in their petite room by de-cluttering the room. One idea is to use a high rise bed and have plenty of play-space under the bed. Another great tip is to place loft beds where they could have their desk, dresser or bookcase underneath the bed and leave open up the ambient for play or anything else. To contain the clutter and maximize space in kids’ rooms, opt for built-ins that provide storage within reach. Equip underused corners with dandy and useful outfit closet, hued stackable bins and boxes.

Utilize Space You Have

Young children don’t really require many clothes, therefore you can invest in multi-purpose furniture and maximize the small room. Use small desk double as bedside tables where they could place their toys or do their homework. Prioritize their needs and necessities by placing a build-in half-drawer half-wardrobe items to utilize the small space maximally. And for a shared room always go for the bunk-beds that are a fabulous space-saver. Later you can incorporate any decorative items that your child desires and make it a functional save haven.

Small Kids Room: Tips for Maximizing Space. Canopy crib and another without it for tiny room

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Embrace the above-mentioned tips and make the most out of your petite room. Maximizing space you have for your kids’ bedroom is a challenging task, but not an impossible one.

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