Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color

Roman blinds were originated in the first half of the 18th century. It was the first time they first entered into circulation. Their distinctive feature is that when you open the window, they are not folding in the usual vertical folds, but in horizontal ones. Until recently, such curtains were very popular only in Western Europe, but today such window decoration is at the peak of popularity all over the progressive world. And all because such curtains are a great alternative to plastic blinds. In addition to its functionality, such shades can be an original decorative element of the room.


Construction Secrets

It is clear that in ancient times there were no special mechanisms to collect the fabric into ideally even folds. The secret of such blinds is that special rings are sewn symmetrically in a horizontal and vertical line from the seamy side, through which special ropes are threaded through, by pulling which the fabric neatly folded. Now, of course, this design has been improved and has a special curtain fixing mechanism, almost the same as on jalousie.

Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Yellow drapes with pattern for classic designed bathroom with sash windows Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Bright living room with white finishing and LED lighting fixtures

How to Choose the Curtain

The main criterion for choosing colors should be your own tastes and preferences in the first place, as well as the color scheme of the room in the second. But regarding the choice of the density of the fabric, you should determine the purpose for which the curtain will be used. If you do not like the light from the headlights and lanterns that break into the window openings at night, then dense fabrics become the ideal option. If the curtain is needed only to hide from bright sunlight during the day and from prying eyes in the evening, then a light opaque fabric will suffice. But if the curtain will be used instead of drape, then a light translucent fabric is just what you need. As a rule, in the salons where Roman blinds are made, all fabrics are impregnated with special dust-repellent, anti-bacterial agents, and special impregnations that prevent color fading.

Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Classic bedroom with beige walls and the carpeting Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Unusual Rustic design with circle window and blue wall paint

Roman Blinds in the Apartment

Roman curtains will ideally look both in the kitchen and in the living room. The main thing is to choose the right fabric design or harmoniously combine it with ordinary curtains.

Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Retractable boxes in the modern styled cottage

For the kitchen, translucent fabrics that will protect the room from bright sunlight and at the same time let in enough light into the room will become a good option. It is also worth considering that the colored curtain, passing light through itself, will color the whole room in its own tones, and therefore it should be shades that are ideally combined with kitchen units or wall decorations. The kitchen or the dining area will look original, where all the textile elements will be arranged in the same style, for example, a Roman shade, textile lampshade, and upholstery of the chairs will create an excellent stylish composition in the room.

When you design a children’s room, you can use a variety of colored fabrics for curtains with intricate and at the same time interesting patterns that will become the main focus in the interior. If you want to make a room in soft pastel colors, the ideal solution would be curtains with stripes of all shades that are present in the room.

Roman blinds will be a good option for a bedroom in a minimalist style. The laconic design of the windows, where there is nothing superfluous, will competently emphasize the airiness and lightness of the space. For this purpose, it is best to use dense white or gray material. Such a curtain will not overload the space and at the same time ideally cope with its task: protection from the sun and lantern lighting.

This window design can be applied in the living room as well. Translucent light-colored fabric, which will scatter the sun’s rays throughout the room and fill it with bright light, is well suited for this room. Thanks to this, the room will look spacious.

Roman Blinds in the Interior: Description, Organiс Combination of Color. Royal styled living room and the large circle panoramic bay window

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