How To Choose A Perfect Bedding: Useful Tips

Choosing a perfect set of sheets? Understanding the basics about fabrics, design, and color may save you from unnecessary costs. This is why you should always compare the labels wisely and make the smartest choice. There are several criteria about the material you need to take into consideration when choosing a brand new set of sheets.

How To Choose A Perfect Bedding: Useful Tips. The blonde girl on the blue bedsheet in the modern styled room in white

1.  Thread Count

According to the definition, threading refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. With the higher thread count, the sheet is softer. The thread count may define the quality of the material. There are some sheets with the astronomic thread count but it does not necessarily mean that the sheet is better. The normal thread count goes from 200 to 800, in some rare cases up to 1000. Do not assume that the sheets with the lower thread count, such as the ones with the 200 thread count are of the lower quality. There are the sheets with the low thread count that are finished nicely and appear to have the higher count.

2.  Cotton and Microfiber

Microfiber, for instance, is composed of extremely fine polyester fibers. These kinds of sheets are affordable and soft, and they resist pilling more than traditional polyester fabric does. Cotton bedding is usually the first choice and is by far the most loved fabric for the sheets, as these sheets are durable, soft, and breathable. Nowadays, some polyester fabrics may be a viable alternative to cotton. On the other hand, polyester is not as breathable as cotton, so it is not the best choice for sensitive skin.

Cotton jersey sheets are breathable for a reason. They are knitted rather than woven. Jersey is basically t-shirt cotton, so sleeping in those sheets may appear as sleeping in a soft t-shirt.

How To Choose A Perfect Bedding: Useful Tips. Large pillow sheets in different colors and checkered one of them

3.  Types of Weave

The fabric weave and the manufacturing processes used can differentiate a number of different terms. There are some of them everyone needs to know:

  • Sateen is a cotton cloth made with a mild weave. This weave produces a very soft fabric but is less durable than the fabrics of the tighter weave.
  • Percale is a bit of rough fabric with a thread count of over 180.
  • Combed cotton has been combed to remove the short fibers and maintain the long ones

4.  Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious out of all sheet materials. But you have to be careful, not every cotton is Egyptian. Genuine Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt with very specific climate conditions and is carefully washed and combed. It is why this cotton is so soft and durable. Some manufacturers found shortcuts for growing Egyptian cotton. They are grown outside of their natural habitat resulting in one of lower quality. The price remains high despite its lower quality.

5.  Coordination

Always coordinate your bedding. Look around your bedroom and decide which bedding and design will be the best fit for your interior. Be careful with all the details. It means that you should not mix more than two different materials, otherwise, your bedding will look cheap and of low quality, no matter how expensive it was. Proper bedding accessories may create an even better image, but you should be careful about this one. There is a thin line between good taste and exaggeration.

How To Choose A Perfect Bedding: Useful Tips. Reserved interior decoration in casual style with dark bedding and light walls

6.  Season Sheets

If you are the person who pays attention to the bedding matching the season. You should not only care about the print and design. The first thing to think of should be the fabrics. Depending on the season, fabrics of different threading may be a very good tool. So for the hot summer nights, you should choose the ones with the lower threading count, they are more breathable. And, for the cold winter nights, sheets with the higher thread count should be your choice. They are softer and warmer, therefore, they will create a cloud-like experience.

7.  Proper Care

It does not matter which set of sheets you choose, you must treat it well. Using fabric softeners could eat away fabrics and it’s putting a coating of chemicals that makes your sheets softer but are actually damaging the fabric. If you want to extend the life of your sheets do not dry them in high heat.

These were just some of the most useful pieces of advice for the perfect bedding. Even though it appears like an easy task, the point is to create comfort in every single detail in your home. And as with every purchase decision, approach it with a set plan and budget.

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