Egyptian Interion Design Style

If you want to fill your house or apartment with moderate luxury, but at the same time not to be surrounded by gilding and expensive materials, then it is best to pay attention to the Egyptian style when planning the future interior. It is worth noting that the room finished in this style will be full not only of luxury and wealth of ancient royal palaces but also of such distinctive features as restraint and calmness.


Egyptian Interion Design Style. The large statue of pharaoh in the yellow and white colored interior

Many may think that this style of the interior can be reproduced only in private houses, mansions, and cottages characterized by large dimensions but this is far from it. The interior in the Egyptian style can be recreated even in an ordinary apartment with an old layout. Although it is necessary to adhere to certain criteria.

The Interior Decoration of the Room

When choosing materials for the interior decoration of the room, the first thing you should pay attention to is the color palette. Colors such as ivory, ochre, light yellow, and beige are considered typical for an interior in the Egyptian style. In a word, the color scheme of the room should reflect the sunshine of Egypt and the sand. In addition, it is impossible to overlook the convenience of using these colors, as they are ideal not only for decorating the hallway and living room but also for such intimate rooms as the bedroom and bathroom.

Egyptian Interion Design Style. Airy canopy with tulle and prolonged leg pillow to create the proper atmosphere Egyptian Interion Design Style. Typical Egyptian bedroom with black and golden colors as well as semi-columns, textured headboard and pillows with ethic drawings

Making flooring, you can go for ceramic tiles, cork flooring, parquet, or laminate with the typical style pattern. When finishing the walls and the ceiling, a small border can be installed in the gap between these parts of the room. If possible, the border should have a pattern in the form of a pictograph or display elements of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Egyptian Interion Design Style. Mild Egyptian color palette riminiscent of desert with the drawing of pyramids

The doorways and windows are better done in the form of arches. If possible,  install several false columns painted in the style theme in the very room. The decorative constructions themselves can be made of any modern building material, for example, gypsum board.

Egyptian Interion Design Style. Ethnic living room interior colors and patterns with the boudoir and large canvas for home theater

Furniture and Textiles

The selection of furniture is not the last place in the formation of the interior in the Egyptian style. As a rule, the furniture and textiles fill the room with special wealth and luxury, so saving money is a poor strategy here. The furniture must be made from expensive wood. The design of furniture is especially noteworthy. The furniture in the Egyptian style has a very original form: the legs in the form of animals’ legs, armrests in the form of tigers and panthers, Egyptian ornaments on the front. As a decoration, you can use not only Egyptian carvings, but also other decorative techniques, such as inlay with ivory, or precious stones (malachite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc.).

Egyptian Interion Design Style. Carved and painted table base with heads of pharaohs Egyptian Interion Design Style. Quilted bench on castors in "firm" gilded and black tones

As for textiles, you should pay attention to color and pattern, as well as texture. Rich materials such as lightweight silk and satin will only emphasize the overall picture of wealth and luxury. Therefore it is necessary to choose them in the first place. If the single-colored curtains and bedspreads do not match your personal taste, you can diversify their monotony with a strict geometric pattern in accordance with the general style of the interior.

Black and gold pattern on the folding table


Accessories are no less than the other components that help in creating an Egyptian style interior. The room can be filled with a variety of vases, paintings, and figurines, the main thing that all caused an association with the era of Ancient Egypt. It can be antique amphorae, statuettes of pharaohs and Nefertiti, paintings depicting Egyptian hieroglyphs, or ancient Egyptian gods.

Egyptian Interion Design Style. Round stools and mirrors, glass topped table on carved legs

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