The Brief Guide That Makes Organizing Your Garage Simple

Did you know that the average U.S. household has 300,000 items? If you’re drowning in clutter, you might be dreaming of a way to make more space available.

It can feel overwhelming to decide where to begin, but organizing your garage is an excellent place to start. Read this guide that makes organizing your garage simple and helps you regain your space!

The Brief Guide That Makes Organizing Your Garage Simple. Metal sheathed walls and blue workbench table with tools

Create a Plan

Create an organizing plan before your next garage floor refinishing project. Pick multiple days that you can organize it and create the best garage space.

Have trash bags and cans available. Go through items and decide what you’ll keep and dispose of.

Have a weekend or full day to go through the garage. Consider vertical shelves to store smaller items and create more space.

Categorize Items

Categorize the various items into garden, seasonal, automotive, etc. Decide whether you need them or can store them elsewhere. Consider organizing your home before your garage.

Go through every item and consider having friends or family help. Have piles you’ll keep, discard, sell, donate, etc.

Mark each pile to keep track. Have a yard sale after you go through items.

Items you shouldn’t store in residential garages include:

  • Pet food
  • Propane
  • Paper goods
  • Paint
  • Refrigerators

Use Bins

To maintain the best garage floor, use bins for storage. Stack them vertically to save space.

Define them by having different colors for each bin depending on the item. Use wood frames for wall-mounted items such as utility hooks, fishing rods, etc.

Dispose of Items

Throw away all damaged items. If you have outdated or duplicate items, give one away. Recycle items such as scrap metal.

Install Wall Organizers

Hang items with hooks. Install wall organizers to manage items.

You could have cabinets to hide the clutter and take up less space. Ceiling storage is another option. This keeps eye-level areas neat and allows you to store seasonal items you don’t need.

Go Adjustable

For seasonal items, consider adjustable shelves. You’ll be able to move the shelves around when necessary. Use large plastic containers or open wall shelves.

Use Locked Cabinets

Keep dangerous items such as tools and chemicals in locked cabinets, especially if children are in the house. Buy shelving and a step stool to easily access items in the garage.

The Brief Guide That Makes Organizing Your Garage Simple. Joyful orange closed cabinet

Maintenance Time

Maintain your garage and make it a plan to organize it weekly, monthly, etc. At the very least, organize it twice a year. Remember to only keep what’s necessary and separate it into categories.

When you organize, it’s a good idea to clean the garage. Remove cobwebs, nails, stains, and bugs.

Organizing Your Garage Shouldn’t Be a Headache!

After exploring this guide, organizing your garage should be a breeze. Start with a plan and ensure you have all the handy tools and equipment. And research other tips to come up with even more ideas.

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