Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas

The large viewing windows in an apartment or private house – it is a space and comfort, light, and easiness. It’s an opportunity to be closer to nature, while in a warm and comfortable space. It is stylish and modern. The owners of standard apartments try to make their homes more light in every possible way. They choose an extremely bright palette for surface finishing, prefer light translucent tulle instead of dark dense curtains. But there is no other way to let in as much light into the room as it is possible using panoramic windows. Residents of private urban and suburban homes, both as modern apartments with improved design, where the presence of panoramic windows initially provided, are much more fortunate in this regard. Owners of apartments can enjoy the large windows, spacious bright rooms, admire the view from the window, watching the scene on the streets. And for homeowners townhomes achieve the opportunity to be as close to nature as possible. A magnificent view of the surrounding landscape of the home is worth a lot. Panoramic windows design and using in modern homes ideas are collected in this small article in order to review photos and description of the main pros and cons of using such a modern and effective design method in your home.


Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Private house living room with wide glass panels

Modern apartment buildings, especially those that can be attributed to the elite housing, provide their residents with the opportunity to not only have a roof over the head but to enjoy the bright and spacious rooms. They can plunge into the life of the big city, just by opening the curtains on huge windows. From the high-rise buildings height, we can observe a gorgeous view of the city at any time of the day. Not to mention that with large windows to the floor you can forget about the artificial light until dusk.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. The totally glass wall in the bedroom

Obviously, the view from the window will affect the interior decoration of the room. In a city apartment, in the center of the bustling city life, we want to create a home design to match it. We dream of dynamic, modern, contrast solutions. For a country house with views on the garden or the edge of the forest, it would be desirable to use natural materials as much as possible in the interior, to join the rural life, but not at the expense of comfort and coziness. Well, if the panoramic windows are installed in a house at the seashore or with a view to any other body of water, it is unlikely you want something to be distracting from the gorgeous sight. You need to create an easy and laid-back design of the room, which will accompany you on an incredible opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery. In such areas appears a desire to use as little furniture, only light colors and light texture.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Panoramic glass panel in the modern seaside apartment

The spacious apartments and private houses usually have large windows in a bedroom and living room. But also the dining room, study, kitchen, and even bathrooms are perfect to fill the space with the maximum amount of natural light. Let`s review the real-world selection of different functional purpose premises design projects with panoramic windows in the interior.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Wide window for the observation of the outer landscape

Pros and Cons of the Panoramic Windows in Modern Dwellings

Windows allow us to admire the beautiful view, enjoy the closeness to nature (in the country house), or to be imbued with the dynamism of urban life (in apartment blocks). While admiring the beautiful scenery, we relax, renounce problems and worries, slow down the frantic running of thoughts and our emotions become calmer and happier. And what are the main advantages of having the windows from floor to ceiling in the interior:

  • space seem bigger and brighter due to the abundance of sunlight that penetrates through the panoramic windows;
  • we can have an illusion of being outdoors or participate in the bustling life of the city, but the residents are located in a warm and comfortable room;
  • there is no need for additional lighting, those ones switching on in the dark are sufficient.


Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. glass walls in the real private house`s first floor

As we all know, there is no design feature of the building that can fully get rid of without drawbacks. There are the following lacks of such constructions:

  • the high cost of non-standard windows and the installation of large structures;
  • high thermal conductivity of the windows, and thus heat loss in the room and increase in costs for space heating. You can solve this problem by installing energy-efficient double-glazed windows. Vacuum models are one of the most efficient in terms of heat storage. Though they are among the most expensive. Equally effective is the use of energy-saving film, glued to the outer surface of the window;
  • It is not possible to put large furniture against the wall with panoramic windows. So the large glass window panes can only be installed in a relatively spacious room.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Such construction is suitable for private houses with spectacular view from the window

Experts recommend installing only the panoramic windows on the south or southwest side of the building for people living in the northern latitudes of our relatively big country. Thus, windows are able to accumulate heat of sunlight, resulting in the room will stay warm for longer.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. classic interior is welcoming such decoration

Viewing Panels in Rooms with a Variety of Practical Load

Living Room

Large windows in the living room is an opportunity to not only create a bright image of the area but also to make the modest-sized space more spacious visually. If the small room has dim natural light, it imposes a certain taboo on the use of dark colors for its finishes and design of furniture and decor. When the room has enough sunlight due to the presence of windows from floor to ceiling, the color spectrum becomes limitless.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Winter scenery from the windows of the mansion

The spacious living rooms conjoined with the kitchen and dining room’s large floor-to-ceiling windows look especially luxurious with the help of an open layout. The same architectural design will be appropriate in the studio apartments. Even if the apartment has an open plan that can`t boast of large size, space will appear larger than it actually is due to the abundance of light and skillful arrangement of furniture.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. ultra-modern appearance of the living room in the private mansion near the shore

