A Guide to Creating More Space in Small Rooms

In a small apartment or house, space is precious and has to be used to its maximum potential; however, this can prove difficult when it comes to everyday living. Convenience takes over and your decent sized bedroom could soon start to feel like it’s tiny, cramped and bursting at the seams.

A Guide to Creating More Space in Small Rooms. Wooden trimmed house with zoning lattice and utilized space at the windows

To make the most of a small room, you need to optimize the space you have and create more by doing so.

1.     Declutter

First and foremost, you should declutter the room you are trying to improve. Clutter can make any room seem much smaller than it actually is. If your bedroom has clothes spilling out of the wardrobe, or on the chair, and your desk is covered with things, it can make the room feel too busy and therefore smaller.

Before you start making big changes, it is a good idea to clear out what you don’t use and any clothes you no longer wear. Minimizing your belongings or storing them well can surprisingly create a lot of space.

2.     Built-In Wardrobes

Furniture like wardrobes and dressers take up a lot of room, especially in small spaces. If you find that you can barely move between your bed and your wardrobe, then it is time to do something to fix this.

Installing a built-in wardrobe will save you a lot of floor space. Even an open-rack wardrobe can make the room feel much more open and less crowded.

3.     Bigger Windows

Big windows, like Bay Windows, let in lots of light. Light can create the illusion of space and make a small room feel more breathable. While you are on the hunt for better storage solutions, a bigger, more open window will make your space feel more liveable and less busy in the meantime.

4.     Under the Bed

If you don’t have space for something, shove it under the bed, right? If you organize the space beneath your bed with storage boxes, you can open up a whole new storage area and you won’t lose things right at the back, either.

Make use of the space you would normally forget about or glance over.

5.     Roll Clothes, Don’t Fold

If you have a lot of clothes and you don’t want to get rid of them, storing them with limited space can be an issue.

Luckily, you can roll clothes up instead of folding them. This can save a lot of drawer space and fit many more items of clothing in. Plus, they won’t get as wrinkled because it’s easier to shove clothes when they’re folded, and not so much when they are rolled.

6.     Double Use Furniture

When you have limited space, you have to make the most of your furniture too. Instead of having a separate table, desk and a set of drawers, use drawers that work as all three. For example, the top of a set of drawers has plenty of space that can be used to show off ornaments, to work on, and much more.

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