Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color

Balcony or loggia is an integral part of most apartments or houses, and each owner is in the right to independently determine their functional purpose. Some people prefer to increase the total living space by joining these additional feet to the adjacent room. Others equip the balcony as a separate space for recreation (for example, as an office) or a convenient place to store various items. In the latter case, the design of the balcony must have a door, the choice of which also depends on many criteria. After reading this material, you will learn how to choose it correctly.


French balcony with black lattice and white PVC and aluminum door

The Door to the Balcony. The Main Functions

Any design of balcony doors is developed and created taking into account many functions. First and foremost this is of course protection from the cold, different types of insects, and contamination. Also installing balcony doors allows to significantly reduce outdoor noise, let in daylight, and of course, protects against burglar intrusions into the apartment.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. The frame woth sliding doors from the bedroom to the loggia

Types of Balcony Doors

It is impossible to say unequivocally what kind of door is necessary to install on the balcony because nowadays there is a huge variety of such products. In addition, everyone chooses the option that suits the interior best and meets all requirements.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Simple tilt PVC door for the casual bedroom interior with pink coverlet

Hinged Doors

In fact, hinged doors are a regular design that opens to one or to both sides. In most examples, they are half-glazed. This option can be called one of the most budget-friendly and common.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Wooden door black with large sash glass

Double-leaf Doors

Such doors consist of two components. One half has only deadbolts at the top and bottom, and the other is equipped with a standard door mechanism and lock. Such a design is intended for installation in spacious doorways.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Classic design of the white wooden door for classic bedroom

Double Transom Door

This type of balcony door is much like an ordinary double face door, with the difference that the double transom door is equipped with a stronger built-in lock.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Light brown wooden door frame

The Folding Door

This type of product is made of separate slats, which are assembled together in the process of opening, forming a kind of accordion. It looks very impressive, but not as strong and functional as the previous variants.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. White plastic horizontal folding door

The Tilt Door

The main feature of the tilt door model is a standard tilt mechanism, which allows you to air the room if necessary without opening the door completely. It refers to the category of standard designs. By the level of strength and security, it takes one step with the usual hinged model.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Black framed door with panoramic windows and metal inlays

Swivel Door

A balcony door with a swivel mechanism can be confidently called a subspecies of hinged structures. The difference between the models is the built-in tilt-and-turn mechanism. All other criteria relating to strength and level of protection are exactly the same as in the previous design.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Simple casual interior decor and wooden balcony door

Choosing the Material

Before you choose a balcony door, it is necessary to study the kind of material of the construction you are interested in. This factor is responsible for the functionality of the product. For example, balcony doors made of quality wood will not be cheap. However, with proper care, they will last a long time and are considered an environmentally friendly product.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Specacular classic wooden sash door as if entrance one

Door constructions made of aluminum look more modern and are more durable. However, they are not able to retain heat well and are subject to deformation.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Great modern sliding door

Plastic structures are quite strong, durable, and affordable. They do not require complex maintenance and have low weight. The disadvantage is the failure of the door internal mechanism.

Choosing the Balcony Doors: Construction, Design, and Color. Arch conctruction of the door and windows for casual room with orange wallpapered walls

Most glass balcony door structures are equipped with metal or PVC partitions. Their main advantages are the external attractiveness and the ability to create a feeling of weightlessness in the room. Disadvantages – the lack of a frame, average quality locks, and low level of protection.

Unusual patio at the loggia with light colors

Types of Modifications for the Balcony Door

Since the modern balcony door can be made of a variety of materials, and the method of glazing is up to the individual preferences of the owners, the exit to the balcony can have a different modification. A fully transparent door contains only one glass unit. This design allows unobstructed daylight passage into the adjoining room and is considered the most common option.

Light wooden frames of doors and panoramic windows for modern white painted balcony

French doors consist of two parts, each of which is also fully glazed.

Spectacular black framed balcony doors for modern living interior

A balcony door with the original name “sandwich” has two parts. The upper part of it has glass, while the lower part is covered by a panel in the case of wooden construction or a special panel. The latter option belongs to the most budget-friendly category.

Arch loft balcony design with PVC door

The Shape of the Doors

Like any other type of door, balcony constructions are often bespoke, so they can have a different shape, which allows you to pick the perfect option for any interior design. The standard balcony door has a rectangular shape and different levels of glazing.

White and pastel shabby chic style combination on the balcony with plastic doors

For a more expressive decorative effect, a semi-circular, triangular, or hexagonal arched design appears at the entrance to the balcony. The door can be freestanding or combined with a window. And in the latter option, the window opening can be placed on the left, right, or on either side of the door itself.

Arched balcony unit with mild beige wooden color

Color Solution for Balcony Doors

The traditional solution for the arrangement of the doorway on the balcony is considered the installation of classic white or with imitation of wooden structures. However, the choice of color solutions for balcony doors is very diverse, and if you want to change the shade and design of the door you can use any paint that you like. In this way, you can not only change the basic tone of the construction but also put a fancy ornament on the doors all around the perimeter.

Ultramodern yet minimalistic balcony design with black door

Balcony Door Design Options

One of the easiest ways to decorate the balcony door is considered the use of curtains or blinds in the interior, which do not require complex maintenance and, if necessary, can be easily replaced with new ones.

Accordeon folding door for small space of the loggia in coffe-with-milk beige tones

In addition, there are many variants of them, which will allow you to choose the perfect option, taking into account the wishes of the owner and the general style of the room of the balcony. These may be chic portieres or laconic blinds in Japanese style, Roman blinds which form attractive soft folds when folded, or fashionable blinds.

Casual loggia design with dark wooden panel on the radiator

As for the choice of blinds, they may be of two kinds: vertical and horizontal.

Roller blinds in dark brown for floor-to-ceiling windows

No less original option is the use of decorative glass for decorating the balcony door. In this case, stained glass and fusing are popular.

Decorative ornament of the balcony door blinds

Tips for Choosing

Now that you have all the necessary information concerning balcony doors, it is time to decide on the rules of their choice. And in this case, we put your wishes and preferences in the limelight because these factors subsequently determine the type of design and material from which they are made.

High-tech triangular construction of the dark colored folding door

Also do not forget about the practical side of the question and rationally evaluate the price-quality ratio of the selected product. And of course, do not forget about the external attractiveness of the balcony door and its compliance with the overall style of the interior.

Contemporary girls' room with functional balcony entrance and the ottoman working space

Installing a balcony door is not just a way of fitting an opening between the balcony and the room adjacent to it. It is first and foremost an integral part of the interior and has many functions.

Dark wooden imitation on PVC blacony door unit

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