Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important and functional rooms of any house. It is a place for resting, trying on, and storing clothes, it is often home to dressing tables with cosmetics and mirrors. But what to do if the bedroom has more than a modest area of 100 square feet? How to combine all the functional areas so that the interior design will be beautiful and comfortable?


  1. Small bedroom of 100 square feet
  2. The layout of a small bedroom
  3. Modern hundred-feet bedroom
  4. Bedroom style
  5. Small bedroom design
  6. Bedroom of 10 square meters with a balcony
  7. Bedroom furniture
  8. Bedroom with wardrobe
  9. Children’s bedrooms

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Contemporary minimalism with dark gray wooden furniture and platform bed separated with glass partition

A Small 100 Square Feet Bedroom

Despite the modest size of the room, thanks to modern advances in design and technology, it is possible and affordable to implement a comfortable, meaningful, and beautiful interior. Such a difficult, but possible case should begin with the development of the project of repair and design, taking into account all the nuances.

Casual small bedroom design in white with functional bedroom at the every inch of the space

Planning a Small Bedroom

To begin any design project, experts recommend starting with the issue of planning or even redesigning the bedroom. Increasing the small space can be achieved by demolishing the interior partitions if the bedroom, for example, adjoins a storage room. Also, if the bedroom has a balcony or loggia you can combine rooms, or use the balcony space to equip one of the necessary functional areas.

Modern 100 Feet Bedroom

About thirty years ago, the average small bedroom had a corresponding average interior, filled with the same accents, details, furniture, textiles. Modern design art offers us not only to choose the bedroom interior style we like but also to choose from a huge and diverse range of quality, compact and comfortable furniture to suit our taste.

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Yellow platform bed and wooden furniture

Style the Bedroom of 10 Square Meters

The following interior styles are considered the most suitable and available for implementation in a small area. Modern style with a minimum set of necessary interior items and furniture but certainly spacious, beautiful, fashionable, and comfortable. The favorite is classic style – noble, symmetrical, and austere. Refined, airy, light, and minimalistic oriental interior style with a special atmosphere.  The topical ecological style (natural, healthy, and clean) perfectly suits the design of the bedroom.

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Turquoise color theme for the room with painted headboard wall and functional windowsill

The Design of a Tiny Bedroom

When deciding on the design of a small bedroom, it is important to choose the right color solution that will help to visually expand the space, without accentuating the outlines of the room. Of course, it will be white and numerous light shades in the design of the surfaces of the room with the use of bright, contrasting, stylish accents and elements of furniture, textiles, and decor.

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Angular quilted headboard for simple designed bed of untreated wood in the corner of the room

100 sq. f. Bedroom with a Balcony

The small space of a hundred-feet bedroom can be increased by using the area of the balcony or loggia, if available. It is possible to dismantle the balcony partition completely, insulate the balcony and use it for the needs of the bedroom, thereby increasing the living space. It is also possible to dismantle partially the balcony aperture, while the window sill is decorated and used for interior design. The most popular solutions, in this case, are placing the working area or sitting area on the former balcony, placing furniture for storage, and mounting a table or sofa, for example, on the window sill. Such solutions are pleasing to the eye with novelty, unusualness, and beautiful design.

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Scandinavian minimalism in the bedroom with headboard wooden panel, large king size bed and even a small working space next to it

Furniture for the Bedroom

There are many design and furniture tricks and nuances in the choice of furniture for a small bedroom. Often, designers use compact furniture of small dimensions: a slightly smaller custom bed, small bedside tables. There is also space-saving furniture from the category of “transformers”: a bed that retracts into a closet or a dressing table that transforms into a wall panel under the mirror. A very wise technique is the so-called bed-sunk or bed that sits on top of dressers of small height.

Tiny 100 Square Feet Bedroom Effective and Laconic Design Ideas. Casual interior with belt mirror, vintage dresser and large bed with a lot of pillows

Bedroom of 100 Square Feet with a Closet

The leader in the number of choices for a small bedroom is a closet. Undoubtedly, this is the most suitable option: roomy, economical, made for an individual project with the dimensions you need and a variety of fillings. Plus, the choice of a mirror coating for the closet doors will allow you to visually increase the space of a small bedroom. Often another design trick is used: a mezzanine is placed over the headboard, which also saves living space and organizes additional storage space.

Lots of pillows to decorate the bed and the overall bedroom

Children’s Bedroom

Undoubtedly, the children’s room will have more functional areas than a standard adult bedroom. Also, their number will vary depending on the age of the child and the number of children. Therefore, the task of bringing to life the interior design of a small child’s room will be more intense and creative.

Cosmic and aspid colors for alternatively designed bedroom

In a child’s bedroom, there must be an area for rest and sleep, a workspace for learning and doing creative work, a play area with a place to store toys, and perhaps small compact wallboard for physical training. And if there are two or more children in your family, there must be a personal corner for each child in any area. Therefore, the main technique is the use of compact built-in or hinged furniture like “transformers”, the use of several levels of furniture, such as the popular bunk beds with interesting solutions in the form of wall and built-in shelves, lockers, and chests of drawers to store things.

White bedroom of the tiny studio apartment with bunk bed and windowsill bed as well

A small bedroom will not seem tiny with responsible, well-thought-out, and competent interior design, choosing the right color solution, suitable compact, and roomy furniture. Therefore, armed with the tips and recommendations of designers, feel free to start implementing the new bedroom interior!

Unusual loft bedroom with gray bedding and the ottoman

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