Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper

Wallpapers are considered to be the most popular mean of wall decoration. Usually produced on non-woven, paper, plastic and fabric bottom in rolls. A wide range of different colors, patterns and textures can decorate any room. Depending on the walls you can select pattern with different properties.

Just before the finishing the walls with wallpaper, be sure to prepare surface beforehand. It should be aligned with the help of plaster or drywall, cleaned of dust and dirt. The surface must be dry.


Most widespread types of wallpaper

  • non-woven wallpaper;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Non-woven type in the combined interior
  • textile;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Textile type
  • vinyl;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Vynil wallpaper for red bright interior
  • paper;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Common widespread paper type
  • liquid;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Liquid type
  • 3D wallpaper;
  • photo wallpaper;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Photo wallpaper for accent walls
  • fiberglass wallapaper;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. So called glass wallpaper with small particles
  • wallpaper for painting;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Paintable type
  • rauhfaser;Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. Rauhfaser type with unique structure

According to the level of water resistance a material has the following types:

Waterproof (B-0, B-1) – are resistant to wet cleaning without the use of detergents;

Washable (B-2, B-3, B-4) – the name speaks for itself. The material is not afraid of a different kind of detergent.

Non-waterproof (C) – most often it is the wallpaper on a paper basis.

There are even the wallpaper on the basis of fleecy material, performing the function of absorption.


Types of wallpapers by application:

  • on the one hand have a bandwidth of approximately 1 cm, for the next roll of labels overlapping
  • Abutting wallpaper is glued of “joint to joint” the technique
  • Primed;
  • Background;
  • Etched;
  • Non-primed.

Most Widespread Types of Wallpaper. table of the symbol characteristics

What to pay attention to?

The room temperature should not be below 18 degrees when decorating the walls with wallpaper. Take careful approach to the choice of adhesive: each manufacturer writes the instructions on how to properly dissolve adhesive. When buying wallpaper with a pattern, you need to consider that fact that their expenditure is 30% higher. There should be no drafts In the room. Windows and doors with access to the street should be closed when pasting wallpaper. When buying wallpaper, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. Different thickness is unacceptable. Some wallpaper requires special treatment, wherein the method specified in the instructions. Try to buy the wallpaper of one shipment, to avoid different shades. Pay attention to the integrity of the package: the edges must be protected.

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