Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas

The hallway is the main attraction of any home, this is the first room that meets the households and guests of the apartment or private house. From the manner this utilitarian space is decorated, you can create a first impression of the interior of the entire house. Of course, the design of such facilities as hallways, corridors, and all sorts of additional areas near the stairs is changing with the times. We offer you a selection of real-world modern hallway decoration design ideas, which arrangement will be topical in the coming season.


Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Shabbu chic typical design for the white premises of the apartment

Features of Furnishing the Additional Facilities

As a rule, the hall is a small room without natural light sources. Hence, the peculiarity of the decoration and arrangement of such rooms. The apartments and private houses with a hall of modest size are generally using a bright palette of finishes. But the finishing materials must possess a number of properties:

  • resistance to moisture (for flooring and finishing at the wall bottom);
  • ease of care (hallway needs cleaning a room like no other dwellings);
  • the resistance of the floor covering to mechanical impact and hits after objects of significant weight falling.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Bright light interior of the large hall


Not only in the hallway but the majority of additional spaces, modern designers are advised not to be too clever by half and not organize complex or expensive design. Perfectly smooth and even ceiling, as a rule, in the light perspective is the most popular way of finishing. The fastest way to arrange the ceiling with the help of tension design. As a result, you`ll get a completely flat surface. But it`ll have one drawback – the lack of possibility of embedding fixtures. You can use pendant models only. If you use the suspension structures, there would not be any limitations regarding lighting systems.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Stretched ceiling in the naturally trimmed hallway

If the hall has a smooth continuation in another room or separated from it with a door or interior walls, it would be logical to arrange the ceiling the same in every space. Perfectly smooth, white ceiling is the most successful variant that is not only visually enlarge a small space but does not create problems of conjunction between colors of walls and floors.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Alternative decoration of the passway and unusual color palette of green shades

A great way to visually expand the space is to use a glossy stretch ceiling. Coupled with a brilliant gloss flooring, utilitarian space will appear larger than it actually is.


The white walls are the perfect design idea for small spaces. If you use liquid or vinyl wallpaper with the ability to cleanse surfaces, or painting with latex paint, or white wall panels – you`ll get no problems with regular maintenance. But your light walls are the perfect backdrop for any wall decor and bright furnishings.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. White wall trimming is universal decor method for all times

Design techniques for creating the accent walls are applicable to other additional areas such as hallway or corridor. You can use wallpaper with a pattern or wall panels with a photo-printing in combination with monochromatic, light-colored surfaces. You can support the bright color accent wall can be through the use of the same shade in the lighting fixtures or accessories hallway, for example, for the execution of hangers or hooks for clothes.

Yellow accent wall for the small apartment`s hallway

In the modern design projects of hallways and other additional facilities, we can often see contrasting combinations of black and dark gray tones. This adds some flavor of brutality and rigor to the interior of the premises.

Nice English cylibder hats as the lamp shaders. Cool sultion for the black hall

Another way to trim extra areas is facing with wall panels. Products, simulating and composed of natural materials  (like wood), would have a particularly impressive look in the hallways of the private homes.

Wide passways of the private houses are very suitable for natural materials

Imitation of concrete surfaces is the trend of the season. Liquid or vinyl wallpaper, decorative plaster, and metallic compounds may suit these purposes,.

concrete and metallized surfaces are the new era of the brutal hallway design

Brick wall as a way to furnish additional space is yet another interesting and highly popular design method. The interior will receive a small dose of industrialism and brutality. And you`ll have the original textured wall coverings that can be a highlight of the design.

brickwork for the retro or industrial apartment furnishing and trimming


Stone or ceramic tiles is an ideal design for the hallway, especially in a private house. It is a durable, reliable, and easy-to-use way to make a floor covering, which, among other things, will give the interior a special charm. For greater protection from pollution, you can build a sort of a wide plinth made with ceramic tile, the height equaled to one item.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Stone or concrete tiles turns interior more strict and official but highly impacts the easiness of sustaining of the cleanliness

Figured floor tiles, if still of different shades, can become a highlight of the interior. This motley floor covering will not only last for years, but will decorate the space with neutral, monochromatic furnishing.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Outdoor tile also can be used for the facing of the hallway floor nowadays

The laminate as a floor covering can be used without problems in the corridors and spaces of the stairs. But it is better to use more moisture-resistant material for the area at the entrance of the home. You can use the tiles to lay a segment near the front door and face the rest of the floors in the hallway with laminate.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Laminate floor trimming and the accent wall image with minimalistic smooth ceiling and built-in fixtures are in trend

Parquet, laid in a herringbone, the way is always in trend. But such a choice is not the best solution in terms of care for the surfaces exposed to moisture and dirt. But this method of flooring design will look luxurious for corridor space.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Herringbone laminate in the modern minimalistic apartment interior

An interesting way of bringing an element of surprise into the design of the hall is the use of a 3D-coating pattern. Such a surface is easy to care for, and the external effect compensates for any material costs.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. 3D-image for the flooring of the hall area with unusual color combination

