Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home

Each housewife must have one or even several vases at home, but few of the women think about the fact that they can be used to decorate the space. Frequently, vases since ancient times were placed in sideboards along with dishes and were taken out in very rare cases. But now it is time to pay more attention to these interior items because with the help of vases you can create a truly fabulous, romantic, and very gentle atmosphere.


Oddly enough, but there is a fashion for vases as well as for any other interior items. And the matter is not about materials more in combinations of vases among themselves and with plants.

Paired Compositions

A good way to quickly refresh the interior is to use a pair of vases. In order to create a harmonious composition of the same vases, it is necessary to select them in such a way that they are absolutely identical in form and material. Thus, narrow tall and round vases are most popular among decorators.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. Upholstered creamy colored round ottoman in the Oriental styled room

You need to arrange the vases in one line. If the vases are small in size, they can be used to form figures. Such compositions of vases can be filled with flowers or twigs, or you can simply leave them empty because they constitute a great decoration by themselves. However, the vases do not have to be the same. Two or three vases, which are located close to each other, but slightly different, look very interesting.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. Casual styled living room with pelt at the center and wooden cupboard

The pair of vases, one of which is bigger than the second one also has an interesting look. But in this case, it is necessary to remember that in order to create the most successful composition, the material, the shape and the color of the vases must be exactly the same, and only the sizes will be different.

These vases can also be filled with flowers (make large and small bouquets of the same color respectively). You can fill only one of the vases. This will also look very attractive.

You can combine vases of the same shape but of different colors in one composition. This combination will be especially interesting if you use large narrow vases. At the same time, three such vases will look more impressive than two. In this case, color is important. Of course, the shades of the vases must be harmoniously combined with each other or lay in exact contrast, or be of pastel shades, or of different shades, but of the same color. The perfect combination would be three tones.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. White colored dining room

In the interior, you can use compositions of vases of the same color but different shapes. Perhaps given the most simple method to implement in practice, because most manufacturers make vases that match the color and texture of materials, but different in shape.

If you are a fan of the classics, you can use vases and dishes from the same collection. Probably, such compositions will please the representatives of the older generation more, who are accustomed to things of this kind. However, such compositions will look elegant and harmonious.

Glass Vases

Currently, glass vases are very popular among decorators and florists. They differ with a great variety of types. Transparent vases can be in the form of balls, aquariums, cubes, wide low bowls, as well as thin narrow test tubes.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. Spectacular row of transparent glass vases at athe table

Glass vases are very easy to combine into groups, due to the fact that they are transparent and identical in the material. If we talk about filling such vases with flowers, then, according to florists, it is necessary to remember several conditions. First, in order for transparent vases to look spectacular and stylish in the interior, it is necessary to use the same flowers, but fill vases of various shapes with them. Secondly, use the same bouquets for the same vases. Thirdly, fill the same vases with different flowers, contrasting or similar in color.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. Black accent wall with starburst mirror and bonsai decorated crystal vases at the wooden table

For fans of the classic refined romantic style, there are vases on the market which are shaped like glasses. As a rule, such vases are not used one by one, but form compositions from two to three vases. At the same time, they can be of different sizes, but they must necessarily belong to the same collection. In each of these vases you can put one flower. If the vases themselves are large and wide, then they can form bouquets with lots of greenery.

Another type of glass vases that have become popular along with vintage fashion is bottle vases. A big plus of such vases is that they are very easy to make at home, just find a bottle of unusual shape or color. Although, according to florists, vases of blue and green shades look the most interesting and noble.

Homey Scandi design with central hearth and cozy armchair

Gladiolus can be placed in such vases, since the forms of vases are optimal for high flowers. Some decorators fill vases with bottles with wildflowers, wild plants, and twigs.

Vases in the Interior: Original Ideas on Decorating your Home. Living room with expressionistic picture and low wooden table

But vases of bright color glass will help to emphasize the shade in the interior of the room. If the room is decorated in a neutral color, then colored glass vases will add some energy to the interior.

Original Vases

For all connoisseurs of originality and unusualness in the interior, interior decoration with vases decorated with their own hands would be an ideal option.

A variety of different containers can be used as vases, depending on the mood of a homeowner or the time of year. So, you can use Christmas decorations, large shells, and even pumpkins as vases. In addition, cans, jugs, bowls, cups, and sugar bowls from the old service can serve as vases either.

Original construction of mini-tables for cozy lounge room in Contemporary style

Vases can also be decorated. If the house has a monotonous glass vase with a smooth surface, then it can be decorated with drawings, rhinestones, fabrics, and ribbons. Vases decorated with natural materials such as bamboo sticks, natural hemp, tree bark, and even fragments of wooden skewers and old trellises will look very natural.

Thus, it is quite obvious that there are a lot of style decisions in the use of vases in the interior. The main thing is to choose the needed option that harmoniously fits into the interior of a particular house or room.

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