Black Wallpaper: Types, Patterns, Combining with Furniture and More

Black wallpaper is a solution suitable for original, daring natures. They are characterized by elegance, sophistication, and a certain austerity.


Features of Interior Design

When using black wallpaper in the interior, you should remember the following:

  • Black will be inappropriate in a small room. It will visually reduce the volume of the room.
  • On the main walls (for example, opposite the bed, around the TV) it quickly tires and depresses.
  • Black should be diluted with calm neutral colors (beige, gold, gray, and others) or add bright accents, for example, with textiles, decorative objects.
  • The room should get a lot of natural light during the day, or you need to plan in advance a competent arrangement of lighting devices.
Black wallpaper with a Damascus pattern

On the photo of the dining room in a contrasting white and black color

Types of Wallpaper

In today’s market, there is a large selection of types of wallpaper, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Non-woven Wallpaper

Wallpaper is durable, fire- and moisture-resistant, does not burn out in the sun, and is easy to care for. Due to its loose structure, it is breathable and does not accumulate dust. It is important for people with allergies and bronchial asthma. There is a wallpaper for painting, the color of which can be updated or radically reapplied.

Fleece wallpaper in the bedroom


Affordable price and bright diverse design distinguish vinyl wallpaper. Nowadays there are many varieties of them, but especially popular are washable for kitchens and bathrooms. But air can not permeate them and also they have a pungent smell. Consequently, you should not use this type of wallpaper for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Black vinyl wallpaper with a plant ornament

The photo shows a bright minimalist living room with a panoramic window. The black vinyl wallpaper with plant ornament contrasts with the white color of the fireplace and the window frame, and the light floor


The most budget-friendly and environmentally friendly option. However, paper wallpaper is easy to wear out and quickly loses its attractive appearance. Because of the appeared dirt and stains, it will change its look. Also, it will be impossible to wash.

Paper wallpaper in the bedroom


Liquid wallpaper is a plaster, made with the use of plant fibers, which is distinguished by its high decorative value. It’s easily applicable to walls of any complexity and creates a beautifully textured surface. But it characterizes by high glue consumption and high cost.

Graphite-colored liquid wallpaper

The wall is decorated with liquid wallpaper graphite color

Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is an easy way to decorate a room with a complex realistic picture. A high-quality full-wall image with a receding perspective can add spaciousness and airiness to a room.

Black Wallpaper: Types, Patterns, Combining with Furniture and More. Photowallpaper with remaked cinema heroes of Pulp Fiction


This type of wallpaper is made from both natural materials (cotton, linen, jute) and synthetic fabrics. They give the interior a special softness, coziness, and comfort. And velvet textile wallpaper emphasizes the luxury and richness of the interior.

Black Wallpaper: Types, Patterns, Combining with Furniture and More. Textile wallpaper in the living room


This is a special type of vinyl wallpaper, created by hot stamping with the inclusion of silk or synthetic threads giving the wallpaper smoothness or beautiful relief. The surface of such wallpaper is soft, silky, with a fine sheen.

Luxurious bathroom in black


Bamboo wallpaper is environmentally friendliness and simplicity combined with durability and practicality. This way of finishing is simple but the result in the interior is exotic and atmospheric.

Black Wallpaper: Types, Patterns, Combining with Furniture and More. Minimalistic living room with black bamboo wallpaper

Design Options

Black wallpaper with different patterns and decorative elements will decorate the interior, add zest and charisma. By using different types of design, you can achieve diametrically opposite effects.

With Inscriptions

The final character of interior design can be achieved by using inscriptions on the wallpaper. Ornate font with monograms and scrolls will look better in an apartment with classic decoration. Straight laconic letters will give the situation brutality, severity, and fit better in the masculine interior.

black wallpaper with inscriptions


A white inscription in the form of a quote on the black wallpaper will be a contrasting accent, catching the eye and carrying the semantic load. And if you want to add an oriental touch to the interior, you can use Arabic inscriptions.

