Living Room Wall Plates Decoration

It is difficult to say when the first decorative plate appeared to decorate the walls of the homes. If the first porcelain plate, we can surely say, appeared in the 7th century in China, there are no available data about the dishes as wall decor. There is an assumption that the tradition of using the plates as a decoration appeared in the times of awarding of especially devoted to sovereign patrials with rare and expensive exemplars of painted plates. Not surprisingly, the honorable product of china was given to the best place in the house of these nationals. But in the late 19th century, collecting plates (rare, vintage, original ones) became fashionable. But the most popular living room wall plates decoration appears in white and blue colors.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Black and white composition with contrasting colorful pillow

In the mid-20th century, one famous company has released a collection of plates designed exclusively for decoration. Created precedent became an impetus for other manufacturers. Nowadays, many designers and homeowners prefer using pictures or photos within the original plates as wall decor. Collectible items, souvenirs brought back from travels, or specially purchased plates for wall decoration are able to shift your imagination of ​​how to decorate room creatively and originally.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Wooden plates to liven up the atmosphere

Do you want to create a composition of your dishes or buy items specifically for wall decor? Then it is better to get acquainted with the design projects of famous professionals and successful attempts to homeowners in self-decoration of their homes. Original and classic, simple and intricate, patterned and plain, round and of fanciful forms – there are lots of plate’s execution variants. And options to use this kitchenware for wall decoration are even more. We hope that our original selection of photos will be useful to you, and you’ll be inspired by your own exploits in the decoration of your home.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. negotiation or nusiness place with austere atmosphere

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Creative design

Many people believe that decorative plates are possible to fit the interior of the living room only within a certain stylistic direction. For example, Traditional style or Shabby Chic. But when choosing wall décor, you can be guided by only the color and texture combinations, by your preferences and you`ll get the incredibly attractive and original result in the renovation of living in any stylistic direction.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Green wall and light decor elements along with pendant sofa add mystic to the interior

If your living room has a real or artificial fireplace, the space above it just needs decorating. Typically, this zone is very broad and can take very large ones or a whole wall decor composition of plates of different sizes and shapes. Glass decorating objects of elaborate forms look luxuriously and bring originality to the traditional room interior.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Classic style of the fireplace

You can save quite a bit amount of money if you try to find decorative plates for hanging at a flea market. Especially, these plates can be cheaper in other countries, and also you may stumble upon something else interesting.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Rustic style for private house

You can hang plates above a dresser or any other low storage in the living room. Such decor will also look organically in the space between the windows or on both sides of the doorway.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Joyful decoration for vintage style Coffee and creamy colors for the calm atmosphere of the summer house

Bright glass plates of different sizes will bring true summer mood to the interior. Placed on special tripods of varying lengths, some colorful plates make up the original voluminous composition.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Long spacious room and colorful embellishment Contrasting glass elements in the holiday house

Decorative plates are perfect to combine with other pieces of wall decor – paintings, pictures, or photos within. The main thing, you must follow symmetry and stylistic unity of execution in the preparation of compositions of assorted wall decor.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Classic compostition of wooden soft bench, pictures and plates Around the picture with elephant

Making a living room in a nautical style, we often use textiles in baby blue, navy, or blue and white stripes. Decorative Gzhel painted plates will look organic in this interior. Delicate patterns can soften the straightforwardness of textile colors.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Nice modern design for the space with decorative hearth

Even in the living room decorated in a contemporary style, inclined to minimalism, decorative plates would find their place on the walls. The composition of the plain plates of contrasting colors and different sizes looks accentual, bringing color diversity in a rather austere living room interior.

Contemporary minimalistic style and contrasting yellow sofa

Plates woven of threads and ropes, carved from a single piece of wood, deep and not very, of bright and wooden colors, plain and patterned have made an unusual composition in the living room, decorated in white tones.

Living Room Wall Plates Decoration. Accent wall with the colorful attractive installation

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