5 Benefits of Having Felt Sound Dampening Wall Tiles in Your Home

Make your home a haven with sound dampening tiles. Coming home to a quiet and peaceful environment is the best way to unwind after a long day. Soundproofing your home from distracting background noise is the best way to achieve this. However, this isn’t the only benefit of having sound dampening wall tiles… In this article, we list 5 reasons why you should consider installing sound dampening felt tiles in your home. Keep reading to learn more about some of the many benefits of why felt wall tiles are the perfect addition to any space.

5 Benefits of Having Felt Sound Dampening Wall Tiles in Your Home. Hexagonal soundproofing tiles for unusual minimalistic living room style

First of All, What Are Sound Dampening Tiles?

Sound deadening tiles are arguably the most functional innovation to hit the market in recent years. They are made from soft materials, like felt or durable plastic fibers, which are great at absorbing sound. Felt wall tiles are easy to install – all you have to do is peel off the backside and adhere them to your walls! Additionally, they come in a wide assortment of colors and shapes, making them the perfect addition to every room of your house or apartment.

Why You Need Sound Dampening Felt Wall Tiles

Because sound-dampening felt wall tiles are made from soft, sustainable materials, they are the perfect solution for all your noise reduction needs. For your home office, your living room, or bedroom, felt wall tiles create a sound-absorbing barrier between you and the outside noise. They are especially great if you have upstairs neighbors. But there are multiple benefits to installing these wall tiles in your home:

1.  Reduce Noise

First and foremost, the most obvious benefit to felt wall panels is their ability to effectively diffuse outside noise. Because they are soft and fibrous, they can reduce vibrations and dampen noises. They are convenient for spaces such as

  • Behind your TV
  • Behind your desk
  • Behind your bed
  • And so much more!

Do you want to cancel out outside noise when you’re taking Zoom calls in your office? Installing felt wall tiles will do just that! If you are a light sleeper, using sound absorbing wall tiles as a headboard can help you soundly sleep through the night. When you’re watching a movie, does the sound travel as it should, or is there a weird echo around the room? Placing felt wall tiles behind the TV can combat this issue. Acoustics play a really important role in the overall atmosphere of your home. Felt wall tiles can balance acoustics, and make your intimate home environment cozier than ever before. There are so many sound-dampening benefits alone!

2.  Easy to Install or Remove

Felt wall tiles are super easy to install. They don’t require any hardware or abrasive glue, so they won’t damage your walls. Peel off the back, place firmly on the wall, and viola, you’ve successfully installed your felt wall tile. Most designs come with handy tools that will help you make sure everything is symmetrical and perfect!

It’s just as easy to remove them. Pick up the corner of the tile and slowly peel it off the wall. They do not leave behind any residue, nor do they take any paint with them, making them a perfect, renter-friendly addition to any room in your home. Why deal with the hassle of installing wallpaper when you can just slap some felt wall tiles on and call it a day?

3.  Unique Home Decor

How many people do you know that have a unique felt wall tile design in their home? Too many people are missing out on this one-of-a-kind home decor. Felt wall tiles come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and shapes. They can give your space an edgy and eccentric look without breaking the bank. Doubling as wall art, felt tiles will impress your guests and are guaranteed to be the talking piece of your home. Plus, they can match almost any style of interior design. Give your home a new look, whether it’s futuristic chic, modern, or retro!

5 Benefits of Having Felt Sound Dampening Wall Tiles in Your Home. Complex pattern and structure panels for sound proofing and styling the interior

4.  Make Organization Easy & Fun

Did you know that felt wall tiles also double as a bulletin board where you can pin your notes to? Thanks to its felt fibers, you can easily pin any piece of paper to them. This makes them even more useful for office spaces. Attach all your important reminders to your felt wall panels, as well as dampen any outside sounds while taking meetings. Not to mention, these wall tiles come in a lot of fun and colorful designs, making them great for kids and students.

5.  Customizable Patterns

Not only do felt wall tiles come in various colors and shapes, but you can also customize them to the pattern of your liking. Because of how versatile the patterns are, you can also rearrange the wall tiles you already have! The designs are limitless and you can really make any pattern your own. Instead of using one wall, you can also extend the design over a corner or even onto the ceiling for a truly unique look.


Imagine relaxing on the couch, playing your favorite movie, without hearing weird vibrations from the bass. Imagine having to take an important business call, confidently knowing the microphone won’t pick up any excessive background racket. Imagine sleeping soundly, knowing all the background chatter is being absorbed by a felt tile headboard. Thankfully, all those scenarios are 100% attainable with felt sound dampening wall tiles. Their ability to effectively diffuse noise is unmatched, but their easy installation, unique designs, functionality, and customizability are just the icing on the cake. Try a sound-absorbing felt wall tile design in your home today.

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