Chalk wallpaper with inscriptions

The photo shows the black chalk wallpaper with inscriptions


With monochrome black wallpaper is recommended to use companion wallpaper with a pattern, or independently choose suitable in color and style. The wall can be decorated with a composition of paintings or shelves with accessories.

Monochrome black wallpaper

Brickwork Wallpaper

Wallpaper with a pattern imitating brickwork looks good locally in isolated areas, for example, in the kitchen, in the hallway, or the accent wall of the living room.

Black brickwork imitating wallpaper

Wood Imitation

Wallpaper with imitation of boards or wood texture looks spectacular and original. The artificially aged figure, with traces of scuffs and peeling paint, will fit perfectly into the interior in the loft or minimalist style.

Wallpaper with imitation boards


Wallpaper with leather imitation is saturated with a bohemian spirit and unpretentious luxury. Suitable for interiors in the Parisian style. Combined with velvet fabrics and gold elements will emphasize the status and influence of the owners.

Black Leather Wallpaper with the photo portrait

The photo shows the interior with black wallpaper imitating natural leather

Decorative Plaster

With the help of wallpaper, you can achieve various textured effects: polished marble, natural stone, ancient dry plaster.

Wallpaper under the decorative plaster

3D Wallpaper

Wallpaper with a stereoscopic pattern looks good in ultra-modern avant-garde interiors. This is an innovative step into the future for modern design.

3D wallpaper with great voluminuos abstraction

Urban Landscapes

A great choice is a wallpaper with an industrial landscape, especially such as an evening city. They will decorate even an ordinary interior, adding to its uniqueness and spontaneity.

Evening City wallpaper

Stickers on the Wallpaper

If there is no possibility and means to conduct a global renovation, the solution can be self-adhesive stickers on the wallpaper. They will help change the atmosphere, arrange accents, hide existing defects.

With Glitter

Black glittery wallpaper is another non-standard interior option for the bold. Glamour, neoclassicism – these are the styles to make the room look spectacular.

Black glitter wallpaper

Wallpaper Ideas with a Drawing or Pattern

The pattern on the wallpaper can contribute to improve the overall look of the interior and even hide some of its flaws.

With Flowers

A dark background looks winningly with all colors. With a red accent, bright roses will bring drama and passion into the interior. Yellow flowers on a black background will look rich and sophisticated. Lilacs will reduce the tragedy and contrast of black, will calm and soothe. Peonies are a win-win elegance, while poppies and chrysanthemums are impersonation simplicity and minimalism.

A wall with a plant pattern

The photo shows a kitchen with a dining area. The black wall with a plant pattern acts as an accent

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are now at the rage. But you should remember that they can affect the perception of space. Horizontal stripe visually expands, vertical adds height to low ceilings. A large square takes away space, reducing it, but small elements such as rhombuses, circles, honeycombs, stars can on the contrary increase it.


wallpaper with black and white stripes

The photo shows a compact bedroom with black wallpaper in large vertical stripes

With a Monogram

Wallpaper with monograms harmoniously fits into classical and modern interiors. Silver and gold patterns look especially rich and respectable on black.

Wallpaper with monograms


Ornaments on wallpaper can be geometric, vegetable, in the form of a continuous broken line (Greek meander). Use them better zoned for accent walls. Tender and subtle looks lace ornaments.

Ornaments on wallpaper


Damascus is a very popular decorative element, which is actively used in many interiors: from vintage classic to modern. It symbolizes elegant taste, gives a special luxury and luster.

Damascus on wallpaper

The photo shows a luxurious living room in the classic style. The walls are finished with black wallpaper with a silver pattern

With Birds and Animals

An unusual variant of wallpaper in the interior is wallpaper with images of animals and birds. Among the black images are popular zebras, snow leopard, lion. Wallpaper with a small zoological pattern is more suitable for the design of a child’s or teenager’s room.

