Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles

The drawing room is an old name for a living room and is related to a term of retiring and “withdrawing” from the common space of the house (hall) to chat and entertain guests. This word is still in usage in UK, where it was originated and  related to royal castles with a special relaxing space. So, we will review some tips and successful photos of drawing room interior design in different living spaces and styles. This can significantly reduce your time on renovation and planning of the arrangement. Just be inspired with good examples of design art and make sure that the drawing room of your dream is not so hard to achieve.

Classic Style for the Drawing Room

Of course, if we use such word for the living room, we probably think about the Classic design with crystal chandelier, spacious place, stucco and fireplace. Even having large apartment, you can apply some popular techniques to turn your room into fully-fledged Classic styled masterpiece. Gypsum or PVC friezes and stucco imitating elements can be bought in wide range of choice at the building market. Also, you can by cheaper analogue of crystal chandelier made of plexiglas or other imitation.

Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Classic room with chic crystal chandelier, large mirror in wooden frame above the fireplace
Decorative elements, touristic souvenirs can also add charm and authentication to Classic drawing room. You can use vases with flowers, figurines, decorative mats and even books to add sophistication and elegance to your living space.
Greenish tint in the large Classic room's decoration
Unusual decorative items as chandelier or wicker coffee table can bring the room style closer to Vintage or Casual styles. Also, this room will still retain many traits of Classicism and ancient time. In fact, there is not so many trends change as the time going. So, there is no fundamental difference and strict lines between many styles that can be contributed as classic ones.
Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Gold plated chandelier in the Casual room with gray furniture
When decorating your Classic inclined drawing room, don’t forget about pictures and mirrors. Pictures can be in a wide range of thematics: it can be personal or family portraits, natural motifs or some impressionistic patterns. The main thing is to make the picture resonate with surrounding atmosphere; it should be the garish blot on the calm interior. The same relates to use of mirror. It can be of any shape (but oval if preferred) and its location is not strictly determined. However, the only cautionary recommendation is not to place it in from of the entrance door.
Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Yellow furniture and blue pattern on the carpet for the room
Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Classic interior with blue furniture and stucco wainscoting on the wallsBay window and blue wall paint for vintage styled living roomLight laminated floor and top LED lighting for the large vintage styled roomDrawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Eco design with flowers and natural colors for cozy living with riveted table

Modern Styled Drawing Rooms

If you tend to minimalism and less decoration, anyone will tell you to refer to modern variants of finishing and arrangement. This applies to any type of room’s geometry and architecture of building. Also, such approach will make you able to save time on the renovation, modern furniture will fit anyways. You can omit filling the room with decorative items if you consider them unnecessary.

Drawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Laminated floor and gray furniture for large open space living room in the cottageDrawing Room Interior Design in Different Living Spaces and Styles. Gorgeous quilted couple of sofas and marble imitating glossy coffee table for relaxing zonePastel creamy colored living room with black coffee table

However, there are lots of examples when you can combine styles and even whole epochs together by mixing up different interior items. For example, filling the room with unusual interior elements, choosing non-standard upholstery for furniture or Classic pattern for wallpaper or wall painting and you’ll achieve an absolutely unique original drawing room.

Nice designed drawing room in the seaside apartment with panoramic window and balconyLarge living room with travel suitcase looking poufs
Modern Scandinavian design for large drawing room in the cottage
Casual style is the most torelable one for any kind of decoration and interior elements. You can bring almost any furniture, floor covering, wall finishing and still you will have the possibility to combine color and form in the correct proportion.
Living zone at the second floor of the house near the staircase
You can also revive the casual style with bright elements, giving them the right color composition. As a result, some variants of Shabby Chic can be introduced into the interior.
Unusual girlish design with pinky shades for the drawing room

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