Suspended Ceiling Original Design Ideas 2016

The modern interior design is the way to express all your creative ideas in the decoration of your own home. That`s why contemporary apartments represent a whole collection of different original solutions. People are trying to utilize every useful inch, every nook and functional element of their apartments. The ceiling is no exception for a long time yet. And this have very reasonable grounds as the ceiling takes all the higher part of any room and it can significantly affect the overall atmosphere. We can enlarge or press down a little bit, arrange complex lighting to highlight different zones or compose a whole strcutures for amazing perception of the whole space. We offer  you a close look at the modern suspended ceiling original design ideas 2016 to plunge deeper into the fashionable trends and perspectives of the coming season.

Suspended ceiling can appear as a false construction above the selected zone to hide the communications, girders and other architectural supporting constructions. The brutal design of the ceiling at the photo below with the matted glass inserts and steel raough construction brightly emphasizes the industrial style.


Wooden suspended ceiling original design ideas 2016

Today is not even the form and design of suspended ceiling is its main feature. The material of such construction can determine the overall stylistic direction of the premise it would be applied in.

Terrace is the perfect place to have the wooden ceiling. It is an organic choice in the countryside or private houses in the Mediterranean or Country style.

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Such material connects the atmosphere of the room with nature and freshen it greatly. Wood is so universal material that it can be used almost for everything in the apartment. That`s why designers like to use it in experimental and innovative concepts.


To hide the lighting under the wooden panel with matted glass inlays is original, fresh and trendy idea. It is a win-win combination with the wooden floor of the similar color and wooden transitions at the wall in the form of furniture and window panes.


Another spectacular but not new design idea is to highlight one of the area in the studio by combination of wooden accent wall and part of the ceiling. The innovative approach is to organize the perimeter lighting and slots in the structure for built-in fixtures.


Bathroom conjoined with the living room in the studio floor with panoramic window is very bold and rare example. Not every homeowner would dare to apply such open layout in his/her apartment. It is likely for young creative couple without any complexes. White suspended constructions at the noble laminated ceiling look spectacular and are important parts of the room zoning. Original mirror hanging from the ceiling island also cintributes to unusual atmosphere of the studio.


Suspended wooden constructions for kitchen became very popular lately. But they can be practical and useful only in spacious kitchens. In small spaces they are just inappropriate.


Suspended construction can be in a form of passway at the upper level. Such intricate construction of defferent interior elements combination always look attractive, esoecially when executed in such elaborated fashion.


Multileveled suspended ceiling constructions

White plasterboard ceilings are still in trend because of their huge variety of design combinations. You can combine the built-in perimeter lighting with string LED lamps with other fixtures to achieve really unique intimate atmosphere in the room. The forms, lines and number of levels are also unlimited.

It can be applied to different styles and blend almost any interior element. But almost every time it used in classic and ecelctic interiors.

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Another stunning method of using the suspended ceiling for experimental gorgeous designs in modern eclectic or hi-tech interiors is to organize a special ceiling layer above the highlighted zone.


If the space allows, you can resort to the false ceiling and other upper constructions to fill the area with very special design element.

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Of course, it is a nice idea for large studio apartments, which will allow you to implement complex zoning of the large space.

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But what can really be attributed to the most trendy and innovative design ideas implemented in real homes and not just in the prospective concepts – the bent suspended ceiling made of glossy panels or slabs. It is often made of steel of other metal. This constructions are a real godsend for the interiors decorated with curved smooth lines and gradients of color. Such ceiling is also  inpispensable if you have vaulted or geometrically irregular form of the ceiling.

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