Spacious living room-library with high ceilings and minimalist furniture set, based on a bookshelf, just needs huge panoramic windows. The room so flooded with sunlight there is no need for a reading lamp until dusk.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. experimental hi-tech & minimalistic styles alloy in the spacious reading room of the house


If from your bedroom you can observe a magnificent view of the beautiful scenery, there will be an unforgivable mistake not to take advantage of this opportunity and do not install the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. With dark edging of the windows duplicated in the color of accent walls and chandeliers, fans, designers managed to create a contrasting, but herewith low-key interior, where nothing distracts from the main design element of the bedroom – the view from the window.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Nice hi-tech styled bedroom with panorama of the seashore and trimmed with contrasting natural materials

If you chose a minimalist style for the decoration of your spacious bedroom, a large window is necessary to complement your interior. Minimalism firstly implies light and space and after that – a minimum set of practical furniture and the almost complete lack of decor.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. tight bedroom with wooden beams, large window and the austere designed bed

So-called seamless monolithic windows are constituting a transparent wall. Of course, there are joints in these glass structures, but they do not have a metal-profile and therefore give the impression of a solid transparent surface. For the bedroom, which offers such beautiful views of the sea or ocean, this design is a godsend. But it is important to understand that you must install a system of forced ventilation or even open windows in a room with panoramic windows.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Really panoramic wall-length showcases with the ocean perspective Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Glass wal to the shore in the living room looks spectacular and enchanting

You can position the area with a dressing table in the bedroom with a large window. So the hostess of the room can be confident that the application of make-up and selection of the image will be held at the maximum of natural light.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Loft style for the small office all in white

Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen space with large windows is rare and can be met mostly in the private homes of individual designing. It is a pity as the natural light in the kitchen is not only the ability to efficiently carry out all the work processes but also the distraction from the routine work by the beautiful view through the glass.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Natural material for the kitchen set in the private house

It is difficult to find a housewife, who would not dream of a sink located near the window. If she would have the ability to not only wash the dishes under ideal lighting conditions but also relax from the monotonous process of contemplating beautiful views outside the window – such a pastime in the kitchen becomes enjoyable activities instead of a routine obligation.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Unusual lime color for the counter looks impressive at the background of large window

The contrasting dark frame of the large windows looks luxurious in the white kitchen. Especially if you notice nature plays with all shades of green behind the windows.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. White royal kitchen island with golden findings and the voluminous airy white lampshades

The Home Office

Large ceiling-high-windows in the home office or the study can both visually expand a small space, filling it with light, as well as promote maximum productivity of all business processes. Besides, what could be better than to be able to escape from the business by enjoying the scenery outside the window and restoring energy for more efficient use of your own resources?

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Spellbinding home office with the glass window panel and the entrance to the terrace

A large viewing window in the cabinet above the desk is a chic option to create a light atmosphere of the working premises and the possibility of observing nature. Most often this window is made blind and to maintain the balance in the room you must have another one, albeit a very small window that can be opened to ventilate the room.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Reading zone that can be used as the home office


What can be better than the opportunity to soak in the hot scented bath with a glass of wine or a book and to enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape? If it is possible to use such an opportunity at the stage of the house designing, you should not miss it just because generations of our fellow citizens grew up in homes without any source of natural light in the bathroom.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Bathroom also can have panoramic windows if they are heading to the forest`s edge

Decorating Huge Windows

The abundance of light in the room is great. And the light clean image of the space created by the sun’s rays is grandiose. But in some cases, we need to be able to shut out the light. Especially it concerns the premises where it is necessary to preserve intimacy. In the bedroom with panoramic windows, it is better to be able to shut out light by heavy curtains, for example, if you need to sleep during the day. Also shutting the large windows with textile is true for the northern regions of our country (Alaska is a bright example if you can remember the “Insomnia” movie with Al Pacino), where the white nights is a common phenomenon, which requires getting used to it.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Angle glass showcases in the bedroom

Usually, in a bedroom with windows down to the floor, people do without curtains, using curtains only for drapery of the window openings. Thus, don`t worry about the sun at a time when you need to sleep just by drawing thick curtains. And otherwise, the room would be filled with unimpeded light during wakefulness. In order to effectively and practically drape the French windows in the bay window, roller blinds or Roman blinds are ideal. Bedroom space needs reliable protection from the sun’s rays in certain situations, and blackout curtains made of linen or cotton will be a great addition to the large windows.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. Roman blinds, hearth and the tile trimming in the bedroom

Here is an example of windows` textile design in the dining room. A tight material of natural color perfectly blends with the other theme pieces. Not to mention that it excellently protects the hosts and their guests from the sun and prying eyes when needed.

Panoramic Windows Design and Using in Modern Homes Ideas. panoramic windows in the business looking living room of classic style

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