Pictures in the Bedroom: Ideas and Selection Advice

A bedroom is a special place for every person. Here he or she should stay as comfortable and cozy as possible. That’s why there are always pretty big demands for its design. This is not surprising, because this room is mostly for relaxation and full rest after a day’s work. To create such an atmosphere, you need to carefully think over the design of the room, as well as purchase a suitable decor. For example, paintings have long been considered a classic version of the decoration for the head of the bed.


White Classic interior setting diluted by colorful drawing Dark blue accent wall with naturalistic drawing in the Casual room Gloomy bedroom design with platform bed and scary sketches on the headboard wall Turquoise calming bedroom design with plenty of different sized pictures Gray headboard with photocollection in top for the light decorated bedroom with wooden dressing table Simplicity for the room design is the road to success White color theme for the Classic bedroom with dark picture

Pictures in the Bedroom: Ideas and Selection Advice. General Recommendations

First of all, it is worth noting that the decor in the bedroom should not be obtrusive. Otherwise, the interior will be overloaded, which can adversely affect the morale and quality of sleep.

Photo collection at the headboard wall Gray Casual atmosphere in the small bedroom with white modular storage set Dark green wall paint in the Casual styled bedroom with collage of pictures Cozy gray colored atmosphere for the large open layout master bedroom with living zone Classic cute design in the large bedroom with coffee with milk colored curtains Wet asphalt colored accent wall with the large picture in the Loft styled bedroom

As for the pictures, there should not be more than three of them above your bed. And it is desirable that they had a common theme and color scale. For this, modular pictures are ideally suited. This means that one image divides into two or three parts. They are placed with a small indent from each other on the wall. But nevertheless, the picture looks very beautiful, and most importantly – holistically. You can read more about the correct and creative placement of the pictures in the interior.

Three headboard pictures constitute finite composition Drawing composition of three pieces for modern noble beige colored bedroom Lilac blossoming field on three pictures

We recommend thinking over the scheme in advance to those people who plan to place a few pictures in the bedroom. Also in this case it is very important that they should be of the same size and shape. But in any case, do not choose pictures with too shallow details. Especially it concerns those who suffer from insomnia. The fact is that sometimes, instead of relaxing, a person focuses on the subject and looks at it. In this case, it can be pictures. Therefore, try to choose pictures of a larger size.

Contemoporary styled bedroom with wooden dressing table, laminate and light pictures Open layout master bedroom with the balcony and dark blue ottoman Crimson striped coverlet and pillows for the Classic styled bedroom Classic cottage bedroom design with ottoman and three pictures

Also, do not buy large paintings, if you are arranging a small bedroom. They simply will not be appropriate, and the interior as a whole will seem tasteless.

Before buying one or another picture, evaluate the overall style of your bedroom. This will exactly define how relevant the picture will be. Fans of classical design should choose the same style of painting. It can be reproductions of famous artists, family portraits, and other works.

Following Overall Design Style

Modern, functional bedrooms are becoming more popular. At the heart of this design lays the maximum comfort and availability of free space. As for the additional decor, it is not used at all or only in small quantities. Therefore, the picture can be, both in the same tone as the basic style and in a more saturated shade. The most popular options are, of course, images of parks, skyscrapers, landscapes. Also, there are often pictures in the form of macro photography. That is, increased drops of dew, rose petals, snowflakes, and much more. This decision looks quite original.

Tremendous rose depicting drawing at the headboard of hi-tech styled bedroom Bed and dressing tables on both sides along with large pictures create cozy atmosphere in classic styled bedroom Cute modernity in the bedroom with beige platform bed

Lovers of high-tech or modern style in the bedroom know that in this case, the best solution is pictured with abstraction. And it does not matter what color gamma you will use to create them. Such products look most attractive above the head of the bed. Due to this they decorate the general view of the bedroom but do not interfere with falling asleep and relaxing. It’s because of the location they are not caught by eye.

Large colorful panel above the raw wooden headboard Casual styled bedroom with large panel in dark colored ambience

Style loft in the design of the bedroom is not so common. But nevertheless, it is chosen by creative, extraordinary people and lovers of experiments. Often paintings are not welcome here. However, you can always choose the appropriate option for the style. For example, abstract and unusual paintings can become an excellent solution for such a bedroom.

Also, the important thing is the design of the walls. If the walls have wallpaper with a picture, then do not hang the picture. Otherwise, the bedroom will look overloaded. In addition, after a hard-working day, this design can only irritate and prevent relaxation.

Gray walls and white furniture for the bedroom with panel above the head of the bed

However, if the picture on the wallpaper is not too active and mottled, then you can choose a picture appropriate to the style. It looks really very beautiful. But still, the ideal option for the bedroom – light walls. Almost any image will look good on them. Regardless of which option you choose, try to place it at eye level.

Marine style touch in the natural light lit bedroom Glass partitions and the bed on the pedestal in the light colored master bedroom Warm sandy colored Contemporary style for the bedroom in the cottage Classic design in the room with gray curtains and coverlet Contemporary styled master bedroom full of natural light and decorated with glass laminated photo reproductions

Pictures above the Bed: Original Ideas on the Photo

It is believed that the best picture in the bedroom will look exactly above the head of the bed. Thus, despite additional decor is present in the room, it does not affect the quality of sleep in any way. Therefore, if you are in doubt, on which wall to hang pictures, then in this issue it is better not to experiment.

LED perimeter lighting and dark bed Large impressionistic panel at the head of the bed Casual stylistic in the bedroom with colorful painted headboard wall Light blue walls and quilted headboard Large Classic styled master bedroom with blue color decorations Dark blue wall and large bed for the Casual eco style of the small bedroom Dark stone wall trimming for the bedroom with thick mattress on the bed and white ottoman

When choosing, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that there are several types of paintings. For example, relief drawings with pronounced details always look very unusual and attract attention. The same can be said about the paintings in the form of sketches. Light sketches, flowing lines – this is ideal for a light bedroom in gentle shades.

Quilted large figured headboard at the CLassic styled bedroom in light tones Gray design for the Casual bedroom with balcony

It is necessary to note textile pictures separately. For their creation, burlap, lace and other fabrics are used. Often they are designed specifically custom to take into account all the wishes. In addition, it allows you to choose the ideal pattern for the style.

Platform bed with thick orthopedic mattress in the warm colored bedroom

If you long doubt about which pattern to choose, then look at the universal options. Of course, these are natural motifs, such as forests, beautiful beaches, palm trees or the sunset. All this has a positive effect on a person, so be sure that the picture will be the perfect complement to the bedroom.

Women bedroom idyll with pink floral picture composition at the headboard CLassic ethno design for the large bedroom with original light sources Unusual geometric shape of the bedroom with white ceiling and light blue walls Open ceiling beams in the creatively designed bedroom with turquoise bed linen Bright pink drawing for the cozy gray color designed bedroom

As an alternative, you can create a wish card and fasten it over the bed. Or you can buy a picture with your most cherished dream. Such decor will not only decorate the room but also motivate you to more active actions and achievements.

Urban expression on the headboard wall of the bedroom Dark coverlet and some accents in the calm light decorated Casual bedroom

As you can see, there is a rather wide variety of paintings that look good in the bedroom. Therefore, decide on the style of the interior and your desires and then go in search of a suitable option.

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