Wallpaper with birds


Wallpaper with a picture of nature is better used in rooms for rest and recovery. Images of leaves, woods will give a sense of calm, peace, and harmony.

Wallpaper with a picture of leaves

The photo shows a modern interior, in which black wallpaper with a pattern in the form of leaves, furniture in beige shades, and accents of gently turquoise are harmoniously used

Polka Dots

Polka dots are always perky, casual, and fun, even when it comes to a black wallpaper. When you add bright furniture or colored textiles, you can get an interior with special charm and irresistibility.

Wallpaper in polka dots in the hallway


Abstraction in the interior is rare. As a rule, it is one accent wall, around which the entire composition is built. In order for the picture to fit harmoniously, it is better to use neutral colors and laconic furniture.

Abstraction in the interior

Combining Wallpaper in the Interior

A completely black interior will be gloomy and depressing, so it is important to skillfully dilute it with other colors. Each shade has its own characteristics. Which one to choose to give the room a certain mood?

Black and White

The combination of black and white is a classic. This is a win-win option for creating a modern interior. The design of black and white wallpaper is very diverse: alternating stripes, cage, various patterns, ornaments, abstracts. Frequent change of contrasting elements can visually overwhelm and fatigue.

Black and white wallpaper

With Gray

Black and gray are perfect neighbors in austere and presentable interiors. That this combination does not look mournful, it is better to use light, silvery shades of gray.

black and gray wallpaper

With Beige

The universal classic combination of black and beige looks good in the interior of the living room or bedroom.

black and beige walls in the living room

With Green

Black together with green look exquisite and elegant. Professionals add white to this tandem or combine it with several lighter shades of green, such as lettuce, apple, lime.

With Turquoise

Turquoise in any interior looks festive and attractive, and in the neighborhood with black, you can get a provocative, fashionable, bold design. Suitable for lovers of unconventional solutions.

black wallpaper with green leaves

With Gold

The color combination of gold and black will give the interior nobility, wealth, presentability. Gold is associated with material wealth, as it was historically used in the decoration of castles and palaces.

Black and gold wallpaper

With Red

In pure combination in the living space, it is rare. The reason is that it can cause anxiety, aggression, a sense of danger, and anxiety. But when you add white, you get a fascinating mystical contrast, which will transform even a simple condo.

With Burgundy

Burgundy is a shade of dark red that gets its name from French wine. With black it looks complete and harmonious, bringing to the interior a fashionable chic, festivity, luxury.

black and red wallpaper

With Blue

Black and blue give a sense of austerity, independence, and solidity. Suitable for men’s interiors.

black and blue wallpaperLight blue and black rhombs wallpaper decoration

With Lilac, Purple

Lilac color gives the interior a sense of carefree, calm, peaceful, helps to relax and sleep, so this combination is good to use in the bedroom.

The combination of black and purple in the interior looks pompous, mysterious, even magical, but not everyone will dare to use it because of the overwhelming majesty. Elegant thin candelabra and crystal look good against such a combination.

black and purple wallpaper

With Yellow

Black and yellow in the interior look positive and sunny, especially if you use muted shades or matte textured surfaces.  white and yellow patterns will be an excellent decoration of such a neighborhood.

Black and yellow in the interior

With Brown

The duo of black and brown looks expensive and respectable. Combined with quality materials and a rich finish it emphasizes the status of the homeowner. Fits well in the minimalist style with straight lines and laconic decor. Also, it is more suitable for rooms with a masculine character.

Luxurious black and beige color combination on the bedroom wallpaper

With Orange

Orange brings positivity, iridescence, and warmth to the environment, but the exclusive use of black and orange in the interior can cause anxiety and disturbance. It is recommended to dilute this duo with white, gray, or brown.

Black and orange wallpaper.

