Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Backlight

We suggest you meet one interesting project of decorating an apartment in black and white. When decorating this particular black and white home design project, bright furniture and neon lights were used as interior accents. The resulting image of the home design can be called not only modern, bold, dramatic but also a bit adventurous.


Black and White Kitchen or Kingdom of Contrasts

Let’s start our fascinating tour of the black and white rooms of amazing apartments from the kitchen space. Surely you already had to see absolutely black kitchen fronts or snow-white furniture sets, but so active use of these two contrasting combinations is rarely seen not only in furniture but also in the decoration of the room. With the help of color, it was possible not only to zone the room, but also to visually change its shape and size. It is obvious that the light tone expands the space, and the dark one makes the room modest in size.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Spacious kitchen zone in modern style with glossy surfaces and island

The same image of the kitchen space, but with neon lighting completely changes the mood of the interior. Only a form reminds of strict, contrasting design. New color creates not just an accent – it transforms our perception of this functional segment as part of a home.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Modern kitchen with purple backlight

Undoubtedly, color solutions were key moments in the design of the kitchen room, but other elements of the interior added originality to the room. For example, the use of a non-standard kitchen island – a dining table with an integrated hob and a powerful hood over it became one of the highlights of the kitchen.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Unusual steel round extractor hood above the glancing plastic covered kitchen island

Obviously, bold decisions in the decoration and furnishing of the kitchen require certain resources. For example, not only the area of ​​the room is important, but also the presence of large sources of natural light for active use of black. In a complex with an impressive size of the room, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling played a key role in the ability not to limit design ideas in the embodiment.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Panoramic window and plenty of natural light for the kitchen

The total black which became a part of the kitchen seems pushed this functional segment onto the back of the stage thus allowing the snow-white part of the kitchen space to play the leading role. At first glance, it may seem that the snow-white zone will require the greatest efforts in terms of cleaning, but black surfaces are much more difficult to care for. Every slight contamination is visible on them – from simple fingerprints to dried water droplets.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Smooth hi-tech facades without handles

From the black and white kingdom of the kitchen, we are moving into the living room, which is adjacent to the kitchen space and is no less interesting project.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. The passage from kitchen to the living room in dark decoration

Contrast Living Room with Bright Furniture

The spacious living room is perfectly lit by sunlight penetrating through the huge panoramic windows. Even light translucent tulle does not interfere with the light flux. White color prevails in the interior of the living room. Black accents are evenly distributed throughout the space. A distinctive feature of the design of this room is the presence of bright pieces of furniture. But besides the colorful strokes of the upholstery, the chairs also have an original design. Unusual furniture bestows the strict and contrasting interior of the living room some notes of surrealism and playfulness.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Stunning yellow wavy chair in the resting zone

Neon lights in the living room turn a contrasting, and even dramatic space into a recreation area to a cozy cafe with drinks and music, meanwhile adding dynamism and adventurousness to the design.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Changing the colors under the backlight in cutting edge Industrial interior

In addition to the spacious sofa, the soft seating area is represented by original armchairs. One of them (with a black frame and a red upholstered soft substrate) looks very dramatic, bringing notes of brightness, drama, and uniqueness to the living room interior. Light tables, stands with a metal frame of traditionally black color, effectively complete the image of this functional segment.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Sectional red and black shairs

The use of mirror surfaces placed from floor to ceiling visually erases the boundaries of space. The spacious room seems even larger. For the original seats with bright upholstery, such a background has become a spectacular addition to the image.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Yellow chairs stating the lounge zone in the interior

Upholstered living room furniture is located opposite the video zone, in which (oddly enough) all items contain black color. Low storage systems with smooth facades made it possible to create a sufficient amount of space to accommodate the necessary things without weighing down the interior of the living room. Not all furnishings of even ultramodern rooms can “withstand” massive black racks.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Red relaxing chair and the dark blue sofa for open space living in minimalistic style

In addition to the furniture of unusual design and colorful colors, the living room differs from other rooms by using wall decor – both in the form of black and white artworks that we are used to, as well as more original ways of creating accents. For example, there is a glowing neon sign of a fancy shape.

Daring Black and White Home Design Project with Neon Lighting. Unusual installatino in the wall The LED-lighted installation on the wall for highlighting the accent zone

In the corner of the spacious living room, there was a space for arranging the workplace. Black-and-white combinations that have already become the basis of the home decoration concept are put at the forefront here. The desk of the original form of black color and a no less amazing open shelf in tone made up a harmonious alliance.

White designed hi-tech interior with black glossy floor, table and shelf

The interior of the living room can be called eclectic, although it is far from the usual representation of the eclectic style in the design of living spaces. In addition to modern style, this room contains bright elements typical of pop art and ways of finishing the loft style. Concrete slabs on the ceiling, only partially hidden by black suspended structures with built-in illumination, exposed communication, lighting system very accurately indicate the love of the owners to the loft stylistic.

Neon backlight for the Industrial styled living room with large purple sofa in the center The same minimalistic modern interior with adaptive ligth and upholstered furniture with neon backlight off

Spectacular Hallway or how to Hit Guests from the first Minute

The huge mirror cabinet, which we saw in the living room, is also part of the hallway. This incredibly capacious storage system literally dissolves in space due to the reflective properties of the facades. A spectacular addition to the snow-white hallway with a black ceiling became a chair and a floor hanger with a glossy surface.

Unusual rest zone with built-in lighting and even purple LED stripe

Light and Dark Surfaces of the Bedroom as an Exclusive Design

Of course, the key interior element in any bedroom is the bed. Well, if this most important piece of furniture is made in black, then on the background of light finish it will look particularly advantageous. In a spacious room with a large window and a high ceiling, you cannot limit yourself in choosing both color solutions and the design features of the space.

Ultramodern bedroom with red LED backlight

So as in the living room, the ceiling in the bedroom was decorated with a combination of non-lined concrete slabs with an open-facing lighting system and black hanging systems with integrated lighting. The original element of the decoration was the use of the same material for facing the floors and the accent wall behind the headboard.

Large bed and contrasting decoration

The bed is complemented by original bedside tables. The unusual design does not negate the functionality of these black furnishings. The composition of pendant lamps with original mesh shades effectively completes the image.

Unusual gray laminate imitating headboard panels and mirror partition for modern styled bedroom

Opposite the bed is a video playground with low storage systems. The black color and smoothness of the facades have already become traditional for the originally designed apartments.

Unusual bedroom ceiling with two-level structure and red backlight

Utility Rooms with a non-trivial Approach to Interior Design

The white bathroom is a classic of the genre. But the use of black shades for the design of premises for water treatment is a bold decision. Not every homeowner can decide on it. But the combination of these two contrasting tones leads to the creation of an interesting but at the same time practical design. And the bright neon lights will help to bring not only the color variety but also playfulness, originality to the interior of the bathroom.

Gorgeous modern bathroom with striking black partition of the shower zone

The alternation of white and black surfaces in the decoration of the room allows you to create interesting optical illusions by expanding or narrowing our understanding of the size of the room. Illumination in this case acts as a mediator by combining opposites into a single image.

Glass, plastic and tile for the modern styled bathroom with all the functional blocks

The interior of the bathroom is striking in its originality. Black plumbing on the background of the lining of the same color, a mirror wall, and an accent surface, decorated in the form of a huge poster – everything in this utilitarian room works to create a unique image. The built-in lights effectively complete the original design.

Special Art wall with backlight

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