Vintage Style Apartment Design Ideas

If you, dear reader, is the person who appreciate the traditions of previous generations, and you do not mind having ancient household items, thereby reviving the home interiors of past centuries, then, modern vintage style apartment design ideas will be interesting to you, and this article will help you find out interesting details about it.

Color: ceiling, walls and floor finishing

The vintage style is characterized by the natural colors: white, beige, light purple, pale pink and gray. No bright, exciting colors, with the exception of some non-essential accents. Last time we can meet the interiors with bright decoration and vintage elements, but this is more French styles. Background in the apartment must be calm, prepossessing to rest and meditation. It is this atmosphere which was reigned in the house of the past centuries.

The walls should be painted preferably in the light colors. Papering with a gentle floral pattern is also appropriate. Wallpaper of Japanese or Chinese themes will look nicely too. The main thing, color should emanate tranquility and breathe with light age-related changes. Do not forget that in a vintage room must be present at least thirty years past atmosphere.

Vintage ceiling is usually painted in white or cream color.

The floor should also be designed in the spirit of antiquity. Second hand or artificially aged shabby parquet will help you to do this. But nowadays it is not necessary to use preowned parquet as the material for the floor. Modern technology can do it with marks of aging. In addition to flooring, ceramic tiles can be used to the same age-effect.


Furniture, set in a vintage room, should be from the same time period of past, if possible. However, modern coffee table with glass top wouldn`t much to violate the principle of style. On the contrary, it`ll give some design flair to the interior.

Small vintage room furniture

Furniture must comply with the concept of color, which is inherent to vintage style. These are calm light colors and shades.

Light wooden furniture for vintage interior of the kitchen

Externally, the furniture should have marks of the past decades such as scuffs, faded from time upholstery of chairs and sofas. Traces of the past time can be artificially created by master furniture makers.

Aged bench with pink cushions and a pets under

This style is characterized by the presence of numerous shelves for storing clothes and shoes. This is very accurately describes the interior of the past centuries, when the cabinets had not been as widespread as they are now.

Another look at vintage interior: laquer slick wooden surfaces and textile furniture

However, the style will not be spoiled by some elements of the modern interior. The presence of built-in furniture wouldn`t violate the general harmony. It`s sporadic presence would be literally unnoticed, but would complement the general image of the interior.

Decoration of vintage apartment

Vintage room decorating should be designed in the spirit of the single period of time. Using the accessories from different eras you`ll violate the harmony of the room space.

The use of stucco to decorate the walls, ceiling and door openings is possible. Plaster lining of the doors and windows will give your room a certain charm in the spirit of old Paris. Barely noticeable cracks in the ceiling, formed by the cracked paint, can be regarded as original and unique decoration. Of course, this does not mean that we should purposely bring ceilings to this state, but inviting master artist, you can create illusory cracks.

Stucco in vintage interior

Great value in this style have mirrors and mirror surfaces. These decorative elements are not just for reflecting of one`s good self, but also to increase the visual space of the room. This option will be very useful in small rooms where feels a shortage of the area.

Vintage interior design with mirror set

Like any style, vintage is incomplete without accessories, which were popular in the past years. Metal elements have fantastic look, especially if they made for the silver and gold imitation, and have a form of antiques. Grandma’s jewelry box, antique dishes, and other antiques are a sure sign of vintage style. By the way, it is not necessary to go to a specialty store to have these things. Often they can be found by exploring the attic or the barn of your fathers and even grandfathers.


In conclusion

Vintage style involves your imagination, especially this may refer to those exclusive accessories, which have been “purchased” from your close and distant relatives. History of style knows cases where its fans sought the things of the past decades in the city dump, but later on they had an exclusive apartment, meanwhile not devoid of elements of modern styles either.

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