With Pink

If you want a stylish fashionable combination, you can add pink. It will give lightness, casualness, carefree and some glamour.

black and pink wallpaper in the nursery

Photo Ideas in Different Styles

Black wallpaper will fit harmoniously into the interior of any style. In the hands of an experienced designer, it will be able to emphasize the advantages of the room.


Black and minimalism are two excellent companions. Brilliance and efflorescence of black color compensate the asceticism of straight lines, clear silhouettes, minimum of décor, typical for minimalism.

Cabinet in minimalist style


Loft and black are practically inseparable from each other. In the popular industrial loft direction pipe valves, wire knots, chains will look organic, reminiscent of the factory room on a black background.

Loft in the bedroom


Black wallpaper will fit a modern interior successfully. Especially if its dosage is respected and colors-companions are competently selected.

Black wallpaper in a modern interior

The photo shows a bedroom with a working area, which is united by a single stylistic solution and color scheme.


Classic in black tones is a rare phenomenon and is suitable for extravagant, extraordinary personalities.

Royal Classic styled bedroom with black accent wall and show-white queen-size bed

Examples of Wall Decoration in the Interior of Rooms

Wallpaper in black is suitable for decorating rooms of any purpose.

In the kitchen

For the calm interior of the kitchen, it is better to choose wallpaper with a pattern or plant ornament of beige, gold, gray, or pastel shades. Deep black with a glossy sheen is suitable for minimalist and laconic design.

Nice small kitchen decoration with pattern on the wallpaper

In the Hall and Living Room

If there are doubts about using black wallpaper in your apartment, try to decorate the living room with them. They will give this room vivacity, sharpness, and some drama.


a stylish modern living room with voluminous 3D quilt imitation wallpaper

a stylish modern room with a masculine character

On the Loggia

Given that the loggia is full of light, black wallpaper can be used boldly and without restrictions. In combination with white frames, you will get a memorable contrasting version.

dark wallpaper on the loggia

In the Hallway and Corridor

Treat with caution the use of black walls in narrow corridors, the space will visually shrink and become uncomfortable. But competently placed light sources in a black hallway will help to create a stunning interior.

black wallpaper in the hallway

In the Bedroom

Black wallpaper in the bedroom is better to use on one wall in the headboard of the bed. Or place it in separate areas for the arrangement of accents. A great option in combination with light and pastel shades.

dark wallpaper with glitter in the bedroombedroom in dark gray and black colors

The photo shows a bedroom in dark gray and black tones with accents of green, pink. The natural pattern on the wallpaper in the form of flowers and trees with leaves

In the Children’s Room

In the children’s room, black wallpaper should be with a bright large pattern, for example, geometric for a boy, and floral for a girl. The colorful decor will dilute the dark shades. For a teenager, the combination of black with pink, turquoise, orange will be spectacular and stylish.

A small white pattern on black glossy wallpaper

The photo shows a children’s room, in which the pattern of flooring and elements of curtains echoes the abstract small white pattern on black glossy wallpaper

Color features for interior elements

An important contribution to the perception of the overall picture is made by the other elements of the interior.


There are no restrictions when choosing curtains because all colors are combined with black. Dark curtains will merge with the wallpaper and extend, continue the room. White and light shades of other colors will create a contrast and delineate the space. Bright colors will become accent spots.

white curtains black wallpaper


Furniture should be chosen adhering to the overall interior style. The color of the kitchen set, bed, the sofa should organically fit into the interior so that they do not stand out from the general mood of the room.

light furniture and black wallpaper with light floral motifs


The light ceiling over black walls will visually add height to the room. Dark coloring can cause a feeling of pressure; it is better to use such a reception in rooms with high ceilings, in loft-style interiors.

white ceiling


Any floor covering can be used, but its color is better to choose depending on the lighting of the room.

dark floor


Doors must not contradict the basic stylistic solution of the interior.

Black accent wall and yellow interior paint for creative gameroom with blackboard

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