Storage Systems

Hallway without storage systems is an irrational way of using space from the standpoint of many homeowners. In our latitudes, it is too diverse climate and we need to have an umbrella and rubber boots, warm clothing, and a hat from the sun on hand before going out of the house. Depending on the size of the hallway, it may contain a small stack to accommodate a shoe closet to a full-wardrobe to store all the family`s seasonal outerwear.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas in the form of the complex semicircular white cabinet storage system

Built-in storage in a closet from floor to ceiling is an option for large families or apartments, where is no possibility of placing most of the family wardrobe in the other rooms. For such massive structures, white is color for decoration is the most preferred option. Do not worry about the possible contamination of the white surfaces. If the front of the cabinet is covered with PVC film, you`ll avoid problems with cleaning the dirt.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Monolithic storage system in classic white style and the contrasting "puzzle" rug are creating the atmosphere

Corridor space can also be used efficiently to accommodate storage systems. Shallow shelving with open shelves can be installed even in small spaces. They do not take up much space and does not look too monolithic, big, thanks to the open facades.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. The storage system for books in the hallway for the lover of reading

Storage systems without handles, with smooth facades or recesses instead of accessories, are ideal for narrow corridors and hallways. Bright shades of cabinets` decoration and other storage systems will help visually expand a small space.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. minimalstic, low-keu, but still impressive prospective of the hallway

A modular system of cabinets assembling with smooth facades is a modern design solution. In such cases modules can not only organize the storage system but also can serve as a room divider.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Another great idea to arrange the storage system in the spacious hall

The alternation of open shelves or closed cabinets in massive storage systems, occupying an entire wall of the corridor or hallway, allows depriving the effect of the monumentality of the structure that can visually “push” the present. Open shelves with lighting are perfect to defuse the situation.

 Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Light wooden material for the complex of storage systems in the hall

Low chest of drawers with a mirror above it is not only a functional but also externally attractive couple. Such an alliance would look especially harmoniously if the manufacture of chest and mirror frames was implemented with the same materials.

 Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Storage system for your clothes and footwear right at the entrance to the apartment

The original method of organizing the storage systems is the use of metal lockers that were used in the dressing rooms of public buildings. The bright color of the original appearance of nontrivial storage systems can become a highlight of the interior.

 Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Blue dorm cabinet to the fresh decoration

The space near the stairs or in front of one of the rooms is a great place for the arrangement of the home library. Bookcase should be located at the wall with a window opening and around it, and a comfortable chair with a floor lamp and a table stand – in the front of it.

 Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. German simple design if the hall with reading zone

If additional space is located in the attic, then adding a bonus of a large bevel ceiling to a small space. But even in such a complex shape, we can install roomy indoor storage. Use for the lowest ceiling height for its location.

 Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Attic loft style of decoration with small storage counter for the most necessary things

The Lighting in the Hallway – an Important Aspect of the Design

Most of the hallways and corridors, especially in model homes, do not have a source of natural light. So the question of space equipped with lighting sources is very acute. None of us wants to go out in the morning at home in an untidy appearance, without noticing flaws in your own image. Therefore, a sufficient level of hallway lighting should be a priority in the final stage of the facility arrangement.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas with unique idea of trimming the walls with laminate plates same as floor

Apart from the central system or embedded pendant ceiling, hallway mirror lighting is important. It can be both using LED strip in the perimeter of the mirror frame and a pair of symmetrically disposed wall sconces.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Complex lighting and natural dark wooden materials in the floor to emphasize the status of the space

A beautiful hanging chandelier with a variety of decorative elements, or hanging lamp with an original design is able to radically change even the most trivial design of the hall. It’s enough to have the ceiling height a little higher than the standard.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Nice chandelier highlighting the family photos in the very entrance to the living space

Possible Hallway Decor

Due to the small area of ​​additional space, the outdoor decor is usually excluded by both designers and homeowners. But for wall decoration, there is considerable scope for imagination. It may be a picture of your favorite artists or a collection of your own family photos.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Using of the big number of vintage and pop-art elements to decorate the area

hallway or corridor walls are the ideal background for family photos hanging in frames or collectibles. You just need to take care of the light walls, if the framework will be dark, and vice versa – a dark, neutral background color if the photo will be in the white frame. Also, the room should have the necessary level of illumination, so that everybody could see your collection.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. The mix of simple rustic elements and memorable photos on the vintage styled passway

Bright wall decor is able to radically transform the interior of the hallway or corridor. The colorful décor would have a particularly striking look on the bright background of the walls.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. White trimmed effective floor nad the bright colorful accents make the interior a little bit experimental and even garish

The mirror is the main decorative element of any hall design, which bears functional load among other things. A large mirror in one piece or composed of elements of different shapes will not only provide you an opportunity to watch your reflection in the full but will also create a visual extension of the space. In addition, the mirror surfaces increase the room lighting. And hallways are almost always critical to this parameter.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. White and mirror surfaces make the hall smooth and elusive

A large mirror in a beautifully carved frame is not only a functional element of the interior but also a great decoration for the hall, which is capable to decorate any modern design.

Modern Hallway Decoration Design Ideas. Mirror can expand the space of your hall visually

Long Hallway Design Tips

“A good solution in the design of a long corridor in an apartment would be a sliding wardrobe, made to the full height of the wall, in the design of which glass or mirrored sliding doors are provided.”


