Yellow Color Interior Decoration. Complementary & Main Role

The situation at home is mostly the merit of a woman, so the appearance in the design of a yellow color, which is unattractive for many men, is an idea of ​​fair sex. What is so attractive about it? This is a departure from the standard solutions, allowing making any room original and brighter.


Gray Classic bedroom with the touch of bright yellow

It’s no secret that color affects not only the mood of a person but also its perception at the physical level since it can act excitedly and lead to a rapid heartbeat. Where does a person feel more comfortable in the cold season – in a dark, or in a bright room? Since the yellow color and its shades are associated with the sun, summer, and heat, it will perfectly serve to maintain a warm atmosphere in a dark room. However, when summer comes, it will be very uncomfortable to be in the sunlit yellow room. It will be especially hard to bear heat there. So, where is the golden mean?

The heat sensitivity of a person to a yellow color in the interior of his home imposes some limitations in its use. If yellow tones cause positive emotions after awakening, then in the evening this situation can affect in a depressing way a tired person without mood. So, it is better not to use bright tones of this color for the room where you plan of taking a rest.

Yellow Color Interior Decoration. Complementary & Main Role. Bedroom

This room is designed for relaxation. If the yellow color in it not only does not irritate but attracts you, you can experiment. Let’s start with small things: we’ll add a bit of this color to the usual bedroom. Pay attention to how the general background has changed! The experiment was successful, and the yellow color blended harmoniously into the interior of the dimly lit bedroom.

It is interesting to consider how yellow is combined with a blue painted bedroom. The furnishings are diluted with a neutral white ceiling, but you can use a brown, gray, pink, or green hue for this.

Nice yellow and blue color mixing in the bedroom

Usually, black is not used for the bedroom, as for most people it is associated with gloomy events, and subconsciously this would lead to anxiety. But if it is used as a contrast and goes in combination with white and yellow, the perception completely changes.

Yellow Color Interior Decoration. Complementary & Main Role. Canopy wooden bed with spotted linen

Now consider the bedrooms made in warm shades of yellow.

And, finally, a bedroom with walls of light yellow color, in which, thanks to organic filling with white, brown, and black color, a cozy atmosphere has turned out. As already mentioned, it is possible to make a yellow color preferential over others only in rooms that do not receive a lot of sunlight. As you can see in the photo, the bedroom is illuminated by a table lamp even in the afternoon.

Yellow Color Interior Decoration. Complementary & Main Role. Mild color to make the bedroom warm

Yellow Color in the Kitchen

Why yellow? Because it is ideal for the kitchen as it promotes better digestion and helps maintain the desired weight. If you have a desire to achieve the best effect, so opt for a glossy facade.

Modular kitchen island at the open space decorated in Classic minimalism

Next, we see a kitchen in which only the working wall is painted yellow. And the whole situation is transformed thanks to this. To create harmony, it’s good to add some yellow objects to the interior.

Yellow glossy LED-enlighted splashback in the modern styled kitchen

In the next variant, a part of the wall is also trimmed, but the yellow color is added as inclusions in the form of a mosaic. Having shown ingenuity, you can add other yellow objects to the interior.

Mosaic splashback and the granite countertop

Also, the style of the kitchen is emphasized by yellow furniture and accessories. We can take yellow stools and blinds for example, which can have a bright color because such details are few.

Complemetary yellow color in the kitchen as chairs

Yellow Furniture in the Interior of the Rooms

If successfully matched, even small objects of yellow color can make the room more vivid. Again, do not forget that you need to take into account the lighting of the room. Consider how this can be done. We will not say that only the yellow color is suitable for these premises. It could be some other, but the highlight is that this shade of sunny color can change the whole situation, creating warmth and comfort.

Table or bedside tables can serve as accentual objects.

And it can also be soft furniture of various shades,

or a yellow floor covering, the same colored pillows and lamps or chairs.

Also, any room can be decorated. In some cases, it will be the addition of a large number of yellow objects,

Striking black and yellow combination for the kitchen with wooden creamy island

in another – very small amount.

Or you can simply paint one of the yellow walls.


Taking an invigorating shower is nice to see bright colors around yourself, so the bathroom can’t be damaged by variability.

Yellow ceramic tile for the water zones in the bathroom

Even if you are an ardent admirer of yellow color, you need to take into account the fact that it greatly affects the human psyche and not always for the better. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before creating an interior in bright yellow tones:

  1. Illumination of the room. If sunlight penetrates into it, then it is better to abandon this idea.
  2. The influence of this color on other family members. If someone has a clearly negative attitude towards it, then, you will unlikely become happier by spoiling someone’s mood.
  3. Yellow does not like irritable and mentally ill people. Will it be a public room, or for personal use? The answer tells you what to do.

If there are no contra-indications and objections, then put a piece of sun and heat coming from it in the interior of your apartment.

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