Decorate these surfaces with neutral, light spectrum paints. Leading colors:

  • cream;
  • light shades of gray;
  • beige;
  • coffee and milk range.

A light cold background will always be beneficial. Any of the above colors will do an excellent corrective job and bestow the space with an airy feel. Look at examples of such a design of a long corridor in an apartment in the photo, maybe there will be an interesting idea for you.

Light colors will perfectly cope with the correctional mission

When choosing a material for wall decoration, special attention should be paid to its durability. The surfaces can be decorated with washable wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster, and finishing stone. Dust can be easily removed from any of these coatings. They can withstand wet cleaning.

The idea of ​​solving the interior design of a long corridor using glass fiber wallpaper will be interesting. They are given color after fixing on the wall. The material is resistant to solvent processing, so if necessary, their appearance can be easily changed.

From the design novelties for finishing the corridor, liquid wallpaper is suitable. They are able to hide all defects on the wall surfaces.

Liquid wallpaper will hide wall defects

Thoughtful wall decor can also correct the visual perception of space. In the design of a long and narrow corridor, such a technique as fragmentation is used, when separate areas are highlighted with decorative inserts on plain surfaces. It can be textured wallpaper imitating masonry or stripes of abstract patterns.


It should always be lighter than the wall finish. If the ceilings in the apartment are too high, then the corridor runs the risk of turning into a kind of well. The problem must be solved radically. The easiest way to do this is to assemble a plasterboard false ceiling. Look at the photo of a narrow long corridor in an apartment, which is designed using a multi-tiered structure. Complex shapes have made the atmosphere in the room heavier, so no matter how beautifully trimmed ceilings look like this, you still need to give preference to simple shapes.

The ceiling should be lighter than the wall finish

Low ceilings will force you to achieve the opposite effect. They will need to be visually lifted. Their glossy finish and the presence of hidden backlighting will help to do this.


This surface is also involved in space correction when designing a long corridor. Here it is necessary to abandon the standard parallel layout of finishing materials and give preference to diagonals.

Parquet or laminate laid on an oblique floor will move the walls apart, and the room will seem more voluminous. However, this floor decor option has one drawback – increased consumption of finishing, which is due to a large number of trims.

Doiagonally laid laminate floor to increase space

In respect of materials, linoleum will be the most economical but practical solution. Its design of long and narrow corridors can be replaced by porcelain stoneware, laminate, but not parquet. It will not react well to high loads and moisture, which will certainly be in the entrance area.

The creative atmosphere will add a filler floor. Made in 3D format, it will create a sensation.


The degree of natural light in the corridor is extremely low, and dark spaces will never look spacious and light. This means that you need to organize well-thought-out artificial lighting. Working on the interior design of the long corridor in the apartment, the specialists strive to install lighting fixtures:

  1. Along the whole ceiling surface.
  2. In the ceiling segment of the walls.
  3. Build them into the floor.
  4. To equip the furniture with lighting elements.

The corridor space should be well illuminated

It is not necessary to limit the organization of only the upper light. It will be quite uncomfortable in the corridor with it, especially with low power lamps. Do not forget to correlate the dimensions of lighting structures with the parameters of the corridor space. Avoid cumbersome options.

Peculiarities of Decor

Just an abundance of ideas and solutions for the design of a narrow long corridor in an apartment is demonstrated by photos. The designer’s fantasy is truly tireless! Some of them offer to use large-format paintings for wall decoration in the frame of backlighting, others – wallpaper with large print. But the most popular are less fanciful solutions. For example, the walls, decorated with decorative plaster with mosaic inserts.

Wall decoration with large print wallpaper

Especially chic looks in an environment mirrored mosaic masonry with accent lighting LED ribbons. LED lighting in the long corridor design can also be added to the mirrors. It will also create an interesting illusion.

The mirrors visually enlarge the space

It is very good if there are niches in the corridor. These planning elements are equipped with shelves, on which later collections of figurines or cute things are placed. Naturally, in order to make all this wealth available to the public, the decorative areas also have soft LED lighting.


The main rule of furnishing a narrow space is not to overload it with furniture elements. Ideally, you should use built-in furniture, adapted to the peculiarities of the layout.

A good solution in the design of a long corridor in the apartment will be a closet, thrown out to the full height of the wall, which has a glass or mirror sliding doors. It will fulfill a double mission: on the one hand, it will allow you to comfortably store your things, and on the other hand, it will expand and decorate the space.

A closet to the full height of the wall

No room for closets at all? Replace them with a narrow chest of drawers. For more decorative purposes, the space above the shelf should not be left empty. Arrange a photo gallery or place a mirror there. How interesting the design of space in a long corridor of an apartment may be, see the photo.

A bookshelf, stretching for the whole corridor, will become a real interior highlight. Easy improvisation of the library will give an opportunity to tell its guests about their literary preferences in an unobtrusive form.

In the entrance area, you will need to equip a place for comfortable shoes. Usually, a shoe rack or a comfortable pouf is placed there.

Bookshelf right at the corridor

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